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  1. GrandGreen gets it. Many teams have far worse "adversity" to deal with.
  2. Re: Fuente....Guys if this happens, make no mistake--it is a home run hire. Need to root for VT to lose. Unlikely SL will return, baring a minor miracle. *Transfer Portal needs to be hit hard, no matter who is the coach next year.
  3. Good pick up by Rice. Better than Bean but similar arm. Really wants to play QB but skillset is much better suited toward slot. Weak arm but a playmaker. Really fast. Had his moments at Nebraska watched him every game. Not a big 10 level QB. Needs to accept that his arm is not D1 caliber.
  4. Gonna have to agree here guys....this is quick frankly a joke. Literally hundreds of more qualified candidates out there. Unreal.
  5. Part of college football these days. We don't really have it that bad, but I'd sure love to pick up a few transfers soon. Could be worse-I've followed Nebraska football all my life and they have lost like 8 4 star players in the last year. Its comical.
  6. Totally agree with everything The ColonyEagle said. Let's see if SL makes the necessary changes in coaching and recruiting over the next 60 days or so.... If not....the program risks losing some/all of the goodwill and enthusiasm is gained over the last few years.
  7. Well thought out and researched post. I happen to agree with everything ColonyEagle said. This team needs a defensive overall badly.
  8. Absolutely awesome. Still having to pinch myself we have something like this. Love it!
  9. Looks awesome!!! This will be a game changer in recruiting....
  10. Love em. Black on Black looks awesome. And the players love them as well....
  11. I have to chime in and agree with NorthTexan95..... Vito can't seem to write an article without belittling North Texas in some way. Subtle references to past coaches, the cost of our stadium......etc.... Anything to make us look small time. And he gets lots of his info from this board. It is what it is, but its definitely noticeable to this observer..... *and yes---we don't have to read it if we don't want to*
  12. *Not a popular opinion.... but* While I think Coach Littrell and his staff are great guys and good football coaches, the lack of top level 3 star type recruits in very concerning. Like it or not, recruiting ratings are a pretty good indication of ability at the next level. What exactly is the problem? Perception? Lack of recruiting effort? Who knows......
  13. Sweet Jesus yes please. *ignoring the North Texas State reference*
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