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Status Updates posted by greenjoe

  1. I appreciate what you and GMG mean to North Texas.  This would be a good time to either eliminate down votes or attach a name to a down vote.  Thanks Harry.  Joe Holland

  2. I'm right there with you as far as the "football band."  I love that old style marching band.  And twirlers.  I can't think of anything that says "big time" more than a marching band with twirlers.  I've always thought it odd that a school that once said that the name Scrappy was too violent would also have a band who's flag corp would have "rifles."



  3. Sorry.  I don't get it.  Could you please explain here rather than on the board.  Joe

  4. Thanks for the  heads up.  My mistake.  Joe

  5. And why he didn't get a shot at an NFL team is beyond me.  He probably has character or dignity or something the NFL can't use.  Joe

  6. I appreciate the proper use of "couldn't care less."  J

  7. This is one of the funniest things I've ever read on GMG. 

  8. That's a good analogy.  The Titanic musicians made no effort to leave a sinking ship. 

  9. Very good point.  Brett is the biggest offender of this.  Joe

  10. I didn't know if you would attend Saturday.  Did you sit in the Club ?  Joe

  11. I always thought SMU meant something else.  Thanks for the clarification.  J

  12. Fly has a luxury box.



  13. Lemme see.  First, donating a gift from a speciality store is difficult.  If one is not a cyclist, there is very little in my store for that person.  I have given merchandise and the "winner" ridiculed the prise.  I don't need that.  And secondly, as you know, I just don't get cheerleaders.  But I get you and I get things Mean Green so let me see.  when is the game ?  Joe

    1. greenjoe


      Sorry...PRIZE not PRISE.  my freshman English prof, Dr. Burns would have given me an "F" on that last note. J

    2. KRAM1


      Yes....I understand completely, but don't you carry the UNT battle flags?  Decent size bidding audience for that I would say, but maybe you have something else in mind.  I get the "speciality" thing with a limited "population", but anything you might could come up with would help greatly...a bicycle pump can be used to inflate lots of things as well.  But I leave that up to you....gift card?   Maybe they would come in, spend the gift card amount and go "over" with other items as well?  You know much more than I do about this stuff.  Thanks for even considering.  The game will be played Feb. 27th...1pm tip-off...UNT volleyball gym.

      Hope to see you at the game today!  Go Mean Green!


  14. Unicorns ?   I don't get it.  Help me.  Joe

  15. New York might never recover. GMG

  16. The Lloyd Bridges reference was funny.

  17. And he's probably used to that. GO MEAN GREEN

  18. "DYou can't name yourself after a color and only use it as an accent color."

    I really like that. Joe

  19. This would be a great time to trot ouot that helmet idea you had a while back. Joe

  20. I absolutely believe that they read GMG. But they say they don't. "Too busy" and " the information is not accurat" have been comments I have heard from the mouths of AD officials. Again, I feel sure they read GMG, but the AD guys say otherwise. Joe

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