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  1. This stat suggests Aune did not, in fact, play well: Pick Sixes: 2
  2. Memphis QB sees two UNT defenders running off from the right hash mark and waits patiently until the Mean Green won't get a 12-men penalty. That's just considerate.
  3. He had a job. The Yankees paid him $1 million to do it in 2012. For him, playing quarterback in college football is like when middle-aged white dudes go to fantasy rock and roll camp.
  4. I have no idea what helmet-to-helmet contact will get flagged as targeting.
  5. While talking about Aune being 29, one of the TV broadcasters said, "They love this kid at North Texas." Kid? He's closer to 40 than to high school. He signed an NIL deal with Geritol. He gets "Join the AARP" junk mail. His kid is visiting colleges.
  6. I expect the same. Paying the next coach less would look like UNT is lowering its football expectations. It also would be perceived as a knock on the new coach.
  7. I am confused by why the media keeps saying UNT owes Littrell money if he's fired after the season. Seth Littrell's contract ends on Jan. 31, 2023, according to this copy I found online (and saved on my server): https://workbench.cadenhead.org/media/seth-littrell-contract.pdf The extension agreement begins on page 42 and extends the term as follows:
  8. I don't think it's that odd. A lot of athletes don't want to court controversy in the media that might cause them problems with the coach or AD. So they either let dad talk to the media or have no control over him being so blabby.
  9. There needs to be a ray of sunshine emoji. The queen of England was a huge Mean Green fan and lived to 96.
  10. The source I linked to earlier was incorrect. Seth Littrell's contract ends on Jan. 31, 2023. I found a copy of it online and saved it on my server here: https://workbench.cadenhead.org/media/seth-littrell-contract.pdf The extension agreement that begins on page 42 and extends the term as follows: It looks like he would be owed the remainder of his base salary if UNT fired him before that date, so it would be $112,500 for each remaining month since his base pay is $1.35 million. Why is this guy not smiling all the time? Every day he wakes up knowing he's got another $3,698 and 63 cents in the bank.
  11. His contract extends through the 2023 season. If fired at the end of this season he'd be owed less than $1 million. https://sports.betmgm.com/en/blog/college-football-hot-seat-coaches-replacements/ I don't think being fired during this season vs. after the season would make much of a difference financially.
  12. A lot of penalized celebrations don't affect the flow of the game, like simpler touchdown celebrations in the end zone. I don't see any wording that excludes sideline celebrations like this slot machine bit, but maybe there's an unwritten understanding they won't get called.
  13. The celebration rules are vague enough to outlaw it, prohibiting "[a]ny delayed, excessive, prolonged or choreographed act by which a player (or players) attempts to focus attention upon himself (or themselves)."
  14. Dammit. I could've been watching Loyola Marymount vs. Pepperdine water polo on Stadium instead.
  15. Reminds me of Dave Chapelle playing the Allstate guy on SNL: "My deep Black voice makes white people safe. Like they are in good hands."
  16. Please please please let Wren Baker lose Seth Littrell in a poker game tonight before flying home.
  17. Did the Mountain West use Fiverr for their logo?
  18. Aune just threw the greatest pass in college football history. And he's been alive for most of that period.
  19. They should pick up the flag. The defender avoided hitting with the helmet.
  20. How do the refs not bring out the chains after the UNT fourth down? It was close judging by the marker on the sideline.
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