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  1. Reality of this season?

    Even being the pessimist I am, I don't see UNT losing any of the close match-ups it won in 2017. Next year we'll have the same culture and spirit we had this year plus more experienced players PLUS new, highly touted players. And, if we're lucky, a fully in-tact coaching staff. We'll win 9 again next season, and probably in more compelling a fashion.
  2. Fine 1st Team All-Conference QB!

    I don't recall having this many players make the conference teams last season... #understatement
  3. Now we're ready

    Lmfao, thank you for all THREE FAU logos...
  4. Mean Green Slated To Host Cougars In 2019, Travel To Houston In 2020 http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/113017aaa.html
  5. Respect my authoritile

    I got the impression that was the joke...was it not?
  6. Respect my authoritile

    So...whose respect?
  7. UNT FB MVP of 2017 Season?

    Agreed. Wanted to go with Moore because he has ice in his veins and has won us countless games, but they were games we wouldn't have even been in without Fine.
  8. We need a new PA announcer

    I also liked when they asked for all vets or currently enlisted folks to stand and be recognized. No love for someone currently commissioned, I guess...haha
  9. Season Attendance

    Thanks! I searched but couldn't find the answer.
  10. Season Attendance

    Do you know how many there were last night?
  11. Wilson in a boot on the sideline

    I'm officially onboard with everyone who has hated the Army series. Part of it is just the fact that we're deep in the season, but damn...