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  1. Rico is great but he's no Jason Pirtle. #88 for Heisman! 🙂
  2. Is this supposed to be a joke? There's a reason why he made so many tackles and it ain't good.
  3. In the post game press conference Littrell said it was a game time decision and it would be better if he took a week off. If this was a vital game I guess he would have played.
  4. This summer I found myself watching old NFL games on YouTube. Not even big games. I'd watch something like a random Rams-Colts game from 1971.
  5. I dunno about being the underdog. AState is not a great team and SMU was fortunate to leave with a close win.
  6. If they were padding Mason's stats they wouldn't be running it nearly every play. They aren't padding stats.
  7. SMU up 30-23 entering the 4th. AState dropped a probable touchdown in the first half and gave up a bad fumble at mid field to set up the last SMU score. These teams seem about even.
  8. I'm not too concerned about the defense. It's a high risk, high reward defense that will make big plays and give up some big plays. Loose focus for a second (like what happens when you're up by 40) and the offense can pop some big plays.
  9. Not anymore. AState scored a TD then SMU returned the kickoff for a touchdown ... but missed the extra point. AState up by 1.
  10. We should have had another play but I guess the refs decided enough was enough for one half.
  11. ESPN tv broadcast has us at 38 points. ESPN website has us at 37. Maybe I should check what the ESPN twitter account has us at.
  12. But I was looking forward to watching our two minute offense.
  13. Good think Kenworthy kicks off so he can be on the field during the game. 🙂
  14. Yep. That interception was on the receiver, not Fine.
  15. Running game is tough slogging. Should be able to run against their six man front.
  16. ACU's QB is better than anyone McCarney recruited.
  17. Working Fine for me. Pun intended.
  18. I wish we were playing Arkansas again this season.
  19. Arkansas' offense looks awful. Their defense looks really but Portland State is helping that by not picking up any blitz.
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