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  1. So I've been thinking about the defensive scheme for the OU game. Here's Todd Dodge, regardless of what he has to say publicly and to his team, he knows in his mind he can't match up with OU. He will be judged in the OU game not by if he wins, but how his and his team's attitude and demeanor are. His stock went up in my book because of his willingness to stick with his offensive game plan, keep teaching and using the opportunity to work on things for the upcoming season. He could have easily kept the score down (not necessarily respectable - but not pushing 80) by working on the clock. But
  2. Is any of the new Under Armour clothing available anywhere on campus or do you have to order it on line?
  3. Didn't he have a couple of big punt returns in the championship game vs NMSU at Fouts in '02?
  4. I've always thought Craig Jones was one of the most important players of our championship run. Very underrated and one of the most solid players we had. That combination of Buckles and Jones roaming around back there was awesome and we haven't seen anything like that since.
  5. I'll again be watching from the friendly confines of Section D row 28 seats 17 and 18
  6. I've been in the green lot for 3 years and have been moved to blue. I understand some that have been moved to green prefer blue. If anyone is interested in a trade, I would be down. Just let me know. Thanks, Jason
  7. Anyone who's ever seen him play before is not surprised..............
  8. Well, I think they're free as long as you renewed and payed before the April deadline. That's the way it was explained to me.
  9. ................You keep forgetting to turn the sound down on your computer before you click on the UNT athletics website so many times that your employees outside your office know, "He's on the UNT athletic site again!"
  10. I'm seeing a few sites that have UNT playing in the "play-in" game. I know this will change as more teams get in, etc. but we're in the 64 right?
  11. It will be on ESPN2 HD (channel 72 on directv) but as of last night, the game wasn't scheduled to be broadcast in true HD. It looks like it will have the bars on both sides.
  12. Remember when we were good and 5-7 would get us to a bowl?
  13. You know.................. It's strange how Randy Galloway and others coudn't give a damn about UNT football until there's a (in their view) controversy. Now he's just so pissed off about what happened. give me a break. It's becoming painfully obvious by the reaction of some of our local media how non-exsistent the knowledge about what's going on in denton really is. I know DD is personable to the media and they think he's funny but they're big boys aren't they?
  14. Yeah, but his show is a sports talk show. He is paid to give his opinions. Not be down the middle and objective. And when has the ticket ever been accused of being professional? Yet people, lots of people, still listen.
  15. Get rid of Georgio? Come on that's crazy. He's a great alum and he always sticks up for the Mean Green. As far as his play by play skills he is a VERY talented play by play guy and we're lucky to have him. He could very easily do bigger national games in my opinion. But he loves to do the Mean Green games. He's said it before on the air, he would do them for free. Yes he was a friend of Dickey's and he's seen his friend go through a rough year. If he wants to support his friend so what? George Dunham is a great supporter of North Texas.
  16. At this point, I only see one way we could do anything in the offseason that would allow us to comeback and be excited about next year. If it's the same staff, the same plan, the same everything else.............what does the program have to offer and how can they convince anyone that '07 is going to be any different from '05 and '06? Every year we finsish with a losing record is one more year we are down the wrong road from the shine of 2002 that keeps getting further and futher in the rear view mirror. In my opinion, the athletic staff has a major chore in the off season. We are at such
  17. I was thinking about this the other day. Despite what DD has said on numerous occasions about how awful it is around UNT, (he knows, he works there every day), there has to be a coach out there, big name, talented, up and coming, whatever.........that would be licking his chops to come here. The local talent that's here, the new facilities, the growing fan base (despite our dismal record the past 1.5 years, they're still showing up, tailgating, etc.) the possibility of a new stadium, plus, there IS some talent on this team. A coach with any sense would have to look at this situation and kno
  18. Would I be totally out of my mind in saying that Meager actually looked pretty good on Saturday? Running and Throwing. I came out of the game thinking "Meager may be getting it." The TD pass was absolutely beautiful. Plus he showed he's got some serious speed in the open field. The interception he sailed over Nwigwe's head was ugly, but I honestly thought he made some really good plays, especially in the first half. (Although he still can't seem to get the play off in time. He's got to keep working on that.) But if the season's gone, I would just as soon see what Meager has. He's just a s
  19. He's gonna slice the ball with that grip........
  20. There was one play in the first half where we had the ball and it was 3rd and I don't know, 4 or 5. We hand the ball off to Jamario and he goes up the middle for no gain. George said that Tulsa had a run blitz on. So I'm sitting here thinking.......it's 3rd down and Tulsa (before the play) says, "it's 3rd down, but we're basically going to send everyone on defense up between the tackles to stop UNT's next play." And by golly they guessed right. I thought the running game was supposed to open up the passing game? Tulsa gives up 49 points last week and then they look like the Baltimore Rav
  21. I checked out some of the clips on my PC but the replay was choppy. I've got DSL but I think it kind of sucks. I'm assuming if the replays are choppy the live stream will be choppy as well. (Forgive my computer ignorance on this one.) It still may be worth 7 bucks to see some of the game. can you back up the play back and replay a certain play? I'm thinking if I Georgio describes a big play I can run in here and back it up so I can see it. Can that work?
  22. I've still got 2 available if you're interested.
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