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  1. More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    What's a zero or two among friends! 120,000 is a bit closer. Sorry for the error!!
  2. More on the Mean Green Athletics Fee

    After running non--profit organizations for almost twenty years, I have learned that the best way to get people to buy into a program is to tell them how they will benefit from making a donation. If I were to receive a solicitation with the heading: "Building Champions , Preparing Leaders", the first thing I would ask myself is, "let's see, we have about 250 student athletes and an athletic budget of 30 million. Gosh, we are spending over 100k per student and they still want more?" Unless this increase can be sold as a benefit to the students, I suspect the UNT vote will meet the same fate as that of UTSA.
  3. UNT Grammy wins

    Yes, I understand the acceptance rate is now about 15%.
  4. Three Grammy wins last night for UNT COM alumni out of ten nominations bringing the total to 112 UNT Grammy's. Pretty impressive stuff!
  5. 2018 Football schedule

    Two games, Liberty and ODU, within driving distance. Hot dog!!
  6. NTSU and the SWC

    It is an interesting exercise thinking about what could have been. A few remembrances... Texas is a football state and while we never set the MVC on fire, it was obvious that our campus' attention was on basketball. Many believed in those days that the Valley was the best overall conference in the nation. You could not get a seat in the Pit unless you came early. I am sorry that most of you never had a chance to see a game there as the atmosphere was unbelievable. When the MVC imploded, four of our former conference mates, Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, and St Louis, went on to form the Metro conference along with two others. It was basketball only and I understand it was an attempt to form a super conference, without the weak links of the Valley such as us, Drake, West Texas, NMSU, Bradley, etc. They also wanted a metropolitan footprint, hence the name. I have no idea if we were extended an invitation to join or not but my guess was that we were not. I am not certain we were left with any alternative than to go independent in all sports. As has been said many times, Fry is a world class raconteur. One such tale is that Roy Orbison was a student of his at Odessa High School! Fry and Orbison were in Odessa at the same time but Orbison had already been a student at NTSC before moving to Odessa!
  7. College Gameday N.O Bowl predictions

    Corso never has anything good to say about North Texas. When he was coach at Louisville, we used to whip them like a red-headed step child!
  8. Yes, I would give anything to have a degree from Boise St or Troy!
  9. Should We Renegotiate Wren’s Contract?

    Only if he comes to our next football game.
  10. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    Until the Sun Belt bowl run came along, we could almost say the same. Our only major bowl appearance was in 1959 against none other than NMSU.
  11. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    Let's just hope they don't end up at SMU. http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1855948_1864014_1864023,00.html
  12. Red White and Blue Helmets for the Army Game

    I posted my objections when a tweet showed several of our players dressed in flags. I know everyone does this now but there is a U.S. Code which addresses this. Do other teams alter their uniforms to reflect a patriotic theme when they play a service academy? I must admit the only time I was ashamed of our university was when one of our players mocked the cadets by saluting them after a big play at the game at West Point. I hope we offered them a formal apology.
  13. Eureka, I found it!

    Without the benefit of Google, who is Eureka College's most famous alumni?