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  1. WITHOUT A DOUBT. I expect to see lots of running up and down the field on Saturday.
  2. autographed Brandon Kennedy authentic jersey at home and a full sized green & white UNT football autographed by Joe Greene on my book shelf in my office (made out to me) Oh yeah, 2 diplomas behind me on the wall
  3. Damn shaft, you beat me to it. We control our own destiny. Period. I dont' care what the final score was tonight. (And good grief, LSU was determined to get 70 though weren't they. But they could have scored 100, the national championship is still not an option for them this year, regardless of their style points against us.) Let's leave the SEC behind us for a moment. We made progress. The O-Line had their best game against the toughest D they've faced. Meager looked confident and poised. Jamario looked like Jamario. Quinn was Quinn. If ULaLa or Monroe or Ark St. don't win it this year, the
  4. See Baylor last year and the year before that. We blew them out 2 years ago, they handled us last year. Did their roster have a 1 year upgrade? College Football has a funny way of taking care of those situations. I think the SMU game will break the Baylor game's attendance record. Plus 20K-22K for the La Tech game and we average 26K to 28K in OOC home games next year. Call me overly optimistic, but it just seems to all come together for us next year. There has to be a sense a quiet optimism within the athletic dept., that's why no one's hitting the panic button and doing any knee jerking
  5. ..............is shaping for what could be a special year. Before we fire the whole coaching staff, AD, administration staff, janitors, and some GoMeanGreen posters, let's look at our timing. I've been thinking. Is our non-conference schedule next year SMU and LaTech at home and on the road to Tulsa? Combine that with pretty much the whole team coming back, one premier Junior running back, a more experienced QB, D-Line, Quinn's senior year, etc. Could we not bounce back quickly next season? I know we'll have a few holes to fill, but our non conference home attendance should average 25K t
  6. Very untrue. Patrick has much better vision than Jamario. And if you've seen the O-Line this year, Patrick is running well with no holes created for him. The whole thing is, the start to Jamario's career got flip flopped. Jamario's season last year was supposed to happen this year. Patrick got hurt/Jamario stepped in. Had Patrick not gotten hurt, he would be gone and Jamario would be the feature back this year. On the other hand, we would just now be learning who Jamario Thomas is had Patrick not gone down last season. Last year was supposed to be Patrick #1/Jamario #2(or redshirted) instead
  7. I agree for the most part. Everytime he knelt, I told my friend, "that's our veteran." But there was once, I think it was with 8 mins or so left in the game, where the kickoff was its shallowest of the night, maybe 3-4 yards or so deep where it looked like he had some room. Yes he did the smart thing, but a sense of urgency was probably in order there. And like you said, we needed something to happen. Plus, Moore and Branch are both knuckleheads anyway. I trust Patrick a whole lot more.
  8. I know this is all old news by now........... My friend I was sitting by at the game used to be a coach. As a matter of fact, he has scouted Daniel Meager. We were talking about the team and his comment was, "there appear to be some athletes out there, but they just don't look like they know how to play football yet." I totally agreed with him. There was just something about the way they looked/acted. Most of the young players looked lost at times. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. I also don't understand why we don't run the option more. He told me when he was scouting Pearce, a
  9. They in no way ran the score up. The last two touchdowns were from a 40+ yard run and a fumble recovery. What was the guy supposed to do when he broke through? Take a knee? And I don't think I've ever seen a football player on any level at any game regardless of the score pick up a fumble and fall down. If they see a chance to get in the endzone they're going to try their best to get in. Good for him. If we don't want them to get touchdowns, we should not let them get touchdowns.
  10. One positive. It seems every year, the student side gets more and more crowded. Last night the side was full and they appeared to be there before kickoff. I was there in '98 when you could park a car between myself and the next student. I always thought starting in about 2001 or 2002, with every freshman class, the student attendance would get better. A new class comes in and knocks off the apathetic senior class that had been there since '98 or so. Now our seniors this year were freshmen in '01 when we started this run. That's gotta mean something right? It appears to be getting better
  11. I pretty much agree. I told my friend, "I hope you got a good look at this big crowd, it will be about 10 to 12,000 smaller next game. We actually beat them in time of possession. (Which should be a key to keeping us in any game, right?) I don't remember seeing an offensive line get man handled the way ours did last night. Now 5 or 6 blocking 8 or 9 is gonna have trouble, but WOW did Tulsa have their ears pinned back the entire game! Better get the hot routes ready because it won't take a genius defensive coordinator to figure out how to play us the rest of the way. I can't figure out if
  12. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! Salt in the wound, salt in the wound!
  13. Mean Green - 31 Tulsa - 22 Tulsa goes up and down the field (the few times their offense is on the field) but doesn't get in the end zone much. Patrick - 130 (gets the record by 3rd qtr) Jamario - 150 (most of it in the 2nd half) attendance - 25K Times I say: "that guy's unvelieveable!" when Patrick or Jamario do something spectacular - 12
  14. Good comments from the players. I'm glad to see they are focused and see the importance of OOC games for the whole program. That makes me feel better.
  15. I agree with everything said. I think there's another first from yesterday: Positive comments about the coaching staff before October. Thumbs up coaching staff!!
  16. 1st: Meager was 10-15, nothing spectacular, but no interceptions, completed a long pass, led the offense and the coaching staff did a good job with him. He made some rookie mistakes, but the first game jitters are behind him. His confidence HAS to be soaring right now. 2nd: The defense gave up yards, but didn't "break" Forcing turnovers, making big plays, the first game jitters are behind them. Their confidence HAS to be soaring right now. 3rd: I don't read too much into Jamario's reduced role. He looked a step slower to me for the most part (except for that long run where he exploded throug
  17. I might consider hiring you but you CANNOT pay for your dental plan based on the number of teeth you have. It's not free!
  18. JD, time to get over there and educate 'em. But you have to give them a break, they just got computers last year.
  19. I'm not getting any work done today! Tomorrow will probably be worse.
  20. Not to jump too far ahead here, but if ANYONE in the sunbelt conference has any hope of knocking us off, they better do it this year. This team is going to be scary next year.
  21. Ahh, I haven't really thought about it that way. Great point.
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