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  1. Bobby Iverson. Led the Missouri Valley in scoring. Jumped center as a Guard/Forward. Didn't finish his career due to his religious beliefs.
  2. the tight end is ALWAYS open!
  3. John Madden gave him plenty of credit, calling him one of the best pass rushers in NFL history {in his book One Knee Equals Two Feet}
  4. we should beat Cal. Did you see their bowl performance against TCU? Not impressive
  5. he tried to join my fraternity (pi kappa alpha) but got kicked out for being a jerk. He is on one of the composites though
  6. one $60 ticket is available. I'm doing this for a friend. PM me and I will give you his phone number
  7. Scott Farrell had DT on for an interview about 10:30 last night on the Ticket. Not just a quickie either, it was a good 10 minutes. DT came across great, very intelligent and respectful.
  8. I wasn't at the game in question, but I remember listening to it on the radio. Bill Mercer insisted in a vociferous manner that Shanklin made the catch. I believe Bill Mercer.
  9. we have the tiebreaker with USA, not with FAU
  10. Craig Way, radio voice of the Texas Longhorns (still?)
  11. today got us over 4,000 avg....best since 1975 or 76....the days of Weasel, Lurch and Fred....
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