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  1. letsgiveacheer


    Yes indeed there was. Wasn't there a feature article about Dodge coming to North Texas in SI or USA Today?
  2. If we were really serious about these traditions, we would make freshmen wear beanie caps.
  3. Texas A&M has been dunking rings for many years. To your comment about Academy rings, in the Air Force, we had a nickname for Academy grads; "ringknockers". At meetings, they would gently knock their rings on the table to let others know they were Academy grads, not low-life ROTC or OTS officers!
  4. Ikey, Mikey, Jakey, Sam We’re the boys that eat no ham, We play baseball, we play soccer, We keep matzos in our lockers Aye, Yiye, Yiye, Yiye Yeshiva!
  5. Joking aside, Lynchburg is a nice looking town on the James River. History buffs in particular will enjoy coming to both Virginia games. Near Lynchburg are Appomattox, Lexington, the D-Day Memorial and more. But I have to agree, the airfare to LYH is killer. You might as well go to Paris for that kind of money!
  6. As a Durham resident, I am delighted two games will be played in Virginia next season. You can be sure I'll be at both. However I am disappointed as anyone about losing the Army series. There is no better place on earth to watch college ball than West Point on a crisp, fall day. But we should not despair, great restaurants abound in Lynchburg. I hear McDonalds has a new cooked to order quarter pounder that I can't wait to try! As far as the chippy play of Army and the other academies, it goes back a long way. http://afteraction.militarytimes.com/2009/11/24/service-academy-football-teams-play-dirty/ Given the size and academic restrictions those guys face, I wonder if they should even be playing FBS football?
  7. letsgiveacheer

    Marcus Davenport goes 14th in !st Round

    He should strongly reconsider his move to NO. His home will be at risk to to water damage!
  8. letsgiveacheer

    ODU new stadium info

    You are right. I'm going to spread the word by contacting the Navy today and tell them the thousands of sailors that live in Norfolk should move inland immediately.
  9. letsgiveacheer

    ODU new stadium info

    Speaking for Norfolk only, it is not a matter of choice. Founders in the 1600's settled near the water to have access to the port and fishing and it grew from there. When you visit Norfolk, you will see everyone is close to water without exception. We have the Chesapeake Bay, two major rivers, and numerous tributaries transversing the city. Finally, due to the age and density of Norfolk, if you want to build something new, it means tearing down an existing structure. There are literally no vacant lots of significance and if they are, you can be sure something stood there earlier.
  10. letsgiveacheer

    ODU new stadium info

    Yes, I remember most of those hurricanes from 1953 onwards (!) and we always took a beating from them but it is the addition of the tidal flooding we are seeing now. This did not happen when I was a child there.
  11. letsgiveacheer

    ODU new stadium info

    It's about 5 to 7 feet in most places in the city. Norfolk is surrounded by water, primarily the Chesapeake Bay and the Elizabeth River so combine the low elevation with the rising water and we have a big problem on our hands. Returning to the proposed stadium, another problem faced by ODU is the high density of the city. There is nowhere to go unless you exercise Eminent Domain and you can only imagine how popular that can be. Basically, they are stuck with the existing stadium and can only improve upon that.
  12. letsgiveacheer

    ODU new stadium info

    A Norfolk native here. Yes, the flooding of Norfolk is a very real problem for not only ODU but for the entire city. Just google "Norfolk Floods" and you will see what I mean. I am fortunate to own three beach front properties and worry how long it will be before the bay closes in.
  13. letsgiveacheer

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    If Mercer wins, great news for all. it is hard to beat a Nu-way weiner... the pride of Macon. https://nu-wayweiners.com/
  14. letsgiveacheer

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    A great game. Congratulations!
  15. letsgiveacheer

    ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    I can't address the AAC question, but Virginia law limits the amount of student fees that can be used for athletic programs. Until ODU moved to FBS, the entire state had only two schools in that division, UVa and VaTech. They are limited to 20%. ODU was given ten years to reach a maximum of 55% student fees. Right now, they are at about 75% IIRC.