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  1. Should We Renegotiate Wren’s Contract?

    Only if he comes to our next football game.
  2. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    Until the Sun Belt bowl run came along, we could almost say the same. Our only major bowl appearance was in 1959 against none other than NMSU.
  3. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    Let's just hope they don't end up at SMU. http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1855948_1864014_1864023,00.html
  4. Red White and Blue Helmets for the Army Game

    I posted my objections when a tweet showed several of our players dressed in flags. I know everyone does this now but there is a U.S. Code which addresses this. Do other teams alter their uniforms to reflect a patriotic theme when they play a service academy? I must admit the only time I was ashamed of our university was when one of our players mocked the cadets by saluting them after a big play at the game at West Point. I hope we offered them a formal apology.
  5. Eureka, I found it!

    Without the benefit of Google, who is Eureka College's most famous alumni?
  6. Homecoming as it was

    Plumm started a thread a few weeks ago asking for some old timers to share some stories about UNT aka NTSU aka NTSC aka NTSTC etc etc, As a coincidence, a classmate sent to me a link to a video of homecoming circa 1971 which also happened to be my freshman year. In those days, the parade started things off at about 10am. Then, there were the various department get-togethers. Kickoff was about 2pm. In the evening, there was always a grand concert by the NTSU Symphony which featured some sort of b-list entertainer. There is unfortunately no sound but I am happy to provide a running commentary: .01 We begin by showing off the effectiveness of a NTSU education. EX'S is spelt as a singular possessive rather than the correct plural EXES. This is followed by shots of random looking 70's people. .17 President C.C. "Jitter" Nolen working the crowd. He had the best sideburns in school history. Trivia: Nolen was the only North Texas president in modern times not to have an earned doctorate. He was brought in from UT to improve our funding situation. More Trivia: In those days, there was a president's mansion on Ave E which was rather grand. .30 Jitter working the girls. We have Miss America, Phyllis George, Miss Texas, and Miss Denton, all North Texas graduates. Trivia: Every student knew Phyllis George's father. He was the security officer at the library whose job it was to make sure you were not stealing any books! .41 The parade begins. Here we have the 120 member strong (Maurice McAdow) Eagle Band so beloved by Silver Eagle. Unlike the corps marching style practiced today, we are actually showing some signs of life. We learned a new show for each game, even on those rare back-to-back home games. I get a chuckle about the excuses of not wearing uniforms. To have not worn a uniform would have been unheard of. We had heavy wool pants and coats and then a wool "overlay" which went over the coat. As if that was not enough, the overlay was also two layers. One side had the NTS logo you see here and the other side had an outline of Texas with a star in the location of Denton. Trivia: In those days, the head man directed both the marching band and the concert band which was not convened until the spring semester. You could see future musicians of the orchestras of San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Ft Worth, North Carolina, department chairs and faculty of TCU, MTSU, Arkansas St., NLU, CUNY, etc etc. Plus I will immodestly add, the director of an opera company in NYC. .59 We have here Phyllis George telling Jitter Nolan to get in his car so we can get the parade moving. This is followed by her court. Big hair everywhere. 1:37 My favorite, a rather sad float depicting Texas Stadium, our new "home" field. Even in those days, we just knew next year was going to be the year! #NTSUANewDawn #NewDenton Trivia: Contrary to popular belief, we did not play the first game in history at Texas Stadium as it was not ready for our opening game with BYU. We ended up playing that in the Cotton Bowl. 1:44 I have no idea who this woman is (Maybe Mrs. Jitter?) but obviously, the photographer had the hots for her. One thing for certain, she definitely inspired Hyden Fry's choice of our new green. 2:00 Another favorite, two students riding in a bathtub. Streaking was at its apex at that time, what fun for all! 2:13 Mean Green and Clean . "Hey guys, I have an idea for our float, let's put some garbage cans in a U Haul trailer! All in favor, vote eye. all opposed, vote nay. The motion carries." What fond memories. It was a great time to be a student at NTSU.
  7. Traveling to Ruston for the first time.

    That will bring them to Ruston every time. Hard to beat that batter dipped fish washed down with an iced tea.
  8. Attendance

    Poor attendance is certainly not unique to us but perhaps a sign of the times. If you look at the announced attendance of almost any G5 game, with a few exceptions such as BYU and the service academies, it starts at about 20K and below. The MAC schools are lucky to see 10K.
  9. How old is GMG.com?

    If you want to know how old gmg.com is, I found it in 1995. Maybe it has been around for a little longer but those were the very early years of the internet, as invented by VP Gore.
  10. Abner Haynes Presentation

    Really nice. Congratulations, sir.
  11. FBI make arrests

    Quite right! I suspect more are coming very soon. Wonder why Louisville was not included in this initial round-up?
  12. FBI make arrests

    Shocked, shocked, I tell ya
  13. Lee Corso Super Dog

    Corso has always had an axe to grind against us. When we were in the MVC, we usually beat Corso's Louisville teams and he has not forgotten that.