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  1. I've always said this....I'm sure SMU is a fine institution, has a renowned Law and Business School...But it's the PEOPLE there, the entitlement D-Baggers that ruin their own image. For F sake they should FIX that....But I digress. It doesnt suprise me that they'd put up a fight...Yes - they're D-Bags, I hate em, but lets be honest, they're program's star is WAY on the rise, and we'd trade places with them in a heartbeat I'm sure... Schools are like competing companies trying to gain customer attention. If we're in the same conference, theyre going to have to work harder at recruiting, and likewise, so will UNT... So they're mad....They can get over it...If they're as good as they appear to be, (and regardless of past years, claim their so much more superior of a program, even when they would go 5-7) then good for them....They can work hard and see if they can jump ship out of the AAC one day. Now...Who's ready to buy a billboard ad on 75 Central, close to the Hilltop?
  2. Could he re-gain my support? Absolutely, IF he could win the next 7 games...That would be an amazing story...But, speaking on behalf of those fans that have lived through the tenures past, we've seen this movie too many times. All of his intentions might very well be noble and he really wants to turn it around. But the plane is in a very bad nose dive....and it's on fire, all of the crew is dead.....And there's a scarey guy dressed as a clown in the co-pilots seat... When SL got here, man, I had a man crush on the guy...Now that's a coach...Tough, smart, driven...he's gonna get it done...And he's had some success.. And IF he could manage to keep us at 7-5, 8-4 or 9-3 seasons, I'd stay on board...True, no bowl wins yet, but odds are the scales will tip in our favor, eventually, if you keep up those kinds of records. So for the people (that are likely younger...) that feel like maybe the ship can be "righted" in some miracle way, all of us older guys, speaking from years of experience, it's a math problem that likely cant be solved. Last year was bad...This year is bad....You could let him go, even as soon as now to get a head-start on re-building the future...Or you can wait it out and see how it goes next year....So think about this, after watching last weeks loss, again... Are you ready to lose the next 6-7 games? Or are you ready to lose the next 18-19 games? I will fully admit and completely own this...I was one of those guys that repeatedly said "Todd Dodge IS a good coach, he's gonna turn this around, just give him another year!" It just never happened and UNT shouldve parted ways with him way earlier. If youve ever had a bad employee, that needed to go, but you just keep giving them way too many chances, it's not fair to the company, the customers or the employee.....In Dodges case, keeping him too long wasnt fair to the School, the Fans and even to Todd Dodge... He was let go, and still found a way to come out on top of HS football...Good for him... I love SL...And it's painful to me, but it's time to make the change...The next couple games will confirm it....Maybe he'll prove me wrong...I certainly hope so...
  3. Funny how people probably arrive at their prediction. Myself included. We lose, no doubt. But from what I’ve seen the past couple weeks, I just don’t think this offense is capable of scoring 17 points against any FBS Team. 2 QBs that don’t have stellar passing. A run game that consists of about 3 different plays. Yes, defense seems to demonstrate they work very hard at times, forcing turnovers, etc. But they run outta gas if they offense can’t stay on the field. I told my friends at the game last week that our punter is gonna have to ice down his foot after the game. It’s gotta be killing him. LaTECH 35 UNT 10. (Maybe...)
  4. OK - Someone needs to explain to me (who's NOT the greatest offensive mind in the world, but...) what is the theory behind this offense? Yes, everyone is losing their mind with "lets do an inside hand-off right up the middle for no yards, every....single....first....down.... Yes, the defense is going to clue in on that, after the second time you try it...And you know who else will? Every single opponent that watches tape... I know I might be dumbing it down a bit, but it just seems we have very little plays in our book. Maybe there's a little bit of an off-tackle run kinda thing? But not sure Ive seen any type of "sweep", a counter-play, play action, or a decent pitch play. These are just fundamental run plays, that I'm not sure I've seen or seen done very well at all.... Is our running game playbook THAT thin? And when we go in for what feels like every single 4th and 1 (and, NEVER make it...seriously, we must own some kinda record on that...) do we have a scheme for that, like put in all the big guys, or do we just leave everyone out there from the previous play? Just pooch kick if we dont have the ability or confidence they can covert...
