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  1. https://247sports.com/Article/Deondre-Francois-walking-on-at-Florida-Atlantic-Lane-Kiffin-132176895/ Eligible immediately and has 2 years... Was dismissed from FSU for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend...
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2834175-is-there-a-place-in-cfb-for-anthony-munoz-the-countrys-most-prolific-hs-qb
  3. I would be curious to know what % of people running are men vs what % are women.
  4. I think this team will go as far as Mason Fine's protection.... If the O-Line plays well....we could have a great season, if they don't it could be a big backslide
  5. I'm curious....what are you saying? That regardless of what Mueller's report said, you believe that Trump DID in fact work with Russia to win the 2016 election and that more needs to be done?
  6. But it's already been established that's not illegal...."careless" yes...but not illegal
  7. Can't be overstated.... There's one way and one way only to control us....and it's on the field. Want recruiting to improve? win those two games Want local media to pay attention? win those two games Want national attention? win those two games Want fans in the stands? win those two games Want to be seen as a top G5? win those two games All the other stuff: media, reputation, P5 bias, conference USA....we can't control that. But we can control how we play vs UH and SMU This staff simply has to win those 2 games
  8. I see this come up often.... SMU has no leverage. Why would they have any say on our conference affiliation. They haven't had any influence since 1982. I'm not saying we're headed for the AAC, but it's got nothing to do with SMU. If they disappeared from the AAC...no one would care. and I'm not talking trash about SMU (there will be plenty of time for that) but it's just an objective fact....
  9. I guess I'm not sure what ESPN is getting out of that. I'm not being snarky... But how do they get return on that investment? Don't they have to sell advertising now and to sell advertising, they need viewers? Something doesn't add up...
  10. stadium channel 47 in the metroplex
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