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  1. I agree, we're just gonna have to take it one day at a time.
  2. Tampa Bay-26 Oakland-13 MVP: Brad Johnson
  3. I don't think Unjel got a Tech when he was hanging on the rim. The UALR player got one for pushing him, then Green got one for retaliating. Unjel got one later on the other end of the court for talking trash. I didn't get there until the start of the second half, but I thought we looked timid on the offensive end and they just took it to us. Sat. is now a MUST WIN to get us back to .500
  4. Story on Davis getting the 2000th point and going for the record. It was a good, long story and snippets from what must have been a pretty good interview. George Riba was at the pit, good highlights from several different games, I was definitely pleased! Some of you old timers would have loved some of the highlights of Kenneth Lyons from back in the day.
  5. If he would have been 5'8" that's one thing, but he was actually 5'5"!!!!!!
  6. My view of the men's game can be summed up quite simply: free throws & rebounding free throws & rebounding free throws & rebounding free throws & rebounding free throws & rebounding free throws & rebounding free throws & rebounding If you want to win a basketball game, you have to be good at both (at least 1 out of 2) and we got killed on the boards and I don't know if I've ever seen that many missed free throws in a college bball game before. And what a momentum killing call the foul on Davis was when he passed ahead for a wide open lay up late in the game. Th
  7. He may be next year's 2002 B. Kennedy. Dominating everyone!
  8. I listened in & out. Sounded ugly, turnovers and we got killed on the boards again. Scored only 60 points! UGH! maybe we can pull the upset before Xmas! GMG
  9. "All-America candidate Chris Davis score 18 points and had eight rebounds to lead a quarter of UNT players who scred in double figures. " All-America candidate, I love the sound of that.
  10. I think the Mean Green have a good shot to be one of them!!!
  11. I can't wait either. I missed the dunk contest, who besides Smith was in it?
  12. Congrats, I'm right behind ya'
  13. ironman, you are absolutely right, I have always wondered why the frats have been non-existant Would most of these guys not have fun going to a football game, drinking before hand at tail gate parties, making a lot of noise, etc.? it's puzzling
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