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  1. I've been heavily involved since the day I stepped on campus in 1985. I've given extensively, been a season ticket-suite holder for decades, and believe in everything Mean Green. What you have stated above is partially true. Some of it is a bs narrative put out by the athletic department that we cannot afford baseball. Bullshit. We can afford it, should have it and some of us that have been waiting patiently for decades are done waiting. The squeaky wheel is about to get real squeaky.
  2. Yes, I was a transfer on the 1985 team.
  3. Not the only way, but certainly one of the ways.
  4. The problem with this statement is that our athletic department isn't growing and improving. We haven't added programs in decades, and the only revenue producing sport that we can be proud of is Men's basketball. A lot of us would argue the basketball success has to do with tremendous coaching and very little to do with anything else.
  5. Exactly! It's time for the baseball people to get louder. Now is our time!
  6. I don't think the potential baseball supporters are as few as you believe.
  7. This is exactly correct. The majority of us that will fight for baseball in the coming months don't give a damn about other programs. Let the war begin!
  8. Screw you! Some of us will never shut up about baseball. As a matter of fact, there are some of us that are about to get A LOT louder. The AD's "wish list" is not more important than the stakeholders needs.
  9. BS. I know for a fact that the athletic department has been approached by significant donors that want to both give and raise money for a baseball program.
  10. My point exactly. That's why I think McCasland may indeed be in the SMU bag.
  11. Maybe. But seriously, you usually see a list out immediately. Three days in, and I can't find a list of potential replacements anywhere. Would make me feel better if one was out there. Something tells me that SMU has their guy, and that guy might be Grant.
  12. Has anyone been able to find a list of potential SMU candidates? It's unusual not to see lists out almost immediately. I'm not convinced that SMU is still not trying to convince Grant to be their next coach.
  13. I can't believe that Joe Golding would be one of the WOW candidates mentioned earlier.
  14. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most reliable, how do you rate your sources?
  15. Actually, his info has been pretty accurate over the past few months. Doesn't seem trollish to me.
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