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  1. AustinFromUNT

    Contract Updates?

    I know a while back it was being discussed that SL, WB, & NS were all negotiating new contracts. Does anyone know how this turned out or how it is currently going? @Brett Vito
  2. His composite score is .8178. .7965 begins 3*
  3. AustinFromUNT

    Big day ahead!!!!

    Is the other guy a 3*?
  4. Don’t be surprised to see that rating come down to around .79 or .80 I think it’s a mistake on 247’s side as another lineman we offered has the exact same rating & they were given those ratings at the same time. With that being said, I do like his tape, size, & that we beat Louisiana.
  5. We didn’t make his top 6.
  6. He is now officially removed from our 2019 commits on 247.
  7. AustinFromUNT

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    Texas Tech Rivals Writeup: he was getting interest from some HUGE football names.
  8. AustinFromUNT

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    Oh & he also had an offer from FCS McNeese
  9. AustinFromUNT

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    I was tweeting with the UTSA Rivals guy, and he said there is a pretty decent chance rivals will rate him a 3* or at the very least just barely below that.
  10. AustinFromUNT

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    Very nice pickup. Was Tech his only other offer, or does he have more that weren’t listed?
  11. AustinFromUNT

    Recruiting Prediction

    Is that other offer Iowa State 👀👀👀
  12. AustinFromUNT

    Recruiting Prediction

    Ahhhhhh... will update this thread then after class today lol.
  13. AustinFromUNT

    Recruiting Prediction

    Can you tell us what side of the ball this guy plays on 🤔
  14. AustinFromUNT

    Cross Year Recruiting At This Time

    Very true. When we hired SL we kind of knew he wasn’t really a recruiting guy. It has taken him some time, but it seems like his recruiting is improving. If we can at least make it to a bowl game the next 2 years, I think we could have a top 60 nationally class.