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  1. It never fails. We have frequent get togethers at my brother's house, and I am the only UNT fan. When I watch football or basketball games there, I am usually relegated to a side TV or computer monitor because no one but me cares about the outcome. I'll be darn if the very few times that they take an interest, we lay an egg. I had the UNT vs. Rice game on the main poolside TV with quite a few people, including friends and family, watching the game, and I was really talking up our team only to lose to a Rice team with a terrible record.....Geez.
  2. Stadium broadcaster actually did a brief interview with Johnny Jones. Of course, they had to ask what he thought about LSU National Championship...
  3. Probably because they wouldn't like getting beat by Boise, especially when a home game for Boise.
  4. Really strange. ESPN+ stream was fantastic and extremely clear last night with no skips and definitely no freezes. Tell you the truth, I rarely have any issues with it, and I cannot recall the last one; I watch it all the time for boxing, MMA, NBA, hockey, etc. My guess is that you have a router issue. Within your router settings, you should be able to prioritize devices in order of importance, you might try escalating the importance of the device that receives your stream. That way if for some reason your WiFi gets full, the streaming device takes priority for date. You might also try upgrading the firmware of your router.
  5. This will be a tough game. We looked great in the first half on the road and WKU, but could not keep it together in second half. Hopefully, we play a complete game against LaTech, and if we do, I like our chances.
  6. I was actually going to post the same question, but never got around to it. Wise's background looks great, and I was really excited to see him play. I guess it is a good thing that what appears to be a quality player has difficulty finding time on this roster. He has played in multiple games with very limited minutes. Enough time to burn a red shirt? I am also very excited about Jackson too.
  7. Has anyone figured out a good way to watch these games when streaming to a steaming device (Chromecast)? The cusa.tv does not have the sync to steaming device button and the cusa app doesn't have the sync button either. I basically have to cast my entire phone to the steaming device to watch, which is less than ideal.
  8. All we seem to have in our arsenal is to play pass around the perimeter. No creativity whatever. No one seems certain what they are supposed to do on offense, which is why we can't seem to score points... Not confident or in rhythm with their shots.
  9. Just to continue my gripe about Cusa TV, when you go to full screen landscape, it doesn't take over the entire screen. The browser bar remains and covers up about 10% of your viewing area... Amateur hour!
  10. Why does Cusa TV suck so bad? They don't let you cast to Chromecast. The cast button is there on game screen but it just isn't active. This means I have to mirror my entire phone to cast... Essentially means I can't use my phone for the duration of the game. Anyone figured out a better way to accomplish this?
  11. I agree. I doubt we beat VCU if this was any representation of our current play. Hard to figure out what we were trying to accomplish on offense most of the game. There did seem to be frequent substitutions, which you'd expect in a game like this, but that also hinders getting into any offensive rhythm. Did you see Mohamed drill that 3? Nice looking shot. It's been a while since we've had a "big" (6'7") that can make a 3; hopefully, there is more to come.
  12. Now getting audio but only crowd noise and no commentators or score board. Don't even know what the score is right now. This is low budget, embarrassing Cusa steaming.
  13. I'm not getting audio from the Cusa video feed. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. Doesn't look like any viewing options? Only radio. Stays stadium but no actual link. Checked Stadium and game not listed.
  15. I noticed that too. The band acted like a 12th player for Houston. At first, I was put off by it as I thought disrespectful since we stopped playing before they snapped the ball, but then I was impressed by their savy.
  16. Additionally, Fine doesn't look comfortable in the Reeder offense and he doesn't seem to regularly go through progressions now.
  17. GH offensive looked great in the first halfs only to stall in the second halfs after the opponents' defensive adjustments. Conversely, Reeder offense looks sluggish in the first halfs only to grow stronger toward the end of the second quarter and through the rest of the game (basically chasing the huge deficit we spotted in the first quarter due to sluggish offense and defense play.) Pick your poison.
  18. Super pumped! My wife and I fly into Dallas today with game tickets in hand! Got UNT!
  19. I thought against SMU we did not appear as fast though I don't know the technicals above support that. What I did notice is that we seem to do these long, drawn out plays with long/longer receiver routes. And where were the new increased use of tight ends? I want to us to return to a two or three step drop back and fire the ball out of there; this is Fine's strength (to make a quick decision and to throw an accurate and on-time pass). Moreover, this is hard to defend and helps our offensive line and to limit sacks. I want to see "fast" not just between plays, but during the plays.
  20. Right out the gate, we showed some new formations...three set backs, tight end throws, etc. However, I thought that overall after our two quick touchdowns, we let off the gas a bit and played some more standard formations/plays. I figured that our OC decided that he didn't need to continue to show his hand given the ease that we scored.
  21. Sorry. Just saw this so won't be helpful now. But I searched for the game on ESPN+, and it wouldn't come up... Then searched under Abilene Christian and the game showed. Those idiots put the game under "N. Texas" so when you searched "North Texas" you got no results. After I found the game, the clarity was great... no complaints.
  22. I'm not a fan of designed quarterback runs with Fine. Hopefully those are rarely used.
  23. I remember seeing previous article that Cal defense was considered "elite." This will be a true test of where we are at with our high-flying offense. If we move the ball effectively/efficiently on the Cal defense, we can move it on anyone else on our schedule this season.
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