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  1. Withers940

    Do We Have The Coolest Prez In C-USA Or What?

    He definitely is the best I've experienced Had a funny run in with him at a Denton Chamber of Commerce function. I have talked to the Prez on a number of occasions but this one time, I was standing in the bar area (DUH) he was making his way through the room meeting and greeting people and then he came up to me and said "Hi Jeff" and I was completely blown away. I thought to myself, a man of his caliber and knowing so many people, he remembered my name. I was blown away! After our conversation ended, he continued working the room and then I looked down and realized that I had a name tag on....................
  2. Withers940

    How Many Yards for Mason Fine?

    If he lands anywhere between what he did last year and 4,500, We'd be...............
  3. Withers940

    COACH - produced by Dabney Coleman

    This is pretty awesome. I sent this out to like 20 folks. Was it just me or was the volume bad? I had to crank it up to 90
  4. Guyton stays healthy and doesnt get phased out by the Defense, He's gonna set records
  5. Withers940

    Midday fun with an SMU ticket agent

    Got the same call......When he went through his hole pitch, I laughingly told him I was a UNT Alumni and I had no interests
  6. Withers940

    Mason Fine QB Locust Grove OK - SIGNED LOI

    I just want to point out that I was excited about it..........Just saying
  7. Withers940

    Recruiting Update 6/30

    Yes but is this who @TheReal_jayD was referring too???
  8. Withers940

    Arkansas game seating

    I wouldnt sit in enemy territory if I were you. My in-laws are all Razorback fans and have been to a couple games at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock and they are rowdy individuals. You think UTSA fans are bad, UA fans make UTSA fans look like choir boys.