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  1. The greatest thing we could do to start the season would be to go 2-0 and beat the tar out of SMU on their poorly attended home turf. The thing I would love to see is that entire stadium packed to the gills with Mean Green fans! Is the AD doing anything to promote that game, busses, cheap tickets, free tickets...... a tail gate, pregame party at Dot's in Deep Ellum or something? What can we do as the loyal fanhood to drive attendance? I see this as a challenging game now that they are in year 2 of Dykes with Buchelle as their QB and our rebuilding defense. We could use all of the support we can get and a sea of Green in Dallas would be awesome!
  2. Maybe I’m deficient with the ncaa roster moves or something but I don’t understand why Ryan would choose to leave. I know he graduated but I just don’t see him wanting to be a transfer. Has he said something to indicate that? Why all the speculation about losing our PG? I for 1 think losing Ryan from this roster would be a tragedy even with the new additions.
  3. tempo tempo tempo? is that really going to be the nature of this offense or is it going to just be one wrinkle? How fast is tempo?
  4. I do too... At least one guy, we need a slump buster. With EJ being ranked as the 16th best OLB, or something like that... I fear that he might fall to UFA status, though we all know that would be a travesty. Additionally, what do we think that possibility of Guyton going in a late round after running a rumored 4.37 second 40? Anyone else we think could go?
  5. what is on Mason's non throwing hand? I saw it on the Bodie Reeder video as well.
  6. Where can we watch the replay? Is it out there? I have so much to do today, the replay could make all of it go much faster!
  7. I am looking forward to hearing a couple of UNT names on draft weekend! I hope JG is one of them! I loved watching ho here in Denton.
  8. I saw the down payment option as well.
  9. I was looking for the content online and can't find it. Does anyone know where a link might be found?
  10. He was trailing way back in the last one. Ryan did a great job selling the break with him bringing up the rear
  11. 9-0 run to start the half all threes by smart!!!! Great way to start. Time out marshall 45-26 good guys
  12. Entertaining game so far. My basketball novice look is woolridge having a rough one early but came on strong towards the end of the half. Marshall does a good job of getting their hands in passing lanes and drawing fouls. Anyone kniw now what happened to Simmons (#10)? He looks like he hurt himself pretty good early on.
  13. I love the youth of the OL, so many Sophomores and Freshman in there... But, that same youth that is going to be great for experience makes me very nervous. Is Mason going to get killed due to the lack of experience of our otherwise talented OL group? Center and Guard look shored up, but the tackles... Who steps up?
  14. That’s passion and it’s awesome!!! Bring it on Kason!
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