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  1. My post was sarcastic in nature, but since you asked: Jace Ruder https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Jace-Ruder-96843/RecruitInterests/
  2. Gunnell is definitely a quality transfer. He is .88 on 247sports, but Jace Ruder is .89 transfer so not highest ever.
  3. Looks great....but I already know that he will have a sudden drop in skills and talent and have difficulty understanding our overly complex offensive schemes like so many quarterbacks, even SEC level, seem to experience at UNT.
  4. Haha! That's exactly what I was thinking when I read some the comments to my post. I thought it common knowledge we need another true big. Scott is not a true big and Morgan in is only 6'8" so in essence we only have one true big prior to this signing. Most teams want at least one back up center.
  5. Sissoko is a 6' 10," high level 3 star (0.8689), Top 500 rated player in the country in 2019 when signed to Dayton. Stats do not look great at all at Dayton, but we know that players tend to play their best within systems that compliment them. Hopefully, McCasland can develop him into a star at UNT.
  6. Ha ha!! I hope that Tulsa and ECU do step-up. I also forgot to mention Wichita State in additional to Memphis, etc. in my original post. It would be great if Wichita can get back to their Top 25 form. We could be a great basketball conference with multiple teams ranked each year, which also increases likelihood of multiple bids for tourney and more $$$ for the conference members.
  7. You need to see beyond your own hatred of SMU, which I share with you. I don't want to step into another promising new conference only to see it downgraded. We need other strong conference mates to be a strong conference. That doesn't mean I'm rooting for the other teams. If the AAC degrades further, we can kiss the fairly large ESPN $$$ they rake in goodbye.
  8. This is really bad for us. We need SMU's and Memphis' of the world to be strong to keep the AAC competitive and the $$$ flowing from ESPN, etc. We don't need hobbled conference mates right when we enter.
  9. I really hope that they do not take Memphis and/or SMU to the Big 12 if they do expand - does not matter to me as much as related to football concerns, but I want Memphis/SMU to be part of the AAC for basketball reasons due to their ability to be consistently ranked opponents; this really helps with the NET rating and tournament selections.
  10. I wish Dentonites realized just how special it is to have the opportunity to attend UNT sporting events in general, and that the fans specifically show up in huge numbers for this really special event against a recent Power-5 national champion - this does not happen often (ever?). I truly miss attending UNT sports games. I attended nearly every game, football and basketball, from 2005 to 2011 when I attended UNT.
  11. After our loss to UTEP, I posted in another thread that the only path to NCAA tourney would be through the auto-bid now; I got down votes for pointing out this reality. We were fortunate to be in the 30's in the NET given we had only a total of two Quad 1 games, and went 1-1. Most of the teams in the Top 40 have numerous to extensive Quad 1 games. Then we lose to UTEP, and I think that pretty much ended our chances of getting into the NCAA tourney in any other way than through auto-bid. We need to win-out to cap off a great season, but will be tough with Tech and UAB or MUTS left to play. I know we are autobid for NIT but I want that NCAA tourney again!
  12. I'd specifically like to see headlines about how the talent looks amazing. But I'm really just having some sarcastic fun with the news headlines coming out of DRC.
  13. Our players always have a terrible time understanding the defensive schemes according to our coaches each season we have a losing record. Maybe this group of players are so much brighter that they can comprehend these genius schemes much sooner than in past seasons?
  14. Better win that CUSA tourney. No chance of an tourney invite without the auto-bid. This is a great team no doubt, but our weaknesses caught up with us last night, especially in free throws. You can only get away with that for so long.
  15. In another Vito headline news story from the last day or two, we learned that our football players are enthusiastic. And now in this headline news story, we learn that players are also confident. Man, CUSA football teams better watch out for UNT this season - our players enthusiastic and confident!!!
  16. I wish we could get the hell out too right now. That's be great to play in the AAC if even for one season with Houston, Cincy, etc., especially in basketball.
  17. Greenminer has a good point. I attended UNT from 2005 to 2010, and I was part of the original Pit Crew. When I first attended games, the attendance was pretty sparse. However, as JJ developed the program, brought in quality recruits, and started winning games along with multiple NCAA tourney appearances, I watched attendance significantly improve over time. It wasn't unusual for a weekend game to have 4000 to 5000+ in attendance. And I recall the Pit nearly full on several occasions when we brought a name opponent. The last I recall (that's not a given) was either Texas Tech or Oklahoma State I believe...It was packed and raucous, and we won the game. Then Benford came in and destroyed everything over five years of his "coaching" ... Benford was a total disaster for our program and set us back five to 10 years....Will probably take another five to 10 years more to rebuild...We also didn't have a pandemic going on in those years. With continued success, I do think we could get back to the peak of JJ years or better.
  18. I checked Flosports earlier today, and they didn't even have the game listed...May have changed since then...but also looked like subscription only website...
  19. I can't find the game either on ESPN. Too much bourbon from my celebration of UNT football win led me to look on wrong ESPN channel (ESPN News, not ESPNU). And the channel guide has the wrong game listed on ESPNU but it is the UNT game.
  20. Ignorant question. Does UNT receive payment from ESPN to be on national TV?
  21. UNT up by 30 with 2:45 left in the game. UNT wins by 2 after 28 - 0 point flurry by WKU in nail bitter finish.
  22. All I know is that no lead is safe against WKU. We found that out game 1 conference play, and they have done this again and again all season. Did you see that comeback last night against La Tech? Incredible 17 point comeback when it appeared game was over. GO MEAN GREEN! PROTECT HOME COURT!
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