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  1. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    Hot Take: In the world of college football today, unless you’re in the SEC, defense doesn’t need to be good. It just has to be serviceable enough that you can outscore the other offense. Some of you may prefer a different play style (a la Danny Mac with his “pro style” approach) but I honestly prefer just run up the score and see who ends up with the most points.
  2. Old Dominion

    ESPN is showing us as an 11 Point favorite.
  3. '18 RB Anthony Johnson (Magnolia)

    Think we’ll Go after another RB or use that scholarship for a different position?
  4. Littrell post game FAU

    Yep, I thought we would win this. However, we weren’t able to deal with the emotional high of beating our rival the previous week and prepare properly. UNT is due a bad game every year: vs Portland State in 2015 ,@ UTEP in 2016, and @ FAU in 2017. The game is over now though. All we can do is continue to support the guys. SL & the coaching staff need to look back and see what the problem was and what the best way to fix it is. Do you truly believe a defensive assistant could do better than Reff? Also, what message does that send to the defense?
  5. Jeffery Wilson

    I think they kept Fine in for the game experience. He is a true sophomore. Every play he is in is more film he gets to watch of himself. He’s our future QB (Next 2 years at least), so you should at least salvage something out of this game.
  6. Littrell post game FAU

    I would just like to point out a few things here: We still have guys on this team who went through a 4-8 & a 1-11 season. We still have guys here who went through the 66-7 Portland State blowout. The guys who didn’t go through that are sophomores and freshmen (underclassmen). So when half of your team went 5-19 and the other half are underclassmen it’s inevitable that a game like this will happen. Does that excuse a loss like this? It absolutely does not, but it does explain it. This team is still young and this coaching staff is still new. At the beginning of the season most people were predicting 6-6 and a lot of people were predicting a regression. After the SMU game the sky was falling and North Texas wasn’t going to win another game this season. Loses like this hurt because we’be SEEN how good these guys can play. Do any of you legitimately believe we are and bad as we played? Also, for those saying fire Reffett who do you think you’re going to hire half way through the season. These guys are already set in Reffett’s scheme. IF SL decides to make a DC change it will be after the season is over. So, in conclusion, every take a deep breath, drink a beer, and chill out.
  7. '18 RB Anthony Johnson (Magnolia)

    @TheReal_jayD can you confirm?
  8. Old Dominion

    I hate losing. Especially the fashion we lost in. It sucks. BUT, I realize that every team can have a bad game. This is the best UNT team I’ve seen. I’m not going to throw away the entire season because we have one bad game. If that were true then Michigan would have won the B1G last year instead of Penn State.
  9. Old Dominion

    Honestly if you hate this program so much why do you stay here? Also: If your time is so valuable then why are you wasting it posting on a fan board?
  10. '18 RB Anthony Johnson (Magnolia)

    It’s his twitter account.
  11. '18 RB Anthony Johnson (Magnolia)

    Did anyone else notice this? “Undecided 2018 RB”
  12. Humble Pie For All

    I said at the beginning of the regular season we would go 8-5. I just figured the third loss would be to USM rather than FAU. I still see us either losing to Army & LA Tech or Army or LA Tech and lose our bowl game.
  13. Remaining Schedule

    Honestly the board isn’t in the full meltdown mode I figured it would be right now. That’s great. We’re learning that bad games happen. You take the L, you learn from it, and you move on. Here is the remainder of our schedule which is very winnable. We have tie breakers against USM & UAB. We just can’t afford another game like we had tonight. VS ODU (2-5) @ LA Tech (3-3) Vs UTEP (0-7) - Homecoming VS Army (6-2) - Most likely remaining loss @ Rice (1-5)
  14. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Is anyone else nucking fervous about this game???