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  1. I have no solid reason to feel this way, but I completely agree with you
  2. He’s about to be in the SEC West. Competing against Oregon and Stanford for top recruits and playoff spots is a hell of a lot easier than Georgia and Bama. oh, and I think OU currently holds three or four five star commitments from Southern California…
  3. Mind you, I'm not making any argument here either way. I have no idea what I think about all this, and could probably talk myself into either option.... that being said, having been here from Matt Simon on and looking at this thing, I'm less and less convinced that SL is outta here. In fact, handle business at FIU this weekend (which we absolutely should) and I tend to think he's way safer than not (barring a Portland State type no show v. UTSA, and maybe not even then). I just don't see Wren pulling the trigger on a 5 win team that didn't quit and came on late, not to mention one with a crazy young roster and a lot of key injuries. And hey, I get it - whose fault is that roster, why are we so thin at WR, why were we picked to have 3-5 wins preseason in the first place? ALL valid points! Again, not saying whether he should or shouldn't go. I just get the vibe that Wren is the patient type and there's enough here to convince him to justify saving the $$$ for another year. Side note, tangentially related: UTSA hasn't looked great the last couple weeks - at all. I wouldn't be surprised if UAB puts it on 'em, and either way I'm not ready to say we aren't at least competitive in that thing at Apogee. #GMG
  4. If your answer isn't win, log off, delete your account, and throw your phone in a river.
  5. We went to OT in the HoD bowl with a backup QB. Pretty darn competitive.
  6. In his time here, Fine threw to 3 NFL WRs and handed the ball to a NFL RB. We all love the guy, rightfully so, but that's a hell of a part to make a QB better, and we don't have that right now.
  7. This NT team hasn't quit. Credit where it's due,
  8. Bishop Gorman produces some baaaaaad dudes..... Adaway/Rasgdale/Johnson next year? HELLO.
  9. USM's defense looked worn the hell down at the end of that. Ragsdale walked in. Time to just flex our muscles in this one.
  10. While he absolutely looked in to me, Aune has to throw that if there's ANY doubt.
  11. Did not have us picking up a 1st and 30 on the bingo card.
  12. If Aune comes back out next series we have to assume there's absolutely nothing he can do to get pulled.
  13. There's no Aune to pile on, but let's not forget how awful this defense has been
  14. That may be the worst pass I have ever seen. (okay, edited because it was tipped. Still.)
  15. Eastside always has the game on, streaming or otherwise - i was there last Saturday to watch the Rice game - even if it's not a party. The TV sitch isn't perfect and there's no sound, but it's a blast watching with such a pro-NT crowd at a pro-NT place in the heart of little D.
  16. Yeah, and if you're not gonna deal with drama for a Briles type, you ain't dealing with it for a career .500 spare
  17. As great and beloved as Mason Fine was, he also threw to 3 NFL WRs and handed the ball to a NFL RB. I don't see that in this locker room.
  18. He beat his girlfriend so badly he put her in the hospital. I'm good on "gathering all the facts" regardless of if he's been a choirboy or not. See ya.
  19. The Murphy Twins need to have a seat for a bit. And Seth just got all the way in Aune’s ass.
  20. If Kason Martin is worse than this, why is he here in scholarship?
  21. Kinnick at Iowa is like that. It's insane how close to the field you are.
  22. If you wanna bring one win Houston Baptist to D1, you were more than welcome
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