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  1. hickoryhouse

    North Texas Season Preview

    BIGGEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! to much?
  2. hickoryhouse


    I don't know what is happening, but I love this!!!! currently #1 and it isn't even close... http://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/CompositeTeamRankings?Conference=C-USA
  3. hickoryhouse

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    WE shall see... I think that our hopeful 6th year offensive lineman is going to be a key in that metric.... Also in seeing if experience actually is going to matter for us. Come on NCAA....
  4. The coaching staff seems to be pretty high on a few of our OL with the Mayfield appeal, a preseason watch lists coming in for Mose and the Woodworth move. I might have missed it somewhere but Why the demotion for Jordan Murray? I am all about putting the best 5 out there, I just find it odd that our starting LT is now a 2nd string Guard.
  5. hickoryhouse

    September Opportunities

    I expect the SMU game to be one of the top 3 most attended games in Apogee history. Maybe even the most attended. We should have a little bit of momentum coming into the season and bringing back almost all of a top 25 offense in the country should be a good start for attendance!
  6. Good to watch the adjustments that the staff made there at the end. side by side really was something to see.
  7. hickoryhouse

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    After last night's amazing CBI Tournament victory I have been evaluating my favorite moments in Mean Green sports that I have personally experienced and wanted to share my top 3. We have such a diverse crowd here on GMG with years of experience with joy and heartbreak of following this crazy ass University, I wonder what other top 3 lists would be. 1: Tearing Down the Goal Posts after winning the Sun Belt was the first time I remember being truly invested in the team and the University. It was a defining moment in my studies at the University and is probably a major reason I am as big of a fan as I am now. That night was an amazing night, I made a bunch of good friends and became a fan of UNT for good. 2. CBI Tournament. I couldn't narrow it down to one game, though Game 3 might have something to say about it. These past 2 weeks have been a truly awesome and fun experience. I was at all of the home games and it was amazing to watch the crowd get bigger and bigger each game. I had a tear in my eye watching Smart slam the ball to the floor in triumph as the buzzer sounded. what a moment! 3. The Stand... What can you say about that... I have never in my life seen anything quite like it. I still find myself watching the youtube video, hearing George Dunham's play by play and getting a bit worked up. We were in the opposite end zone on the front row and making all of the noise! Somehow I thought that it was ok the slap a brick wall to add to the noise... my hands told me otherwise for days afterwards. I bought my season tickets for the next year because of that series and have been sitting up front ever since. Just thinking through these moments brings back some proud memories and good times. It was quite enjoyable to be able to add to that list these past couple weeks and I can't wait for next season in all sports! Go Mean Green
  8. hickoryhouse

    We don’t need no fring’n FT

    I thought that Coach Mac did a great job taking the ball out of Wooridge's hands there at the end. We needed those free throws as they were fouling like crazy. I hope that Ryan can develop a bit of a mid range game this offseason... more importantly he needs to hit those FT! What a game, Go Mean Green
  9. hickoryhouse

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    I think I am going to have to watch all of that game again after work today... Just to see what it looked like on TV! It was Lit in the Pit though! Man this has been a fun 2 weeks!
  10. hickoryhouse

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    Big thanks to Wren!!! This letter, cleverly placed on my boss’ keyboard, has helped sway him... will be there in time for tip!
  11. hickoryhouse

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    I hope that the student turnout is awesome with the 6 PM start time. My attendance will be delayed thanks to that time... I am afraid that i won't be the only one struggling to make a 6 PM tip.
  12. hickoryhouse

    Can You Believe This Sh@# !?

    This is exactly how i am, nervous in the second half! As these last 2 games have played out we start winning and building leads! At UNT!!! No lead is safe in my head I guess. If it were any other team playing I would be calling it church with a 25+ point lead and less than 10 minutes to go.... UNT is playing? No lead is safe... But damnit if this isn't ridiculously fun! I can't wait to get back into the Pit on Wednesday!
  13. hickoryhouse

    Defense and Rebounding

    Things were getting quite choppy in the late going tonight. We got to them early and stayed in their heads. I loved the defensive energy.
  14. hickoryhouse

    Can You Believe This Sh@# !?

    The Pit was a hell of a place to be tonight!
  15. hickoryhouse

    Spring Game on a Friday Night

    I love this as well! This is a great development and provides opportunities for fans and Dentonites alike to get together and make a really cool atmosphere! I hope that there will be additional things planned around the game and look forward to hearing what they will be.