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  1. Famed UNT Alum & TAMU writer Ben Baby.
  2. You should put in an application. An alum that is also a young relatable coach seems like the direction we should go.
  3. Part of Our Problem

    Totally possible he meant the degree. If so though, why say 10 years and not 40 years? 10 years seems much more likely to be NFL than a non-football professional career.
  4. Part of Our Problem

    I like Craig & Zach, but neither was drafted. And the chance of an UFA making a NFL roster is fairly low.
  5. Part of Our Problem

    We recently had a player commit and then decommit 2 days later. If you read into this tweet he is basically saying going to UNT doesn’t give him a chance to make it to the NFL. The last time we had a player drafted was 2003 (2004?) that’s 15 YEARS ago. I love UNT, but can you really blame a guy for not coming here when we can’t get anybody drafted? We don’t have much of a chance of getting someone drafted this year. Jeff would have had a chance if he hadn’t been injured pretty much every year. Kishawn McClain saw a huge drop off in production this year. Trevor Moore is consistent, but it’s rare for kickers to get drafted (could be a good UFA). We don’t really have anyone next year with a good draft stock. Our best chance of getting someone drafted is if Mason Fine can put up 4500-5500 yards with at least a 2.5:1 TD:INT ratio for the next 2 seasons. I love this school, but we can’t be surprised when we lose kids when we can’t get anyone drafted.
  6. '19 QB Will Kuehne (Liberty Christian)

    Picked up an offer from Maryland
  7. Giovanni Vizza - UTSA

  8. Holy $#It huge commit for North Texas

    6’3 235 sign me up. #NewDenton
  9. Looks like Steve Bannon is spilling the beans on what he saw while in the White House. Trump seems quite furious. This should be entertaining.
  10. Sorry to hear about your mother @SilverEagle. Alzheimer’s is such a complicated disease because there is no one known cause, but rather a list of associated deficiencies. The prime suspect is the loss of cholinergic synapses to the hippocampus. I have hope that we’ll make some progress on curing it in the next 25 years.
  11. Home Opener Against SMU

    Next season we open up against SMU @ home on 9/1/18. We all knew Courtland Sutton would be gone to the draft after we played them this season. The next development happened a couple weeks ago when Chad Morris left SMU to be the HC @ Arkansas. A lot of the SMU players wanted interim HC Traylor to be the new HC. Administration went against that and chose to hire TCU analyst and former Cal HC Sonny Dykes. In their bowl game, they were absolutely slaughtered by LA Tech. Then yesterday, @Brett Vito posted about SMU’s #2 WR Trey Quinn declaring for the draft. So next year SMU will have a different HC & be without their top 2 receivers from this season who did almost all of the work. I like our odds with a junior Mason Fine.
  12. We were 8-22 last year. We’re now 8-6. That seems like a pretty nice improvement so far.
  13. He’s 6’8, 280. Imagine 6’9 333 Murray on the other end. Our OL would be massive.
  14. HOD BOWL

    Well Morgantown is 18 hours away and Salt LaKe City is 19 hours away so what did they expect?
  15. '18 RB Devonte Lee (John Marshall - OKC)

    Signed with Nevada