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  1. 2018 March Madness Thread

    Loyola with a crazy last second win over Miami!!!!!!
  2. “Lawrence is one of the best possession men in the country. Of the 92 FBS players targeted at least 85 times last year, his plus-24.5 percent marginal efficiency was the best.” Amazing!
  3. Wren Baker on Money Games

    Sounds like the end of money games is in our very near future.
  4. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    Well, I got him to reply haha
  5. Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    This is from 3 days ago.
  6. Students? Students? Anyone?

    I am currently a junior so here is my honest perspective: Freshman Year: I was really excited to watch basketball after football had been really disappointing. My first game I went to we got blown out by 30ish points and became really discouraged. I went to about 35-40% of the games that season and was consistently disappointed. Sophomore Year: BAD! I went to maybe 50% of the games, even though it was absolutely terrible. I was just so upset that we would lose every game that I was like what’s the point. Junior Year (This Year): We hired McCasland so I was really optimistic. We lost some games that we really shouldn’t have but I was still excited. I’ve been to about 65% of the home games this season, usually sitting in different places. Realisitcally, we need to be a good team in order to get more students to show up. I’m on the board, so I obviously care about UNT sports and even I can only bring myself to about 65-75% of the games. BTW: I haven’t missed a single home football game in 3 seasons, so I really do care.
  7. Another school shooting

    We have to do better than this. I’m not anti-gun. I am pro control.
  8. Place your bets

    I’ve had a change of heart through out the day. I think this will pass 55-45. Yes
  9. Place your bets

    I REALLY want it to pass, but I also REALLY think it won’t. I’m thinking it fails 63-37
  10. DRC: UNT students set to vote on fee for second time

    This is the 3rd thread this week about raising the fee. The first 2 were deleted because they got SO MANY negative comments.
  11. DRC: UNT students set to vote on fee for second time

    This is from the UNT subreddit and seems to be the opinion of a lot of students I have talked to.
  12. I think we really need to sell the fact that voting yes means an additional $100,000 for clubs and organizations.
  13. How I View Recruiting

    To me, Recruiting is a 2 part process. The first part is actually getting athletes. These athletes have a natural ability range. This to me, is what is shown on recruiting sites such as 247. This basically says that a 3* has a greater natural window of ability than a 2*, though obviously the system isn’t perfect. The 2nd part is how well the coaches can actually “coach” the kids. This is basically the efficiency and ability of coaches to help that kid land towards the top of his natural ability range. For Example: Say a school picks up a 2* DB with a 247 composite rating of .7900. The way I evaluate how this kid will turn out is divide that number in half. Then I look at the coaching staff for the DC & the position coach and assign them a training/coaching rating. Let’s say the DB coach has produced a couple of all conference (whether 1st or 2nd team) DBs in a couple years here, but the DC has been lackluster. I would give that staff a rating of .8300. I then divide that number in half. I take the 2 halfed numbers and add them together. That means, the athlete would likely end up around the .8100 range (a 3* rating). Another Example: .8100 Recruit, .7800 staff = .7950 rating, borderline 3* player. This isn’t to say that Recruiting can’t be better, because obviously I want it to. I would love for us to have a class of all 3 & 4 star players. I do realize though, that when we hired a coach we hired an Xs & Os not a Jimmies & Joes guy. This all goes to say that while our class rating may be lower than other schools, when you consider what the coaches can do with the talent we have, we would probably be in the top 4 for our conference for making gains as a team.
  14. If you take out the blueshirt kids, this class averages a rating of .8011. That’s good for a 3* ranking. That only puts us in 8th for average though, whereas last year that would have been 5th and 2 years ago that would have been 4th. So our recruiting is without a doubt improving, but C-USA as a whole is also improving its recruiting.