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  1. Is Chop Shop McKinney kid-friendly? Got a 5 year old who wants to wear her Mean Green cheerleading outfit and cheer on the Mean Green.
  2. Are there ever any watch parties in/near The Colony? Been trying to figure out if there is anything close to my house. Would love to find a place to watch games with fellow UNT alums.
  3. Taking the family to our first game today. Can anyone tell me about the parking situation? Where to park/cost/tips/etc? Thanks in advance! GMG!
  4. I just randomly remembered Dajon Williams. I remembered that I thought/hoped he would be a good QB for UNT and then I remembered a strange transfer. To the best of my memory, the details were never made public. I did a quick google search and didn't see anything about him catching on anywhere else. Does anyone know whatever happened to him? Why did he leave? Did he ever play anywhere else? Thanks in advance! GMG!
  5. Beautiful! Thank you, Andy. I appreciate it.
  6. Hahaha! I really appreciate all of this info and your help. Thanks a lot, Philip!
  7. Do you know if the adults are still able to drink beer in the Family Zone sections? (Taking a big group)
  8. Thank you very much, Philip! I appreciate the info!
  9. Hello all. Going to be taking my 2 year old daughter to her first UNT football game this season. Curious if y'all could provide me with some answers that I can't seem to find on the UNT website. Do 2 year olds require a ticket purchase? Has anyone sat in the Family Zone? What does the Family Zone entail? Where is the section located? Is alcohol allowed in the Family Zone? Thank you in advance for your help! Go Mean Green!
  10. Anyone know of any watching parties in the North Dallas area? I'm in Farmers Branch.
  11. I know similar threads have been posted lately, but two days ago, I came across an old Facebook status of mine that helped put things in perspective for me. First off, let me say that I am disappointed in our 2 losses. Both games were very winnable and we let big leads slip away in both. It's very frustrating as a fan. No denying that. However, my Facebook post from 2016 was a grateful post for UNT being 4-3 on the season after having gone 1-11 the previous year. I was so happy with being 4-3. Now, two years later, I felt (and think we all feel) so disappointed at being 6-2 after eight games. In two short years, we have had that much of a shift in mentality. That says an awful lot about this program. I've never been more proud to be a UNT fan and alum. Yes, it sucks that we will not play for the conference championship. It sucks that we likely won't get a great bowl match-up. But this program is still absolutely headed in the right direction. And with a great signing class for next season, I don't think there is any reason not to be excited and proud to be part of the Mean Green family. Just thought I would share that. Seeing that old Facebook post in my memories was the kick in the tail I needed for a little perspective on my expectations. GO MEAN GREEN!!!
  12. I appreciate the info/responses. This is the first year I've actually felt like top 25 was within the realm of possibility. The top 25 has never mattered to me because I knew my team was never a possibility. For that reason, I've never paid much attention to it. Thank y'all for your insights/knowledge.
  13. Sorry? First time I've posted on the subject an was merely inquiring.
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