  5. Yeah - apologies for that screaming moron...Here's how bad that is....I was NOT at this tailgate, but I'm fairly certain I know EXACTLY who this idiot is...He's at every UNT home game, doing the same thing, and you can hear him completely across the entire parking lot...I'll all for school spirit, but someone/cops needs to shut this guy down, there's ALOT of kids at the tailgates. He'll do it at this tailgate, and I've seen him and his entourage of friends walking to the stadium and he screams out every 30 seconds.....Idiot...
  6. Their stadium, blech...I think it's closing in on 20 years old now. And I have to admit, when it was built, and even now to a degree, just how it looks from Mockingbird/Central is nice. It's depressed down so it's not so towering over all the homes. But that's where my compliments stop. People compare Ford to Apogee and Ford has slightly more seating, but those extra seats were shoe-horned in by take inches out of the rows of seats...Anytime someone had to come sit in your row, you have to do that sit/stand/turn as sideways as possible dance with a barrage of "excuse me, excuse me excuse me, sorry, excuse me..." If you notice when youre at Apogee, there's like an extra 6" width per row, and it makes all the difference. You can easily walk by people and they barely have to shift in their seat. The circulation/flow around the concourse at Ford is a disaster. It's too small, concession lines serpentine back n forth, cross over the path of people trying to work through there. God, I just wanted a hot dog and I felt like I had floor seats at an Aerosmith Concert. Oh, and the Men's bathroom...like 25 urinals, 2 toilets...Makes total sense.
  7. So I've shown this before, but it gets more fun each year. 9 years ago, we started celebrating "College Colors Day" at the office, and back then, everyone just showed up with a T-Shirt...Over the years, it grew to people bringing tailgate snacks, then desk decorating contests, then your teams "Pod" decorating contest, then we actually set up an indoor tailgate inside a big studio area that we have... The past few years, its evolved into a month long, single elimination corn-hole tournament...You find your opponent and play then when you get a break at work, ultimately culminating to the Championship Game, in front of the entire office at the Indoor Tailgate. The company caters in Wings, and all of the employees bring Pot-Luck side dishes. Prizes given out for best foods, most spirited costume, etc. It's a great event that's really got steam behind it. Enjoy some pics. Alot of decor complete with a full mock-up stadium with thousands of fans snapping pics with their cameras....See video below... BTW, the two finalists for the Championship Game are both UNT grads.... IMG_5206.MP4
  8. ok - and I get it, that makes sense...thanks for the update.
  9. LOL - luckily, it didnt come to that..When I had my panic moment, I was at home, but ready to leave. I did find the digital parking passes. Guess I hadnt really looked at those, because they had ALSO sent hard-copies via mail...So, showed the digital pass to the attendant, and went right in, no issues. Thanks for the help everyone!
  10. Yeah - like the team, the rust needs to be shaken off, even on the game day operations. I'm pretty hard to piss off when it comes to lil event "hiccups", but, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEE IT when audio stuff doesnt work, it just sets me off, whether it's the PA guy and/or the refs mics. I've said this before but holy crap...It's 2021. We talked to Men on the friggen MOON fifty years ago, with no issues, so why is this type of technology so hard to get nailed down??????????? Isnt that what a "Mic/Sound Check" is for? To work out these bugs? Other Comments: I get the PA announcer is "finding his own style..." but, yeah, someone needs to give him some notes/comments. A very simple thing he would do is JUST say "Torrey the ball carrier..."...That's it? How about "Torrey the ball carrier, gain of 3 yards...Second down, Seven..." i actually prefer the PA to say that rather than me having to constantly look to see what down it is/yards to go... Really liked the Green Brigade Pre-Game, but then exited the field, before the team came on...So the team ran on to the field to that fight song recording that sounds like it was made in 1981. Anyone know the reason behind this? Is this some kinda Covid thing, like "we dont want the band AND the team to be in that close of contact, just too many people..." Just speculating and curious. Speaking of the Green Brigade, what was up with the Stand-Still performance at halftime? Again, was that some kinda Covid-restriction thing - or - just a "this is the very first game and we dont have the halftime show completely worked out yet" kinda thing?
