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  1. Marty's post in UNT Updated 2017 Depth Chart as of 6.15.17 (Ourlads') was marked as the answer   
    Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Spencer Edwards.......
  2. Marty's post in QB Offer was marked as the answer   
    if I remember correctly, it was Nathan's senior year at NT, his dog Ray escaped from his yard and was never found.

  3. Marty's post in Ekeler on KGAF tonight was marked as the answer   
  4. Marty's post in Happy birthday Marty and DirtySavage was marked as the answer   
    Thanks a lot guys. Not only is today my birthday but here in just a few hours my son will be a NT alum. He is graduating with his master's in economics. While not an alum myself, I have been a fan since 1974 and have been taking him to football games since he was old enough to understand the game. He graduated high school in 2008, got his bachelor's from Austin College in 2012, and now will be officially a UNT graduate. Could not be more proud of him!
  5. Marty's post in Fans Invited To Attend Coaches Caravan This Week! was marked as the answer   
    Nice turnout at Gainesville tonight. Kee, Palileo, Hedlund, Slekis, Benford, Peterson, Mac, RV, Hank Dickenson, and George Dunham were all there. RV talked about baseball coming hopefully in the 2015 season. Also said that the upcoming year would be the best ever for UNT athletics. Mac, Peterson, and Hedlund were very entertaining with their respective portions of the roundtable. Derek Thompson also spoke of how much his scholarship meant to him and his family, said his tryout with the Broncos went well & is waiting for a phone call. If the call doesn't come, he's prepared to go on with his life as a high school football coach. Food was okay, mostly finger foods (fried cheese sticks, boneless chicken wings, fruits, veggies, etc)
  6. Marty's post in Reports: Odessa Permian naming Blake Feldt coach was marked as the answer   
    The Pertiles were from Midland Lee.
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