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  1. Great questions. One more, does anyone know if Bruce hall still serves stir fry on Thursday nights?
  2. Like I said, all the love. I don't mind the venting, just the waste of time everyone finding some random dude they think will be a good head coach when we have one already here.
  3. I'm just as frustrated with current results. But multiple 'wish list' threads in mid October seems like negative energy this program doesn't need at the moment. Unless you're Wren in disguise let him do his job, Seth do his, and have an extra adult beverage at the game on Friday by dude.
  4. I hate coaching threads mid season. Just seems poor taste fellas. All love though, freels.
  5. I'd rather point positive energy in the direction of seth.
  6. Found a UNT painted skull at a Cancun market last weekend. Dude wanted $45 for it so I passed.
  7. I may have said this on another thread but I've seen a lot in my day (if you know what I mean). But never this.
  8. Siggers is fantastic. Love his wiggle and burst.
  9. Love hearing Matthew Berry complain about "Jeff Wilson" vulturing TDs.
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