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  1. As much as it sucks, doesn't it increase the odds that Jeff Traylor is handing out Whataburger taquitos at a P5 school next year? I'd pitch in for that going-away party.
  2. UNT's reputation for being a place head coaching careers come to die is working against us. I'd rather lose a few to P5 programs and get new quality hires to choose UNT because they believe it can be a springboard.
  3. I think you overestimate the sincerity of college presidents when discussing conference affiliation in football. They are 100% loyal to their current dance partner until somebody better looking asks to cut in. I bet there are letters from the Texas and OU presidents affirming their support for the Big 12.
  4. It's not impossible for Seth Littrell to regain the support of Mean Green Nation. UNT could win out and be 6-2 in conference and 8-4 overall. It's not remotely likely to happen, of course, but I'd rather hope for that than root for more misery this year in the hopes that Wren Baker will plant a boot in his backside.
  5. I admire your fortitude.
  6. I'm a fan of the College Football Belt, the national championship that's treated like boxing. You hold the title when you beat the champ and keep it until you lose. The belt changed hands last night when Texas A&M beat Alabama (insert Nelson Muntz ha ha here). North Texas has never held the belt. We had a chance in 1965 when we played champ Arkansas but lost 55-20. We had another chance in 2006 when we lost 56-7 to Texas. There is another belt where the Mean Green have acquitted ourselves better (worse?) -- the one passed from game loser to game loser. There was a five-year period where the Losers Belt stayed within the Sun Belt from 2006 to 2011. The Todd Dodge-led Mean Green claimed it on December 1, 2007, with a 38-19 loss to Florida International in the final game played at the Orange Bowl. We held the belt for nine games and 336 days, giving it to Western Kentucky in a 51-40 win on November 1, 2008. The Losers Belt has been in the MAC since 2019 and is currently held by Bowling Green State, so it may be a while before we get another shot. College Football Belt spreadsheet Losers College Football Belt spreadsheet
  7. I think you're not giving enough disrespect to the 2008 team that went 1-11 under Todd Dodge, losing 77-20 to Rice, 52-13 to Middle Tennessee State, and 46-13 to Florida Atlantic. Only second-year-in-FBS Western Kentucky saved us from an 0-12.
  8. The team's a mess but I don't hate the garbage time touchdowns. The game was lost. We still have seven games to play and some of those CUSA teams aren't any better than us. If Missouri had won by five touchdowns like UAB it would further demoralize a team that hasn't looked like they believe they can beat anybody.
  9. The Sun Belt doesn't have more money than CUSA. Every Sun Belt school has lower yearly revenue than UNT's $40 million, according to USA Today, and both conferences have catastrophically bad TV deals that pay roughly the same per year. The Sun Belt does have better TV in terms of viewership by virtue of being on ESPN and ESPN+ instead of Stadium. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances
  10. UNT is the best rested sleeping giant in the NCAA. Are we sure we're not in a coma?
  11. So you had the time. Why didn't you go?
  12. The Borg would've been assimilated by Janeway. I don't have a veejay I have a peanuts. Sit down and watch.
  13. I wouldn't say that after the Mean Green gained 241 yards on the ground.
  14. False start. You needed to wait at least for us to score a second TD before posting this. Five yard penalty. Still first down.
  15. Aune's running is starting to open things up a bit. I may cry.
  16. Stadium stream just went out again. I don't know whether to curse them or thank them.
  17. Eagle claw to Dillion Williams (#4) for preventing the touchdown on the return.
  18. With an injury that catastrophic we should start a GoFundMe for him. I almost couldn't watch.
  19. Brilliant idea! He could bring in his son Jordan as a decorator. https://www.instagram.com/p/B61zxIgF2BZ/
  20. I wouldn't make that guarantee. Larry Fedora didn't get an OC gig in P5 right after North Carolina and his résumé was much better than Littrell's is today. Fedora had to be an analyst at Texas for a year and then became the OC/QB coach a Baylor.
  21. I bet the athletic office printer is running out of paper from all the résumés being sent out.
  22. The players looked like they have quit on him last night. If we keep him all season and put the talented players through a season-long ass whip, what condition will they be in when the next coach arrives?
  23. How is that not a personal foul? It's much worse than what our player did to theirs out of bounds.
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