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  1. No probably not. You should buy the two I have available. See "Crap........Looks like I won't be going to Austin" thread below.
  2. I've got two tickets, section 13, row 29 that I can't use. I knew there was a chance I would be going out of town but I bought them just in case. $50 apiece Shoot me a PM if you're interested. One condition, you have to wear green and have no voice left at the end of the game.
  3. I'm 60% on the UT game. Our flight leaves really early sunday morning. It depends on how much packing and stuff we get done before that Saturday. I'm planning on going the the scrimmage next Saturday. If we have the tickets by then. (she still hasn't gotten them in the mail) I can bring them to you then. If not, I work in Dallas and I can just meet up with you anywhere. Once I get the tickets I'll send you a PM.
  4. If you haven't ordered your tickets yet, I may have two I can sell you. My girlfriend and I were going to go to the UNT/UT game saturday and come back through Waco to check out the BU/TCU game on Sunday but now we're going out of town on Sunday. She's already orderered the tickets. Let me know and I'm sure we can get them to you.
  5. Exactly Emmit When we get that one figured out, we'll be in a better conference, have a new stadium, and have an athletic program that fits with the size and growth potential of our university.
  6. His ride on Thurs. should go down in history as one of the greatest moments in sports. amazing. freaking collapses one day earlier and comes back the next day and basically kicks everyones ass. his tour was greater than any of Lance's. seriously. and I say that as a huge lance fan.
  7. Ha! Now that I read that, it looks funny, but I wasn't being sarcastic or alluding to anything else. He really is a nice guy.
  8. I hate to see Coach Rike go, but I wish him the best. I covered the basketball team for the school newspaper at TJC one of the years he was head coach. His team was ranked #1 in the nation JUCO and man, were they fun to watch. They did have a couple of knuckleheads on the team but that was one of the most athletically gifted basketball teams I've ever seen. They would put on quite a show. Dunks, three pointers, you name it. He had several players go on to D1. If I remember correctly, one to Memphis, Indiana, Baylor and I believe Nebraska. He had some others go on to IAA and D II. He's you
  9. Don't forget that Dickey likes to switch positions of players he recruits. Some of these DLs could be OLs, TEs, FBs or LBs (or whatever) before it's all said & done.
  10. Last year's must have been REALLY bad.
  11. I'm needing to know as well. Looks like I'm going out of town somewhere around there but I DO NOT want to miss this game. When will we know for sure? Is it Sept. 9th? What are the chances it's the 16th?
  12. This was my first game to go to this year. A few observations: We looked very careless with the ball, took some horrible shots, and gave up a lot of easy baskets. Plus we got there about 20 minutes late and they were out of programs. I was really wanting to get a program and read about all the new players we have. Oh well, I guess it was my fault for showing up late. But, it was good to see the pit again. I love that place. My girlfriend is a Baylor grad and she had never been to the super pit. She was impressed. Her comment, "wow I can't believe the difference in this and fouts field."
  13. I can see everything in the MGR just fine and I don't want to give anything away, but there's a word I like seeing in the MGR and it regarded our coaching staff. HUNGER. 2005 is now officially behind us.
  14. As far as the highlight DVD, I believe they will have one and I think they should make a chapter in there for Patrick. A section in there showing all his highlights from his career would be awesome. Can they make that happen? As far as my favorite run, there are too many to choose from. The one against Ark St where he split the linemen was great and the 80 yarder against Baylor was awesome too. But it's got to be the run he made against Tulsa this year. I cant' wait to see this one again on the DVD this year. I know the season was bad and the Tulsa game was really bad, but Patrick absolutel
  15. That's why the 2006 season is crucial to this program. We have basically your scenario next year. (if memory serves) 1 $$$$$ game: At Texas 1 (should be) tossup on the road: At Tulsa 2 (should be) tossups at home: SMU and La Tech The SMU game should break the Baylor game's attendance record. Next years OOC schedule is what we've been begging for. One body bag game and 3 - mid major regional teams. What an opportunity we have next season. If conference talk gets going again, next season could be a springboard for us. Combine the start of construction to
  16. Having a freshman as the leader of your offensive line is huge. I don't think it's any coincidence that the O-Line has gotten better as the season has progressed and Rose has progressed. I expect the O-Line to be solid next year.
  17. And I want Patrick to get his 5th ring.
  18. Well, I for one refuse to post a reply to this thread.
  19. Wow, I think that picture of Patrick speaks a thousand words. Let's step away from all the venom being spewed on this board right now and recognize one of the biggest hearts this team has ever had on it. He carried these guys Saturday night and treated us to yet another show. If there's anybody that even thinks about claiming to be a mean green fan, they'll get their butt to fouts field for the last 2 games and pay respect to a UNT legend. I hope everyone realizes what Patrick Cobbs has meant to our school on the field and in the class room and as a person. We've got 2 more chances at hom
  20. Do we think 35E going up from Dallas around 4 oclock will be ok Saturday?
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