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  1. I'm glad to enjoy the same birth date as Joe ... just 24 years later.
  2. I just read an entire article on ESPN and not once did they call us North Texas State. Shocking!
  3. Because they weren't rumors? If Seth was willing to take on the KState assistant coaches he may now be their coach.
  4. I appreciate the work you put into the site, Harry. Some other sites look like they haven't been updated in over a decade.
  5. Redzone channel just showed a Guyton catch.
  6. I remember watching UTA play various small colleges on TV from that stadium because it was the only game on tv. I believe UTA's head coach wore a cowboy hat?
  7. Watching the game it seemed like we had three nose tackles in the game. Hard to recruit defensive ends when they will have to be a 3T.
  8. This! It's one start against a much less talented team with some very questionable throws that would not have worked against better competition. He did look much better than any other time I've seen him but lets not put him in the UNT HoF just yet.
  9. I guess Bean has orders not to ever run the ball tonight.
  10. I just realized I HATE the low TV angle watching games at Apogee.
  11. I'm watching ESPN3. I logged in with m Youtube.tv account.
  12. Touchdown pass was great. The other passes all looked shaky.
  13. I was able to log into ESPN3 using my Youtube.TV login.
  14. No, until the investigation is completed. Maybe suspending him is a compromise.
  15. I don't understand the question. The second set of numbers is the correct answer. Why would anyone choose the first set?
  16. Gotta stink when your last name begins with a "B" and you still lose in alphabetical order.
  17. The sports department is no where near what it was at one time but that's the newspaper business these days. I have an online subscription because it was the only way to really follow local high school sports. Now that my daughter is no longer playing in this area I won't renew when it comes up again this year. Other than high school you can get just as good or better coverage from other sources.
  18. I don't care who wins the starting QB job, I just want someone who will be successful. I just know that what I saw from Bean last year was not good. Hopefully he's greatly improved if he's still challenging for the job.
  19. Hopefully the answer is: one of the quarterbacks.
  20. We're not the Pac-12, a power 5 not mentioned at all.
  21. This guy has been doing these types of videos before Scooter came around but they are both awesome.
  22. I don't think the "common knowledge" is as common as you think. I remember his first year he went with an assistant coach to Cyril Lemon's home to flip him. I don't know what he did recruiting at Iowa St and I only have that one example from his time at UNT. However, lots of college head coaches don't do much recruiting and leave it to the assistants to do the heavy lifting.
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