  11. I havent - but I'll give it a shot! thanks!
  12. So, I'm in a panic...cant find my parking passes that I got...is there anyway to "digitally" show the attendant to get access? Anyone know?
  13. Forgive me if this has already been posted...but has anyone seen this yet? https://greenbrigade.music.unt.edu/trip/home
  14. Now, if they did a Beatles Tribute show, that would be amazing!
  15. Dollars to Donuts, the bookstore or Voertman's is still selling it...
  16. Not to be distrusting, but can someone post a link about the game/start time, etc? I'm probably looking right at it, but cant find anything....Is it on FB or Twitter or something?
  17. Littrell needs to give the football version of this speech...
  18. Very talented. Why hasnt he entered the portal? : )
  19. Not everyone that tried out for UNT Dancers made the cut....Look Carefully..See if you can pick the ones that didnt make the final cut. Better luck next year...
  20. Unfortunately, (and I HATE this answer...) but this is the world we live in now. You HAVE to have sexy facilities. Remember, you're trying to "woo" a 17 year old kid to come play ball here. And those facilities don't provide the promise of greatness, that leads to wins....The facilities, unfortunately, just keep you in the running for a kid, even if he's just average, to even consider you...Is that the smart decision/criteria for a kid to make a decision where he will get an education that could be the moral compass for the rest of their life? No, probably not.. But remember, he's 17... The facilities are part of the bait....I'm not saying they're not valuable in the development of the athlete, they really are. But early on, you're throwing bait out there, and trying to set the hook. Still need coaching... This discussion always reminds me of something.. (Bear with me...) I work in architecture, and I've done alot of national brand facilities, restaurants, health clubs, etc. Certainly nothing like a Stadium or practice facility . But years ago, I did alot of Health Clubs ( I wont use names, but you can probably figure it out...) We did numerous locations all over the country. And we ALWAYS put in Basketball Court...Always... And well over half of the locations we did were retro-fits, not necessarily brand-new buildings. Could be a old grocery store, or warehouse, etc. and we'd have to design how to lay it all out. And a BBall court never fits into any existing building. Existing columns are always in the way, the roof structure was too low, etc. etc. So, it was a major engineering overhaul to get a BBall court into an existing building. Major surgery to the structure. So if you think about what the owner is paying per Square foot for a Giant Room with goals at each end, it doesn't make sense on paper at all... I'd visit these locations and always see 5 or 6 guys playing BBall in there, or maybe, on rare occasion a Hoops tourney going on. So I ultimately had to ask the question to the client "Are these Giant A$$ courts REALLY worth spending all the money you put into them? NOBODY uses these damn things!!!!!" They said "Absolutely...The court is nothing more than eye candy that makes people sign up for memberships" 98% of the people that visit the club see the court and say "Wow they even have a BBall Court!!!". Only 2% ever step inside and use it. Without that court, they'd lose alot of average people signing up for memberships...
  21. im not confident we can beat either of those teams...
  22. I for one thought DT showed solid progression...No, he wasnt a Heisman candidate, but the guy was a leader and did a great job at managing the offense, and reading a defense. Thats my opinion, Im sure there are those out there shaking their heads and will downvote...fine. But to be fair, I dont think Chico should be judged on DT alone..DT DID progress and remember that winning season was 2013...Alot of us learn in our jobs in 7 years... I'm simply saying given some of the coaching choices we've had run through here in recent years, I think Chico should at least be considered a candidate and granted an interview...
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