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  1. I sooo hope the next one is it. This one was horrific.
  2. Is there ANYTHING positive out of this outcome? 2 steps backward... at best?
  3. This crap is worse than Portland St. CAN THE DC!!, and maybe SL
  4. We need to donate a Big Green Egg to these guys.
  5. We will have a small group at Canton 1st Monday Trade Days in booths 322-325 in Arbors 3 on my IPhone(could not get away on a busy Dec. Saturday)
  6. Happy to hear this. Lots of prayers answered.
  7. 2 1/2 -3 hour drive.......i'm all in
  8. Wow, look at the rankings of the Big 10 (3 top 10 teams) opponents
  9. Exactly what i was thinking, he would be their key to the Saban curse.
  10. I hate this Delaney pig, maybe we should go with just the top 2 or 3 conferences and leave the Big10 out.
  11. They're outplaying us, ....but don't bend over yet.
  12. I would like t see UTSA take on UTAustin
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