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  1. Dang....that's an in depth article. And I think pretty right on in its analysis. Well done SBNation
  2. WKU 2/15

    Damn that was easy. Thanks!
  3. OK....don't know why they chose that picture....geez
  4. 130. UTEP 127. Liberty 123. Rice 117. Old Dominion 105. UTSA 101. Southern Miss 97. UAB 93. SMU 84. Louisiana Tech 61. North Texas. The Mean Green have gone from 1-11 to 5-8 to 9-5 over the past three seasons, with impressive growth on offense led by coach Seth Littrell. They get back 4,000-yard passer Mason Fine and most of their receiving corps, making them a Conference USA contender again. 59. Arkansas. 44. Florida Atlantic
  5. 2018 Football schedule

    on the flip side..... We're playing an SMU team with a completely new coaching staff that has to implement some new things....they could be working out kinks in their first game. If we come out early and jump on could be a long day for SMU. Meanwhile we have the offensive POY back running his 3rd year of the system with talent all around. Could be an advantage for us. They say you improve the most between weeks 1 and 2...Let's get them in week 1.
  6. Athletic fee referendum to be put to a re-vote

    There are 40K, 50K students at UT and A&M and 30K + at Tech... I would venture a large % of students at those universities don't care about sports either..... probably more than half
  7. NCAA Transfer Rules could be changing

    That's a good point. And as for Baylor.....I believe A&M Commerce's national championship team had a few Baylor transfer players on that roster. That sort of thing will virtually disappear should this go through.
  8. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced Um....
  9. Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    I run a 4.6 40 but only because I didn't make it past 15 yards before I was out of breath and had to stop..... So I run a 4.6 / 15 yard dash (not so much a "dash" but I try real hard)
  10. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    Saw a projection for 2018 top 25.... FAU was #21 We could very well have a legit top 25 team come to Apogee next season. I hope our season goes as well as last season. That game could have a lot of hype.
  11. Are we rooting for UCF?

    "There’s no perfect solution to the UCF problem—apart from the playoff committee suddenly getting its collective head wrapped around the fact that the line between the Power 5 and Group of Five is fungible. All its current line of thought suggests is that Kansas is more likely to take home the trophy next year than UCF."
  12. Barf

    Agree. Kiffin himself refers to "this level" often when talking about his team and talks about his players like they're high school kids that just play for the love of the game.
  13. Something I HATE

    I don't think "should he" is the discussion. If he CHOSE to.....what should the reaction be? That's the discussion. None of them "SHOULD"......unless they choose to That's kind of the point no? In Baker Mayfield's's up to Baker Mayfield. Now....if he were to call me up and ask "hey do you think I should play for a national championship?" What would I say? I would recommend playing. But then again it's not up to me....
  14. Home Opener Against SMU

    My expectation is we should win this game.
  15. Something I HATE

    I don't necessarily like it but I understand it and 90 is right....this started with coaches doing what's best for their financial selves. And yes....a player should do what's best for his family. These prospects promised momma a new house when they signed their LOI out of high school. Hard to put that at risk when you're so close. The challenge will be when it's not a "meaningless" bowl. An Ohio St player skipped the Cotton Bowl last night (can't remember his name) for his draft status. This is probably the top bowl not in a playoff. Where's the line? It will be interesting to see what happens when a NC semi final game is skipped. It will happen.