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  1. Sorry..... I usually lurk... rants aren’t typically my thing....
  2. I think that the reasons here are not as cut and dry as many want to think they are, flatten the curve was great but now what is the goal? It is undefined as far as I can tell and zero virus is never going to happen so then what? Do we trust the overall reporting on this pandemic? Are the numbers really where they say they are? How does this virus impact young people? How does that impact compare to other public heath issues such as flu, drunk driving or STD's? How do those numbers break down on an age basis? Who is really at risk and what is that danger when compared to other risks that we are exposed to on a day to day basis? I don't feel as though these questions are being addressed by the information brokers at large. There is no reason that after 6 months we don't have reliable statistics on the pandemic that break down who is most impacted and we can't work as a whole to create policies to protect the most vulnerable in a logical way while allowing those at lesser risk to continue without continuing to weaken the economy, and generating more unrest. The impact of this situation is much greater than just public health or sports. I work in Hospitality and I will also agree that when Dallas sports are winning the city is a better and more vibrant place to be and it thrives as a whole. I have been lucky and have been able to keep my job, being at work every day during this time and not hunkering down at home can be stressful and frightening at times, but millions more people are being impacted by outside forces generated from no fault of their own and the lack of people being able to think critically and work together to create thoughtful and logical solutions that don't include "stay the f home" is frustrating and potentially more detrimental than the virus itself to a great many of them. I miss sports more than I can put into words and I can't wait to be front and center at Apogee again or screaming like a banshee when Hamlet lobs one up to Big Zach when basketball returns. This experience is frustrating and I want to do my part to slow the spread, I just can't for the life of me figure out what comes next or how best to help the many problems that are being created. I am enjoying the recent uptick in Mean Green football content now that camp has started!
  3. That is an amazing piece of art! well done! I for one hope that Wren and the AD decide to honor such a brave man and such a tribute to this university. I wonder if there is anything we can do to assist in promoting this move?
  4. Offseason is here ... the Dickey debate is back.... back in school we called the Bourbon Bowl the Darrell Dickey invitational and we loved it! That guy was good for the program and made us relevant. i am proud to have him in my school’s hall of fame. We are UNT and our future is bright. Dickey is part of our past and I’ll tell you what, it was fun to be in Fouts back then and i had.m a blast being a part of that past.
  5. Maybe Lane super secret recruited home too... did he secret hire Dickey at Ole Miss too?
  6. we got close once.... and he was pretty awesome... https://247sports.com/player/riley-dodge-56990/
  7. This is good news to me. I liked Yellock, but to get the best results I have to think that the new coordinators need to be able to "buy their own groceries" sot to speak... Langston leaving gives me hope though!
  8. Hey there, AD!!! Can we please have some info or some action here? Crickets and paint drying is getting old and seeing other coaches getting jobs is frustrating.
  9. CBI Smart would be a huge addition to this team.
  10. Darden and Rico are going to be a godsend for whoever comes after Mason.
  11. What would you have liked him to do differently? A two score lead at the half... 5 tds in the game and way north of 300 yards? A high completion percentage? at some point the defense has to stop somebody. Putting any of the blame for this disaster on Mason is ludicrous.
  12. The defense is a hugeness disappointment right now. Unbelievable
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