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  1. Yeah but that was against Sun Belt Teams!!! Oh wait...........we are playing a Sun Belt team Saturday.
  2. One player we're gonna miss is Markeith Knowlton. He was solid at safety and a rock on special teams. I've always thought he was VERY underrated. He just made plays and always seemed to be around the ball on special teams. Smart, well disciplined, athletic, and always in the right position.
  3. That is really exciting. Actually, it makes me feel all "warm and muzzy" ROCK ME
  4. Plus don't forget, we were fortunate enough to have arguably the best defense in the history of Mean Green Football that season also. I don't think we'll duplicate that this year.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking that was a little ridiculous as I typed it. 180 yards just doesn't cut it anymore huh. Good grief, what if in a few years we get a running back that only averages 120 yards per game?
  6. Here's what worries me about this game: 1) Dickey's teams seem to run around lost for the first 3 or so games every year. 2) Last year MT held Jamario to one of his lowest rushing totals of the year (180 or so yards) 3) Scott Hall's career high in passing yards won the game 4) Their Offense went up and down the field on our D last year There has never been a conference game more set up for NT to lose than this one. Looking at this objectively, MT should win. They've got their whole team coming back, at home, one game under their belt while we've got a young unproven defense, a young unp
  7. I hope everyone's getting a good look at OU. That could be us this year. Question mark at QB. Massive personnel turnover on defense. All World Running back(s) that the defense totally focuses on.
  8. The team was supposed to get the equipment ready, fly to Baton Rouge, play the season opener, fly back, get in late, etc. That's gone now. Why not split up the team up and have a green and white game Saturday night? A full 4 quarters. Give the coaches a chance to call real game situations, play a full game on the new fouts turf, stay sharp (as sharp as they can anyway given the situation) It may sound like a lot of trouble but it can't be more trouble than flying out of town, etc. Get the thing as close to game situations as possible? Get plays in to Meager, let him run the offense, etc
  9. Congrats Plumm!! You're history making post was perfect. If we had more fans like you, we would already be in a BCS conference. Here's to the next 7,000. Go Mean Green.
  10. **speaking from a total football perspective** Players can start studying now, start getting fired up now, and have MTSU on their minds for two weeks getting ready for the biggest game of the year. I think this is a good thing. They can forget LSU. The season starts September 10th.
  11. Well let's see, Plumm's 7000th post, an average of 1,000 words per post, hey, you've typed 7 million words on the 'ole board! Not bad for a fan of the team that sits "at the great real estate that is I35E and I35W in Denton, TX..........."
  12. Well, I have directv and if I'm not mistaken, if it's on ESPN Gameplan, it's on ESPN Gameplan regardless of cable, satellite, whatever. The Gameplan schedule is on ESPN's website but I don't think it's complete. It appears they still have a few games to add. I still can't believe the game won't be available live somehow.
  13. Is there really no way to watch this game live on TV? There's no PPV? Texas last year, OU the year before, Texas the year before that, they were all live on PPV in some fashion! LSU is still covered by Fox Southwest right? Are they not going to offer this on PPV? I've heard about the late night replay for this game, but that usually follows a live PPV. Anybody know for sure?
  14. When and where will merchandise with the new logo be available? Are they selling it at Voertmans or the book store? Will they have mini helmets with the new logo on it? I'm needing to upgrade the wardrobe.
  15. Good job guys!!! I wish I could have been there!! Here's to the MG this year!! GMG BABY!!!!!!!!!
  16. excellent pictures good job guys I'm so glad to be a fan and an alum of UNT. There's not a group in the metroplex that can feel the pride that I feel.
  17. I would love to say 3-1 or 2-2, but I've seen it too much the past few years in OOC play. As I take off my green tinted glasses, I see them going 1-3. Losses to LSU and KSU and beat either LaTech or Tulsa. (as much as it hurts to say, the edge goes to LaTech on the road) Until I see otherwise......................
  18. It is now August 11th. Our nationally televised game with Troy is Tuesday, October 4th. Walk into your bosses office tomorrow and request to be off by 2:00 or 3:00 on that day. Request now to trade with someone if you work some kind of shift. Take a day of vacation that day. You have 2 months to plan for that game. Athletic Dept. put something in the mail now. Send out an email. NT Exes, send out an email. Remind everyone associated with North Texas that the game is on a weeknight. "Get off early that day! Tuesday, October 4th, 2005!" --- Something There is no excuse to be late arri
  19. Well, granted, I didn't see him in the spring game (9 for 24?) but reading and talking to some that did plus reading and talking to some that saw him in practice gave me the impression he really needed to work on his accuracy. I don't think the coaching staff is going to say the QB they've got pegged to start is going to have problems completing passes next season. The point I was trying to make is that losing Byerly's running ability doesn't bother me that much. We don't need another runner. Good grief, we've got the top two runners from the past two seasons. And if we DID need another runn
  20. I keep reading that losing Byerly's running ability hurts us. I don't understand that. All indications are he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. We've got two back-to-back rushing champions right? We don't need a third running threat. We need someone who can stretch the defense when they've got 12 in the box next year. He doesn't have to do much, but completing a pass on play action is going to be the difference between winning and losing this year. Period. Besides, all indications are Meager's a little more accurate and even faster than Byerly. As far as their "experience," I don't
  21. There's several million reason$ why Mack Brown won't be fired...... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  22. First of all, I guess I feel a little bit better now than I did after the UT game. At least we showed something. But, we still got routed by a Colorado team that very well could finish .500 on the year in a weak big 12 north. So, I'm going ahead with cautious optimism. Offense Super Jamarioooooooooo!!!!! All I can say is wow, but we need to be saying super offensive line. They were great yesterday. If I'm Patrick Cobbs, I've got to be shaking my head on the sidelines watching CU's linebackers actually have the thought in their head that we may pass the ball, by the time they figured it out,
  23. Well, I think there used to be one up on University, I think it's closed now. You should probably go to Walmart on the Loop. It's a little more conveniant.
  24. I just wish a bunch of our alumni would open their eyes instead of being cowards.
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