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  1. Totally agree with everything The ColonyEagle said. Let's see if SL makes the necessary changes in coaching and recruiting over the next 60 days or so.... If not....the program risks losing some/all of the goodwill and enthusiasm is gained over the last few years.
  2. Well thought out and researched post. I happen to agree with everything ColonyEagle said. This team needs a defensive overall badly.
  3. Absolutely awesome. Still having to pinch myself we have something like this. Love it!
  4. Looks awesome!!! This will be a game changer in recruiting....
  5. Love em. Black on Black looks awesome. And the players love them as well....
  6. I have to chime in and agree with NorthTexan95..... Vito can't seem to write an article without belittling North Texas in some way. Subtle references to past coaches, the cost of our stadium......etc.... Anything to make us look small time. And he gets lots of his info from this board. It is what it is, but its definitely noticeable to this observer..... *and yes---we don't have to read it if we don't want to*
  7. *Not a popular opinion.... but* While I think Coach Littrell and his staff are great guys and good football coaches, the lack of top level 3 star type recruits in very concerning. Like it or not, recruiting ratings are a pretty good indication of ability at the next level. What exactly is the problem? Perception? Lack of recruiting effort? Who knows......
  8. Sweet Jesus yes please. *ignoring the North Texas State reference*
  9. LOVE the helmets. And so did the players-that's what matters. Let them have some fun with it.
  10. Patrick is a good football player and NT could certainly use him. However the chances of him coming to NT are almost 0. Rumors have him now looking at Ivy league schools. It obviously won't be to a Big 12 school. He also comes with some baggage. Patrick wanted the husker coaches to basically guarantee him the #1 QB job for the spring and into the fall. They said no. Nebraska has Zach Lee who is more mobile and has a great arm. They also have freshman stud Cody Green already on campus. In 7 on 7 drills a few weeks ago-Patrick was caught teaching Cody the wrong signals on purpose. That was the end of his time at Nebraska.
  11. This guy is at best a 50-50 shot. Hate to say it, but if NT doesn't find a way to sign 3-4 impact D-line types, this recruiting class will not be complete. Is it too strong to say it's borderline incompetence by Td and staff if they end up with no JC D tackles? Guys-this team has without question, the weakest set of D Lineman in all college football. Shouldn't it be more of a priority than say, signing another wr/db type? just my opinion of course.....
  12. A few thoughts: -If you have been reading my few posts here-you would not be suprised by anything that is happening or will happen. I had already been hearing it. -Those of you saying "it can't get any worse"-----this has been said for the last 2 months already and guess what-it probably will get worse yet. -Rv and Td have been at odds the last few months -Rv told Td to make assistant coaching changes-he refused. -Rv told Td 2009 will be his make or break season-not necessarily judged by wins and losses. -Pray some of our more talented underclassmen don't transfer-if not now-in the summer. -The players and some parents have lost faith in Td and his ability to build a winner -The assistant coaching staff(save Deloach) is in so far over there heads it's ridiculous. -Rv hired Td-so if he fires him-he thinks he will look bad. -what few notable alumni, etc. we actually have are going to start jumping ship soon-made more easy to do by the economy. -as previously mentioned-Td has a massive ego. He thinks he has all the answers. -Td better recruit a JC quarterback immediately-or else. Riley will get hurt-bank on it. Then what? Yes friends-it is time for some answers from RV-the question is-Does he know the answer? Tough times ahead for sure. So sad.
  13. This team, as currently constructed, will not win more than 3 games next year. 2 wins in more realistic. While the talent level is marginal at some positions-O and D lines specifically-I would hope for 4-5 wins with outstanding coaching. Not gonna happen. The lack of focus on the defense and special teams by the head coach is disheartening. But I'm afraid things go much deeper. Do you suppose RV has asked TD to replace some of his assistants? Do you suppose RV has let TD know if he doesn't make some changes and improve real quick-he will not be the head coach in 2010? My prediction: NT wins one of its first 8 games in 2009, and TD is let go before the season is over.
  14. I have no problem being patient. Most here would say the same. However-if the coach in question is not the right coach for the job-why delay the inevitable? As I've mentioned before-the players on this team do not respect Coach Dodge. They won't sell out for him-and never will-sorry to say. Former players and parents have little to no confidence in his ability to lead NT to repectability. Threre are 2 reasons this man has a job-money, and RV. I have to agree with Lonnie Finch on this one-RV needs to become way more involved with the football program. Ask yourself this question-Do you see anything that would lead you to believe things are going to get better? And by the way-recruiting is an absolute joke right now.
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