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  1. Ya. Ya. Yada, yada, yada. Headline should be "NCAA starting to [further] crack down on transfers for G5 programs." NCAA was probably under some heat for approving a bunch of P5 transfers that should have never happened so they disallowed the Ohio State/TCU transfer so they could show that this is a "fair" process.
  2. Fans must be nervous if they understand what's headed their direction... This UNT team is not intimidated. Their defense coordinator must be a nervous too given that they have no film of our offense with new coordinator. Could not think of a better time to play a P5 team (assuming our new coordinator is as good as advertised)
  3. I didn't realize Torrey had 18 TD's last season.....WOW!
  4. Sounds like very nice pick ups!! I was hoping for at least one big-man. Have all our scholarships been used now?
  5. I don't think a totally erroneous argument. We were dumpster fire bad for many years.... Our new coach comes along and turns it around to a degree, but then had mid-season fallouts of epic proportions in each season.... So no, not all Benford....but the combo our reputation provided by Benford plus mid-season falls from grace (despite 20 win seasons) has not been enough to turn our program around in the eyes of recruits....Ya, this is over-simplified explanation, but I think it is definitely part of current recruiting woes. Not hopeless either.... McCasland may surprise us with some late recruiting season heroics.
  6. Benford really damaged our program..... Two 20-win seasons has been refreshing and great....but the monumental mid-season lulls (in both years of current coach) didn't help either even though I know mostly due to injuries (at least for last season).... going to take a little more to reverse five years of Benford......Benford'd!!
  7. From Top 25 votes to dismal performance with losing streak that feels like it's gone on forever. I know injuries played a huge role in this. However, it feels like our once potent and creative offense is now predictable and stagnant. Our once lethal shooters cannot seem to hit a shot likely due to hesitancy and out-of-sync plays. We've become really great with passing the ball around the perimeter for 20 or 30 seconds and then jacking up a shot. Re-watch the Hawaii game to see an offense that is aggressive, creative, fearless, and takes an open shot when available. Monumentally disappointing. I always thought we'd correct this by tourney time, but it is looking like a one and done. Hope I"m wrong.
  8. I thought that this was a joke thread. It's laughable that he is their head coach.....They have no idea what they are in for.
  9. I can't take this. This is terrible basketball. I just turned the game off before done for the first time this season.
  10. Eagerly awaiting to watch this game on ESPN+! Wanted to watch utsa vs fau but looks like only on Cusa TV. Dropped my subscription after ESPN+ picked up most of our games. Anyone know of other place to watch utsa game? Looked around and couldn't find any thing else. Really hoping that fau does us a solid today with an on the road win.
  11. Damn. Another injury. Simmons (Guard) injured and not expected back "anytime soon." That's 3 out by my count (Simmons, Duffy, and Tikhonenko). Our small team just got even smaller and with less depth. Crossing fingers that Duffy is back very soon. Otherwise, I'm extremely happy with our win against a very good Marshall team.
  12. We appear like something is missing, and something has definitely changed.....I think it is the combo of Smart not playing well plus Duffy being out might be closer to the answer.... We really need Smart to return to form and start lighting it up again, especially his 3-ball. I also think our offensive scheme is lacking creativity/adaptability, which admittedly is hindered by a lack of size on the inside. Teams have figured out our game plan, and are now stifle us around the 3-point line while we play catch/ball movement around the perimeter for 20 to 30 seconds and then jack up a shot. Earlier in the season, we were more willing to drive to basketball or set up plays specific for Simmons (center) when guards were crowded on the outside or as way to make them respect shots closer to the basket. The drives/inside plays are critical because teams will be less willing to crowd us while we play catch around the 3-point line; this will definitely free up our 3-point shooters. Nonetheless, I am extremely thankful for McCasland and our clearly rejuvenated basketball program.
  13. I watched the latter half of the MUTS / UAB game.... Painful to watch... A bunch of missed shots for extended periods....Basically, MUTS hung on with some rebounding and simply outlasted them until the clock expired. Folks, we are going to everyone's best shot because we have the best record in the league and CBI champs, and that's what we got with UAB. They looked extremely beatable last night, and it made our loss to UAB even more painful.
  14. I am thankful for his services in the awesome turn-around in our football program. We clearly have an improved offense, and I think his name/reputation in Texas helped recruiting. Maybe it's just me, but I not overly saddened by this loss. I thought that he was still coming into his own as offensive coordinator. He often had good first half game plans, but our second half always seemed lacking....He didn't seem to adjust/adapt to the half-time adjustments made by the other team, and he struggled to win many of our the big games, including bowl games. I felt like he was still in the early growth stage of his offensive coordinator career, but with massive potential... As such, I think that this hire may be a little early for him and USC. I think we can at least replace what he was doing, and possibly improve on it, with the right, experienced offensive coordinator hire. Nonetheless, I wish him absolute very best and thank him for his role in the massive turn-around of our football program.
  15. We are 40 today... No movement for the win over UTEP...I actually agree with this.... We are not a Top 25 or even Top 30 if we cannot handily beat 200+ ranked teams..... hopefully this will improve as the season progresses...as noted above, we seem to play to the level of our competition... On the other hand, I also know that as the #1 team in CUSA, we get everyone's best shot to de-throne us.
  16. I'm sure I'll get blasted by the old timers for this one...but here it goes....I really, really hope that we beat Southern Miss for alot of reasons, but most of all, I'm tired of seeing "our best season" since the 1950's or 1970's or whatever..... Let's set record seasons at least in 2000's... Those references to decades-old record seasons just shows how overall stagnant we've been in basketball through the years... No disrespect intended to those successful teams of decades-past, but it's time for teams of today to set new records and truly excel!
  17. Finally, a statement with some teeth from Vito...tell it like is it Vito, "The fact the Mean Green knocked off Louisiana Tech in front of a crowd of 4,238 made the win all the better for UNT. The school has been trying to rebuild its fan base after Tony Benford pretty much murdered a good program with a considerable following over the course of five seasons." I don't even think the word "murdered" is an overstatement.
  18. At that point, I would say RealTime is a better ranking system. 🙂
  19. NET currently ranks us at #37. Today, I think NET is a better system.
  20. Western Kentucky only from moves from 124 to 122 after a Top 15 win against Wisconsin... Wisconsin somehow goes from 13 to 13. Wow! Doesn't seem right.
  21. UNT now #38. Nice! Since talk of San Francisco in this thread, they are #39.
  22. Think we hit 4000 to 5000 in attendance? Or too early in the year with many students still out of town?
  23. It's amazing to me that CUSA wants better media packages/coverage, but some of the schools can't even provide a reliable HD broadcast...I know some of these are student provided broadcasts...but you are either big time or your not.
  24. We should have routed Ark Pine so it's hard to argue with their stats....
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