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  1. K State has an in-home visit for him. https://247sports.com/college/kansas-state/Article/Kansas-State-basketball-recruiting-Anthony-Tarke-has-set-up-an-in-home-visit-with-the-Wildcats-and-is-working-on-a-visit-to-K-State-117250956 Scouts shows him as a 1-star recruit. He must of had a heck of season at NJIT (signed in 2016) to receive all this attention, including from a power program like Kansas State.
  2. I've read and re-read your posts on this thread. I'm trying to figure out your point here? We need more people drafted? That seems too obvious. I think you might have a different point?
  3. My heart skipped beat....Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Tony Bendford! Phew! Tony Mitchell, nice!
  4. Looks like a quality pick-up with quality offers! Nice too that we now have a 6'5" guard... we are lacking in the height department.
  5. One of the best basketball reviews I've seen in a long time with all of the video examples. Great job!
  6. So awesome to be playing meaningful basketball again! Go Mean Green!! Great game! Great win against a quality program!
  7. I remember seeing him on the end of the bench holding the bandage on his forehead and telling my daughter that he looked concussed. I wish the very best for this young man. I'm always complaining about ticky tack calls in bball, but I feel like the refs have let too many obvious calls go in this series. I like letting them play but you also have to protect the players.
  8. I was thinking about 5000+ too initially but with a 6pm start and Easter weekend, I'd be happy with 4000. The fact that we even expect 4000 is an amazing development in this early phase of our turnaround by GM.
  9. My sports app shows 6pm. I sure hope that is not the case as there will be a lot people arriving late because of work/traffic. Hopefully a 7pm or 730 start but I'm sure ESPN has a major say in this.
  10. That would be Pit Crew days during JJ era, which I was a proud member of while a student there.
  11. True but our run started before his injury. His injury made this run easier now
  12. Assuming he a good player, I think we should take him.... We only have one other true big man, the Russian guy, also a freshman...... I think having another big man with experience would advisable. Injuries happen too, etc... And if this Illinois transfer can help develop Simmons, we get a two'fer.
  13. Shouldn't the thread header also read "question, no info?"
  14. That was very stupid. He had them playing consistently good to great bbal.
  15. I remember when our participation in the CBI was announced, some questioned if the $40000 paid was money well spent on a lower tier tournament. Thank God the administration invested in this tourney. The extra playing time, practice time, home games with boosted attendance, the return of Duffy, and a chance to win a championship have been invaluable. Not to mention that we can expect boosted attendance next season due to the new winning ways and "fun" style of bball. Without the CBI, we would not have any of this and would have ended the season on a bummer.
  16. I didn't realize that about USF. What makes them storied? Do they make tourney runs every so often? I don't recall seeing them plan in NCAA tourney, but with my memory that does not mean much either :-)
  17. "Both Baker and Littrell have passed on offers to interview with other schools in the last few months ...." Yikes! Didn't know we could have lost them already....
  18. Do you think he leaves the team and high and dry in the middle of the NIT tourney?
  19. Chromecast plus Chrome on desktop. Couldn't get mobile Chrome plus Chromecast going
  20. I'm watching it now on Chromecast streamed from my desktop computer. Every time I went to full screen on my mobile phone, a flag image would cover the game.
  21. Great deal for us....No cost for our first game.....Love the extra playing time in the post-season for our young team....that'd be awesome if we can win, and bring back tourney to Denton!
  22. Can someone post the linke to the video stream on Facebook? I can never seem to find the games on Facebook...don't know what I am doing wrong when I search for them.
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