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  1. Played well today. Got a good win. We're in first place in our conference in October. The guys are busting their ass and clearly if we've learned anything about Seth it's that he never loses the room. I love this school and this team and it's a source of happiness for me... so right now? Tonight? I'm enjoying the hell out of this. Let's keep it going! #GMG
  2. Hot Fire. And I am right there with @golfingomez... I'm well aware that half the high schools and a quarter of the colleges do the Texas outline thing, and I too get my pom poms up all almost every single time
  3. This is a very SMU "sellout".... that place looks half empty and there's a ton of purple. SMU students must have stayed on the Boulevard.
  4. Jaelon Darden, Jalen Guyton, Rico Bussey, Jeff Wilson, and a whoooooolleee lot of other folks beg to differ
  5. It's more systemic than that. We all love Mason Fine. He'll be a UNT legend forever. He was the QB. His persona and charm underdog persona was as likable as it gets. He also played with THREE NFL caliber WRs. An NFL caliber RB. An NFL caliber LT. Mason Fine was surrounded by likely the best overall collection of offensive talent in UNT history, or damn close. This is no way a slight to Mason Fine; he was the engine that made it go - but the point is that "upgrading from Aune" or developing a QB in house is great and all, but it's gonna take much more than that. We need to get some DUDES in here. We love a lot of the guys we have, and maybe some of them can end up being that.... but we need even MORE than a nice QB to take this thing where we wanna go.
  6. WKU @ Indiana North Texas @ UNLV Georgia Southern @ UAB Charlotte @ Georgia St Tennessee St. @ MTSU UCF @ FAU Louisiana @ Rice LA Tech @ Clemson UTSA @ Texas UTEP @ New Mexico
  7. Also, I fear you're right on the QBs. 21 points is still a little close for backups, especially the way the D is playing
  8. Neal Brown too. His name has batted around around here too
  9. OAIII. 70 plus point pace offensively. Clinging to the good side of things lol... #GMG
  10. Do i think we're gonna win big? Yeah. Does the defense look like trash? Also yeah.
  11. Wondering the same. After he looked so good in UTEP I thought he was in for a huge year. Hopefully he still is, maybe we're just leaning on the WRs because their secondary is struggling so badly
  12. Sure, but at least they're taking care of business. As we know, that ain't a given
  13. UAB down 21-7 to Liberty (who USM took to 4 OTs last week)
  14. Y'all clearly don't remember the PS word. That was worse than the worst thing you can possibly imagine.
  15. Yeahhhhh, that one could be a problem as the season goes on
  16. Good to see Shorter back in the end zone. It's a name your score night on offense. Now let's get the defense tightened up.
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