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  1. FAU Has Suspended QB Chris Robinson

    This is the same kid that was kicked off the team at OU right?
  2. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    Good to know what some Yankee in Michigan says
  3. DRC: Monday practice notes, observations

    Me too and If I'm wrong I will be handing you beers with a sad face
  4. DRC: Monday practice notes, observations

    Any way I can jump in on this action? Im with @MeanGreenTexan, English plays this year and often. I'll bet you a sixer
  5. Not Really. You get in early in hopes to get a foot hole. Kids pretty good and played for the US team that played at Cowboys stadium and Named Freshman All American by Max Preps
  6. DRC: First day of spring practice news, notes

    Yes, and it could just be something to keep his hand warm or something but it looks relatively bulky like a protective guard
  7. DRC: First day of spring practice news, notes

    I was watching The UNT football Instagram story and it looked like Mason fine has a wrist brace on. Anyone else see that? @Brett Vito Its blurry I know, I took a screen shot of the video
  8. Spring Game on a Friday Night

    I was talking to a one of the main guys up there and he said they were receiving a bunch of push back because it was scheduled for Good Friday. I for one, loved the idea of it on Friday because spring sports have started and Saturday mornings make it hard for folks (with kids) to come out. I was looking forward to leaving work early and tailgating but I guess that all changed due to a potential move to 3/24
  9. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Mason Fine is still at 180, I would of thought he would of packed on at least a couple pounds. I was hoping for at least 10 pounds of muscle but it is just Feb so he has a long summer ahead of him. I know we dont want him to be portly and lose his agility but a little more beef wouldnt hurt
  10. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Are you surprised about the turn out? I mentioned it in the "Place your Bets" Forum about the potential turn out. It starts early in life and goes until you die. People for some reason dont go and vote. Out of the kids that didnt vote and were opposed to the bill, they will piss and moan about the fee going up. Just watch, happens with whatever election takes place. If you didnt go out and vote, you have no right to bitch IMO
  11. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    Im wondering how much both these elections have cost the School? Maybe its not that much, I dont know. I know its all online but they have to pay someone to set all that up and then go through the results. Did I read a previous post that a third party goes over the results? It also angers me that the Athletic Dept basically threw away money (OUR Money) on their marketing due to this BS. It's not the Ath Dept fault, its the schools fault for allowing this BS. Which ever way the vote went, the school needs to step in and say "This is the result and this is how its going to be". IF we lose students due to the raise in tuition, then so be it, A kid that didnt get in, now has a chance to achieve his educational dream.
  12. Place your bets

    I chatted with a guy from ATH Dept (Player to be named) and Said Person says, they are feeling good about the vote. So with @AustinFromUNT with his finger on the pulse and PTBN I feel real positive about the outcome today.
  13. Place your bets

    LOL, Did that work with your Prom Date in High School?
  14. Place your bets

    That’s why I think it might help for it to pass because the people that would normally vote no don’t know or are too busy watching clouds and talking about Plato. Of course it could go the other way too
  15. Place your bets

    I’m digging your vibe Austin. I feel you have a feel for what’s happening on campus.