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  1. Facebook does a better job than ESPN3 or ESPN+. I'm always glad to have a Facebook game.
  2. He is. I'm assuming he leaves after this season.
  3. Next season both teams will be breaking in new QB's.
  4. I just did a little research and you're probably right. Most likely this author is technically just outside of the millennial group. Perhaps we can just call it the "Self entitled and idiot" generation.
  5. I disagree with every point the author makes. What a knucklehead. He fits the definition of millennial. I already have a down vote. In fact, there are lots of down votes. I guess the author is visiting our site. 🙂
  6. There are a lot of old games, including that Oregon St game that would be awesome to watch again.
  7. I uploaded it to YouTube. It's a really short clip of Mason from the preseason press conference.
  8. Maybe that's why Guyton didn't have more success at UNT because of his route running. It would really help him to get on someone's practice squad and have a year to really focus on it.
  9. If he hadn't improved much in two seasons I don't he would have improved much with one more. I don't think the route running requirements for our offense (and just about every college offense) requires the preciseness that an NFL receiver needs.
  10. He has a shot at the practice squad. The knock on him is his route running ability. I don't think staying another year at UNT would have helped him much in that regard. Give him a year on the practice squard to work on his skills would be a big benefit to him.
  11. Their comments seem about right. Much like our comments about Abilene Christian.
  12. They produce some power but cannot produce nearly enough for the entire complex.
  13. North Texas chant with a Fine touchdown!
  14. Yeah but it's hard to take serious this claim because of the misspellings and claiming he himself was "clearly" a better candidate. If UH needs to receive a slap then ok but this knuckle head deserves nothing.
  15. How can that be the run of the day when this happend?
  16. Matthew Brune always has insightful articles going back to his time with the NT Daily.
  17. I like the idea of having players educated on how fundraising works and how it benefits the program but requiring players to pay is really strange. I wonder if that is even legal?
  18. 17 NFL teams ... that's over half. The other 15 should be around sometime during the season. Well, Cincinnati may be too cheap to send scouts unless they get a great deal on Southwest.
  19. Before last season I predicted Woodworth would break out and get drafted after he finished. He didn't exactly breakout but maybe this season.
  20. Turn your bass up all the way before starting the video to make your neighbors think there's a earthquake going on.
  21. Except we're much better than SMU and based on preseason rankings on par with Houston. There's no issue if someone thinks Houston is ahead of us but SMU? There's no way to justify that.
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