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  1. It's interesting the "E" was the first letter to go up. If this was the off season we could have a 10 page thread on why this letter was first and what letter should have gone up first.
  2. I'd give 1 testicle but not a finger or kidney. Losing a finger would kill me typing and giving up a kidney is like driving without a spare tire.
  3. I remember reading something about how the reliefs would be used on the area where Fouts Field was.
  4. A rivalry doesn't necessarily have to work both ways. Just about every team in the B12 considers Texas to be a rival but they only reciprocate to Oklahoma. SMU is a rival since most fans circle that on the calendar each year. UTSA is just another conference team and no more a rival than anyone else. Honestly, we have no real rival that goes both ways.
  5. Vito is an idiot. This entire quote is wrong. First, UTSA isn't a rival. UTSA doesn't get the fans riled up. The UTSA game isn't circled on the calendar when the schedule comes out. Many, including Vito, have tried to verbally strong arm the rest of us into calling it a rivalry when most fans just do not care. Rivalries are created over time which our history with UTSA doesn't have. Let me repeat ... UTSA IS NOT A RIVAL. It could develop into one but it isn't at this time. If you believe UTSA is our rival then understand that you are significantly in the minority.
  6. When the interviewer apologized Mason said to him "You're fine.". The announcer missed a great opportunity to reply, "No, you're Fine".
  7. Harry is always [insert stirring the pot emoji]. 😉
  8. I was watching a video with live coverage of the 1974 WFL World Bowl pregame and some of the game. They introduced the Florida Blazers defense which has North Texas safety Chuck Beatty starting. It was cool to come across him. 1974 World Bowl
  9. It would be funny if she was fired from our conference while chairing this committee.
  10. I won one of the tickets! I just received the following email: You were selected as a winner of the Buck Green Hot Deals Promotion. Only 102 fans were selected as winners in over the 1,000 submissions.You have won 1 free ticket to the UNT Football home opener game on August 31 against Abilene Christian.You will be emailed your free ticket next week, July 22 - 26. If you have any questions, please email Jamie.Adams@unt.eduThanks for signing up and thanks to the sun for making Apogee Stadium 102 degrees!
  11. A few years ago when I was living in Virginia someone this board bought a uniform from the Heart of Dallas Bowl and shipped it to me (I paid for the jersey and shipping, of course). I'd suggest working out something like that.
  12. Love it! Hilarious! I love the "Mason Fine for Heisman" tag at the end.
  13. We're going to keep depending on transfers to plug in the holes.
  14. He saw plenty of Fine while scouting Guyton.
  15. I agree. The offense should be noticeable different. More use of one and two tight ends and a quicker pass. In terms of formations and run/pass the offense we've run the past three years is very different from what Seth ran at UNC. Reeder's offense is much closer to Seth's than what Harrell was doing.
  16. Update: It's not completed. 🙂
  17. Also, I think #60 is too low of a ranking, imo.
  18. I'd say it was Harrell's offense. Seth seeds a lot of responsibility to his assistants. While Seth was involved in the offense, Harrell was doing most of the work. Seth's an air raid guy but he's not married to it. He offense uses the tight end more and runs much more than Leach ever did. He last offense at North Carolina ran more than they passed.
  19. Kerr Hall followed by several years in the ghetto west of campus in Cement City. Other than one guy getting is radio stolen from his car the first night and a near riot another time, it was fine.
  20. I voted for the diving eagle. The battle flag would be second for me but seems like it would look weird on the court. Honestly, I would have preferred a more creative look but the diving eagle is a solid choice.
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