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  1. TheColonyEagle


    I've been following this program for 20+ years....I don't ever recall anything like this... The good thing is as those rankings go up, word gets out and momentum picks up. A lot of hard work going on by this staff...that's for sure. Exciting!
  2. I can't say enough good things about the leadership across the board at UNT right now. They seem to be killing it.
  3. TheColonyEagle

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Well said... Time will tell, but I'm becoming a believer....
  4. TheColonyEagle

    DRC: UNT hires new softball coach

    The 2 new hires from Baker both had nice 1 year turnarounds at their previous stop... Don't know if that's a pattern or anything...but the last one did well in year 1 here and seems to have momentum going into year 2. Go get 'em Coach Delong. Welcome!
  5. TheColonyEagle

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    Says every college team in every college in the world in every year all the time....
  6. TheColonyEagle

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    Great thing about that is we only have one Sr in our entire WR corp. Guyton, Bussey Jr, Lawrence are all Juniors. Chumley is a Jr. Darden is a soph. Mason Fine is a Junior Nick Smith is just a Soph If we can turn over some of the OL successfully, This thing could be scary in 2019
  7. TheColonyEagle

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    If Littrell and his staff are as good as year three, it better be. If not completely cured.....getting closer.
  8. TheColonyEagle

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    I agree with what Silver said above. We don't need a drastic improvement in defense. Generally the getting burned deep is a positioning problem: i.e. mental. That can be fixed with experience in a system. (A system by the way that was in year 1 last year if I remember correctly) But yes we need to improve. My argument is more consistency on offense will help our defense. In the 4 games you're talking about, our big losses, our offense was just as big a problem as our defense. Not enough points and too many turnovers: vs SMU - We scored 10 pts in the 1st half (shutout in the 2nd qtr) and only had 17 pts through 3 qtrs. Plus we had 2 INTs vs FAU (1) - We scored 7 pts in the 1st half (shutout in the 1st qtr) Plus we had 2 INTs vs FAU (2) - We got SHUT OUT in the 1st half. (That can't be understated....this offense went into the lockeroom at halftime of the Conference Championship with a big goose egg on the board). Plus we had 2 INTS vs Troy - Better...we scored 20 pts in the first half but had 5 turnovers in that game. And in the 3rd quarter we lost the game. We only had 3 points while Troy scored 3 TDs on one long drive but also 2 drives of 27 yards, and 13 yards We are not going to have 2002 or 2013 UNT D. But our offense should be powerful enough to constantly put pressure on the other team and I would expect that to happen with these players coming back in their 3rd year in the system. As good as the offense was....there is still a lot of room for improvement. Namely finishing drives and reducing turnovers.
  9. TheColonyEagle

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    I would say a team full of underclassmen can take luck. The offensive POY was a sophomore and as great as he was...he still threw too many picks. We depended on Moore last year because this offense full of sophomores didn't finish drives at times lasts season. I expect more TDs next year. Wouldn't you expect those same players with another year under their belt to overcome some of the issues from last season, learn from it and grow? Why would we expect to see less wins with basically the same team coming back...all with more experience? This years' players have the same names but they have another year of experience and time in this system. We're not going from year 1 to 2, we're going from year 2 to 3. Why would we not expect forward momentum? If I compare this team to what we've always seen with UNT then sure...7 wins is reasonable. If I don't use the past as a lense to judge the 2018 team then 7 wins = disappointment. #Hit10
  10. TheColonyEagle

    Dude Perfect at the Super Pit

    They are absolute YouTube stars. My kids LOVE them
  11. TheColonyEagle

    DRC: UNT's run to the CBI title, the untold story

    great article @Brett Vito Really enjoyed it.
  12. TheColonyEagle

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    As for who we play....I don't really care. But regarding Army....another way to look at it: Does the 1 game playing them offset the coaching staff's opinion that taking a week in the middle of the year to totally turn your practice upside down has an effect on the season? Especially if they don't HAVE to...(not in conference) In other words does the negative of playing the one game vs Liberty offset the positive of playing a high profile program for one game when you compare that game to the momentum of a full schedule. Does 10-2 with a win vs Liberty look better than 8-4 with a game vs Army? (Assuming you believe what seems like the coaching staffs thoughts on disrupting practice in the middle of the year) If you take out the HOD bowl loss (because it was the last game of the year), after we beat Army the other two times we played them in season, we were 2-7 and our defense was not good in those losses. We were perhaps lucky we got a massively down Rice the week after last seasons game then we gave up 41 and 50 the next 2 games. Yes the opponents were good but we should've been peaking in games 13 and 14 on the year. You can draw your own conclusion but it seems like the coaching staff doesn't like disrupting practice momentum and maybe they do feel it affects the team. You can argue that that's weak and the coaches should be able to handle that. I get it. But it seems like there's risk\reward at play here and the program is removing risk. We are on the verge of somethign big picture here and we're walking that G5 wire where we have NO ROOM for error and we can't take chances on losing games. If the coaches think maintaining practice momentum for every week helps the team win more games....then so be it. Seems the coaches have spoken and the AD backed them. If we go 10-2 this year and are a top 10 G5, it's not going to matter that we played Liberty. Big picture, sacrificing the one marquee matchup that the fans might enjoy for a shot at upping our national profile with a 10-2 or 11-1 season may be worth it. Fans would enjoy seeing UNT get national attention as well. And as for the LIberty game specifically....this team should be well coached and mature enough to not look past Liberty. Our talent and continuity in this system should be too much for them to handle. That Baylor win last year should help us. They'll hear it 100 times in the week leading up to that game. This game shouldn't be close.
  13. TheColonyEagle

    Who will be our first signature win?

    If he can....
  14. TheColonyEagle

    The Top G-5 programs who have a Playoff shot

    Boy....Marshall is the sexy pick this year, huh.
  15. TheColonyEagle

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    With what we have coming back, in their 3rd year in the system, with the schedule... * I expect to average over 40 per game this year * I expect to beat SMU * I expect to at the every least....make Arkansas really sweat *I expect to play MUCH better against FAU at home and be in position to win that game (I think they'll take a step back this year...they have EXTREMELY unproven coordinators...Briles is legit) * I expect to win the West * I expect to be a top 10 G5 team If we're 8-4 this year, I'll be disappointed. I don't care how we're doing compared to "do you realize how this program has played the past 20 years?" That has nothing to do with my expectations for this coaching staff and this group of players in 2018. CUSA offensive player of the year returning at QB with all of his receivers, another year of the oline gelling and the 3rd year in this system. 10-2 or 11-1 is not crazy for this team.