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  1. Now 63-60 WSU with 6:11 reamining. WSU's QB has thrown for 556 yards and nine ... yes, NINE td's .. TONIGHT!
  2. Still 7:31 remaining .. 60-56 UCLA. It's basically a basketball game.
  3. Nah. Frank Wilson can stay at UTSA for as long as he wants. 🙂
  4. Are we in agreement that Mason looks injuried? Missed passes ... not showing a lot of arm strength.
  5. If anyone is having streaming issues, Chrome was awful for me. Firefox is doing a great job.
  6. I've NEVER had trouble streaming a game on facebook ... but tonight it's god damn awful.
  7. What are they supposed to say? If they say it isn't a rivalry then it's bulletin board material for the other team.
  8. Why? Their defense is solid, not great. Their offense is awful. They won't last long in the top 25.
  9. Great example of playing like crap and barely losing.
  10. ohmygod ... we are the dumbest team in America. How do you catch that punt when it's about to go into the end zone? UGH?!!
  11. Explain something to me. We have a Cal QB who can't throw but can run. Therefore, we decide to let him run and run and run. Who the heck came up with this awful defensive game plan?
  12. Offense ... defense ... special teams ... it's all awful. Are we at least getting a good pay check for this butt whipping?
  13. Link from the Sportsurge site where Redditt streams are moving to: http://haxaco-auto.biz/match/North-Texas-vs-California
  14. I have the Pac 12 network but it's not showing the game. Grrr!!!!
  15. A few years ago we had a preseason all conference corner back (I forgot the name) who came in cocky and was awful. He gave up big play after big play but they kept playing him until about mid season before they finally benched him.
  16. I'm not able to watch the game but that may be a a blessing. Apparently our defense decided not to show up tonight.
  17. Don't do it for me. I have no reason to go back to your site. Do it for your fans and those who donated to it.
  18. Thanks. Pics like this should be promoted on your website instead of those drawings.
  19. When people say we doubled up SMU last season they are being incredibly generous to SMU.
  20. Did SMU actually build one? The only pictures on the SMU Athletics website are from the drawings made before construction. The only pictures I found online were supposedly of the construction. You'd think if the facility was so nice it wouldn't be so hard to find pictures of it. Pics or it didn't happen.
  21. In the last Barbershop Podcast it was reported that BTG will not be on television but instead on the internet only. There are pluses and minuses to this but it means no commercial and no real time limit.
  22. It may be SMU's. They may be desperate to have better attendance numbers.
  23. I do agree that calling running plays for Mason isn't smart. He runs enough on his own so we don't need to add to his total.
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