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  1. Not only does this feel like a lost season but next year doesn't look great, either. We may be struggling for bowl eligibility for another season or more.
  2. FYI: If you have issues watching the game using Chrome, try another browser like Firefox. This year Facebook games are unwatchable for me using Chrome while Firefox is great.
  3. If he's looking to transfer, we'll have an opening at QB next year ...
  4. I finally saw the replay of the final few seconds. The biggest thing for me was the receiver running a very lazy route on that play. If he runs hard with a crisp cut he probably has an easy touchdown.
  5. Can't entirely blame the offense. The defense collapsed while special teams gave up two long kick returns.
  6. Oklahoma State and Washington State are two teams that are very similar: very good teams that make just enough mistakes to lose the big games.
  7. Sack ... fumble recovery by UCLA. Ball game.
  8. UCLA scores with 1:07 remaining ... 67-63 UCLA.
  9. WSU immediately fumbles the ball back to UCLA.
  10. UCLA passed up a chip shot FG to go for 4th and 5 .. and didn't make it. WSU still up by 3 with 2:38 remaining.
  11. Now 63-60 WSU with 6:11 reamining. WSU's QB has thrown for 556 yards and nine ... yes, NINE td's .. TONIGHT!
  12. Still 7:31 remaining .. 60-56 UCLA. It's basically a basketball game.
  13. Nah. Frank Wilson can stay at UTSA for as long as he wants. 🙂
  14. Are we in agreement that Mason looks injuried? Missed passes ... not showing a lot of arm strength.
  15. If anyone is having streaming issues, Chrome was awful for me. Firefox is doing a great job.
  16. I've NEVER had trouble streaming a game on facebook ... but tonight it's god damn awful.
  17. What are they supposed to say? If they say it isn't a rivalry then it's bulletin board material for the other team.
  18. No news would be good news.
  19. Why? Their defense is solid, not great. Their offense is awful. They won't last long in the top 25.
  20. Great example of playing like crap and barely losing.
  21. ohmygod ... we are the dumbest team in America. How do you catch that punt when it's about to go into the end zone? UGH?!!
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