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  1. I'd rather this than SBC Troy .. Not that I wanted to lose to utsa but this is a better game.
  2. OK. Thanks! I'll check it out... People were complaining of pop up spam crap on the feed from last night... Just use Brave browser and you won't get that junk
  3. Anyone know how to find the feed online like the SJS fan provided yesterday?
  4. Thanks! The feed is awesome too... Crystal clear and no drops
  5. That's absurd. $29? I can afford it but don't want to afford it... Only reinforces the nonsense if I buy it. Damn it too because I looking forward to watching the game today
  6. Fitting... Just lost audio for the end of the game
  7. I think someone in unt production is reading this thread... Just got a serious volume boost
  8. Audio, when working, is so low its hard to hear on soundbar but better than nothing I suppose
  9. Back to no score banner and still no audio... Geez..
  10. YouTube can only serve up what they are given... My guess is that we screwed up the audio feed... Garbage in = Garbage out
  11. Amateur hour... No sound and no scoreboard banner across the bottom... So, combined with no sound and no score banner, I don't actually know what the score is.... Geez
  12. Is there a game delay? Not loading on YouTube video yet
  13. What's a Southern Nazarene? Is that like a character from the bible? Or a specialty mixed drink? :-)
  14. Aunne was terrible last season. He couldn't complete a medium to long pass to save his life. We're screwed.
  15. Maybe not all SEC, but Ruder had P5 offers from Baylor, Penn State, Florida State, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Florida, and North Carolina. That's a hell of a P5 offer list, especially for someone coming to UNT.
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