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  1. I don't know if anyone has said this yet, but at this point I have to wonder...why do you care if other fans call it a rivalry? Rhetorical question...
  2. Exactly. There will be the "what could have been" thoughts because this year and last year were years that, THEORETICALLY, our team was good enough to be [darn near] undefeated and make a statement on a national stage. Losing to Cal, even close, makes Arkansas seem like a one-off. I will be ECSTATIC for a 10-2 regular season. That said, Seth is the highest paid coach in our conference now, right? In his fourth year, I think it's fair for us, the fans, to expect at least one win out of UofH, Cal, and SMU and a conference championship.
  3. Even with that, aren't there two 4th-6th round draftees who are getting playing time right now? Wild times...
  4. Another positive - I generally spend too much time on GMG, to the dismay of my employer and wife. After Saturday, my GMG consumption is down by about 90%!
  5. Arkansas State was the more impressive/fun team to watch. Bums me out that they lost. SMU looks like they can get some pressure on the QB which, with our O-Line, seems likely. It looks like SMU will take what the defense gives them, which is probably how their QB didn't have like any deep passes but ended the game with 360 yards. After watching this, I feel even better about our chances, but feel like it'll come down to how our defense plays.
  6. I ran out of reactions (because SMU Week) but I just gotta say...this made me laugh out loud. Well done.
  7. Lost my flag the same way years ago. Sorry, I feel your pain. Edit: what if the same 5 or 6 guys are just going around stealing each other’s flags with the justification “my flag was stolen like this, it’s my turn now.” Haha
  8. Went on the UNT ticket office website to buy tix today. I don’t wanna sound like a poor kid, but...am I seeing this right? $40/person is the cheapest option?
  9. Kinda mind boggling for me. But I’ve got on green glasses. I guess if I’m honest with myself I can imagine that ball security was a factor.
  10. Didn’t see one and thought it would be nice to have a thread of who made cuts (or get picked up somewhere else after being cut). So far, I’ve seen that these guys got cut: EJ (most disappointing for me) Guyton Mayfield Hedlund Which really just leaves Olawale, Robertson, and Wilson, right?
  11. Love the old intersecting NT helmet being on there.
  12. Enjoy this sad/random fact about UC’s stadium. The past be cray
  13. Can we really be surprised this article exists? There’s a prevalent belief in our society that athletes get special privileges and the fact that there was no discernible repercussions for what was a very public display of illegal activity plays right into that narrative. It’s a bit of a hot take because the author doesn’t know what happened behind closed doors, but neither do we. “I’m sure they handled it because they have ‘disciplined’ in their slogan” probably shouldn’t fly (we would be thrashing SMU if this story was about them). On that note, the “what these other teams are doing is worse, so we shouldn’t be worried about what our guy did” isn’t a great argument either. Yeah, I’m sure he has grown from his mistake (I know I’ve grown from mine) and is 100% deserving of the title of captain as I believe that this group of kids wouldn’t choose a sociopath to represent their team. That said, I think we can all agree that the optics are bad.
  14. Mary Poppins! Alright, I'll let it go now.
  15. Mods: Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Feel free to combine threads.
  16. They’re making it silver to match the SuperPit! Did I get it?
  17. For anyone who is wondering why this is funny, I believe the OP was looking for the term "parity".
  18. I'm not sure you know how Tinder works... I kid, I kid...
  19. Great block from Kelvo around 2:20 giving the receiver room for another 15 yards. ETA: I know this was an SEC team but man, I hope our O-line has improved. I wonder how many of those drops/incompletions might have been completions if Fine had just a fraction of a second more time on the throw.
  20. I have a feeling that some of y'all weren't in the student section the first two times that UTSA played at Apogee. If you were, you'd probably better understand why I, and many people I know, do circle that game on the calendar. Polling regular visitors of GMG.com isn't exactly a conclusive sample size for determining who our rival is or is not.
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