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  1. Perfect at home!!

    I unfortunately didn’t get to go to the game and the BEIN sports app wasn’t working so I couldn’t stream the game so i listened to Hank on the radio. I asked my dad if the attendance was better than Homecoming and he said no. Did it seem like there were more people there?
  2. Rice Game Question

    You know what’s better than 8 wins? 9 wins!!
  3. Student tickets

  4. Don't Want To Spill The Beans, But Look Here

    My wife’s finna get an ear full for making me miss this game on top of what she’s already getting
  5. Commits: Week 12 Playoffs First Round

    Well, He will be here this weekend for the game. Nothing Rehab and knee brace wont fix
  6. Rico Bussey Jr.

    When I️ read the topic line, I️ was like....”Oh Shit! Please don’t be in jail or injured” LOL I pronounce it like the actors name
  7. Commits: Week 12 Playoffs First Round

    Damn it! I️ hate to hear that. Do you know how bad?
  8. Texas A&M prepared to pursue Jimbo Fisher

    Dont they have to fire Sumlin first?
  9. Do you think they will get their deposit back?
  10. In Game Music - Idea!!!

    Ray Wylie Hubbard "Screw You, We're From Texas" "Snake Farm"
  11. Lane Kiffin

    Do we know if this was actually a congratulatory tweet or more of a back handed complement. He's such a douche canoe, I dont believe anything he says. You know he wanted to put awesome job in quotations.
  12. You have to be able to coach those 3 star players though. The scarier thing is that SL's last couple classes havent ranked very high but he knows how to coach em up and has gotten them to a CUSA Championship game. Mr 2* Mason Fine will be the programs leading QB in TD's and Yards unless something goes terribly wrong. Bunch of others have made a huge impact in their SO year.
  13. Rice Hotel

    Im driving in from the small town of BUNA that morning but I will be driving back to Denton after the game.
  14. '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    If the kids a player like his tape shows, then he will find a way on the field.
  15. Homecoming Proposal

    OL Lawrence Pritchett gonna tie the knot. Congrats Man!! At first I just thought you were just a bad dancer