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  1. This is good news to me. I liked Yellock, but to get the best results I have to think that the new coordinators need to be able to "buy their own groceries" sot to speak... Langston leaving gives me hope though!
  2. Hey there, AD!!! Can we please have some info or some action here? Crickets and paint drying is getting old and seeing other coaches getting jobs is frustrating.
  3. CBI Smart would be a huge addition to this team.
  4. Darden and Rico are going to be a godsend for whoever comes after Mason.
  5. What would you have liked him to do differently? A two score lead at the half... 5 tds in the game and way north of 300 yards? A high completion percentage? at some point the defense has to stop somebody. Putting any of the blame for this disaster on Mason is ludicrous.
  6. The defense is a hugeness disappointment right now. Unbelievable
  7. Our defense is so freaking bad.... it’s horrible. They are going to take a historic night from mason and might make us lose this game.
  8. I am looking forward to breaking out the black unis... I love the all black look.
  9. That’s a great way to start the day! I am ready for some conference football this weekend!!!!
  10. Who picks him up playing like this? You don’t live off of two years ago and no bowl wins. This is a what have you done for me lately game.
  11. Incredibly unimpressive offensive play calling.
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