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  1. Been randomly walking around whistling “Fly Like an Eagle” today.
  2. I'm just going off what I'm reading and hearing. Baylor and Iowa St are getting some love and are expected to make some noise. TCU is kind of a wild card. The Big 12 champ could have 2-3 losses was my point. It's interesting...when that happens in the big 12 it's because they suck. When that happens in the SEC it's because they're good. I think the SEC is overrated. Everyone talks about the great Defenses but never considers the bad offenses. Big 12 went 3-1 against the SEC last year in the bowls. I mean I guess the SEC is still much better? Don't know how else to compare them.
  3. Funny tweet.... But it points to a catch 22 with CUSA. The parity (or parody) is fun to watch in conference. However, it will keep the conference out of the NY6 conversation... What's better for CUSA? A deep conference? Or a top heavy one that puts the champ in the national spotlight? The same argument is being made about the Big 12 vs the SEC and getting in the playoff. The SEC is top heavy where the Big 12 is deep. It will probably keep the Big 12 champ out of the playoff this year... What say you?
  4. Wanna see an SMU fan's head pop off their shoulder? https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/08/21/the-8-best-rivalry-games-in-texas-college-football-in-2019?ref=article_preview_img
  5. Applewhite was fired on Dec. 31 and Holgorsen hired Jan. 2, which the suit says runs afoul Texas Labor Code 21, which requires all state jobs be posted publicly for at least two weeks. Everyone knows the rules.....it's not hard to go through the motions. Pretty dumb on UH's part. Easily could've been avoided.
  6. I'm not this year but I went 2 years ago. Good atmosphere. Nice fans. Seems like the 2nd half of that game was the turning point for Seth Littrell and this program....
  7. https://footballscoop.com/news/houston-sued-alleged-racial-discrimination-dana-holgorsen-hiring/
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