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  1. I hate to say it but I think Troy is MUCH better than the NT teams of a few years ago. They've actually BEATEN BCS teams. We were dominating the belt but getting our butts handed to us in non conference. I think that's what sets them apart.
  2. Montey Stevenson seems to have really stepped up and taken a vocal leadership role with this defense. I wish we had him back next year.
  3. Has there ever been a coach turn a big bag-of-nothing into millions and millions of dollars to the extent Coach Fran has? What a con-artist.
  4. I'm sure some don't remember or weren't around, others that are around my age (30) or older and have been around surely remember World Class Championship Wrestling. UNT honored the 1977 Hayden Fry coached mean green team at halftime of the MTSU game and one of the players on that team was the great Kevin Von Erich. Talk about taking me back. The Von Erichs are Dallas Sports legends. Kevin is the oldest and last surviving son of Fritz Von Erich, the patriarch to the WCCW. It's really a tragic story. Kevin lost 4 brothers. 1 died in his sleep and the other 3 took their own lives. I don't follow
  5. SUMG You're using logic and common sense and that sort of thing should not be tolerated on a message board.
  6. The most fun fans to go back and forth with are the MUTS fans. That sexy team from the backwoods of Tennessee just brings out the rivalry. Don't they have 2 co-championships now? If they put them together does that make 1? Or they still half a champion? I can't remember.
  7. I forgot one running game: horrible (one good run called back because of penalty) other than that, Troy's players have spent more time in our backfield than our backs
  8. I know Spencer is good but can we please stop kicking it to him?
  9. for those that can't see the game. offensive line: horrible (Wow are we getting pushed around) wide receivers: horrible (Wow are we slow) QB: less than good (showing his inexperience) defense: showng signs, secondary playing waaaaaaaay off the receivers Hougabook is sitting back, changing channels, getting a drink, taking his pick of receivers that don't have a white jersey anywhere near them I hope we look back 2 years from now and can say we've come a long way. I hope dodge has some speed coming.
  10. Does this game has a similar feel to it? Did MTSU have a big out of conference win as they rolled into Denton undefeated in '01? We pulled off the upset then and never looked back. Troy is that team today. I think all the attention has been given to our defense, does Vizza and the offense get it rolling today? Should be fun.
  11. I've got directv and ordered the sport pack this morning. The guide says it's there. Surely it won't be blacked out in Dallas!
  12. So what package do you have to have to get SS?
  13. I believe we were 7 point dogs.
  14. I've said regardless of the win total this season, I just want to see improvement week to week. Our D took a huge step, offense went sideways but it looked like the team figured out how to WIN a game. That's important. I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress against Troy. Our shot at a conference title and New Orleans Bowl bid is all but gone for this season. However, Troy has apparently accepted their bid. The only thing they've got to worry about is if they're going to go all out and get a suite or not for the superdome. Nothing wrong with planning ahead! http://www.gotroytrojan
  15. If you want to give Vizza a pass for being a freshman that's fine. He showed some flashes tonight. But I thought he was horribly inaccurate on a lot of his throws. He sailed a lot of balls and overthrew 2 (if memory serves) touchdown passes. The interception on the sideline should never have been thrown. He does have some zip on the ball though and yes, he was in high school last year. But it doesn't matter. The faster we score, the faster they get the ball back and can score. We had the ball for over 40 minutes tonight.
  16. If that moron Sam Smith is calling the game next week, will you please sit next to him and help him with our roster. How this guy ever got a play by play job I will never know. He is absolutely horrible. He knows right now if he's doing the game next week. He has plenty of time to give our roster a once over. Can we talk the MGRN into putting a delay in their broadcast? It's almost like he's never watched a football game before or spoken the english language, much less called a game. WRs Brock Strickler, Brandon Johnson and UNT Legend Patrick Cobb would greatly appreciate it.
  17. Then Mendoza and some of these defensive coaches WILL NOT be here next year. Offense: Some returning starters/new system/progress Defense: All returning starters/system?/total disaster Gotta do something.
  18. I hope the new fans stick with it. They HAVE TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE! I think this coming Saturday is really important. If we win Saturday we're 1-1 and in the mix for conference. Forgive me for getting ahead of myself but it could get interesting and we could look up in late Oct./Nov. and have meaningful games to play. That's all I'm hoping for THIS season. The thing I want to see is improvement from week to week. I think it's been hard to judge so far with our schedule. As far as this past Sat. we had a buzz saw waiting for us in Fayetteville. Not to mention the athletes they have, we went i
  19. My eyeballs just exploded all over my monitor. (j/k, thanks JD, I may give that a try. Did you record the Akron game or watch it live?)
  20. Well, I should get my husband-of-the-year award sometime on Saturday but I'm going to miss the home opener to go to my wife's work function. (just kidding, I'm happy to do it ) As far as I can tell, the only option I'll have is watching it on the internet when I get home. (aside from checking scores on my cell phone) We'll be at dinner from 6:30ish to maybe 8:30-9:00? I may be able to see the 4th qtr. Now, for those that have watched the games this way: Can I wait and go back and watch the whole game like you can on ESPN 360? Can I watch a little of the 1st qtr (which I'll be able to),
  21. That's the thing. I didn't say don't play hard or "just try to get out without any major injury." and I didn't say "for OOC games" in general. I don't think they went into it with that mindset. Of course he's going to say "we're going in there to win." I didn't think they took the mindset of we're going to get a paycheck and get out of town. I think the players were told to go out there and line up with kids their same age and and see what they're made of. In my opinion, if we would have played that game at the end of the season instead to the start, we would have seen something different fr
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