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  1. Speaking of fun, do we think Coach Morris will allow us to watch the spring game?
  2. Didn't see the DL kid from FM Marcus listed. Is he still in play?
  3. This was the design the Texas Rangers had on their unis at one time. I like it.
  4. Not sure what it means really, but at halftime of the Memphis/Tulsa game, they went over the "mid major" top 10, minus Gonzaga. FAU was #2, SHSU was #5 and UNT came in at #10. Good recognition I suppose.
  5. Dude, I like the way you think. I've always been a fan of SOW if it could just fit the helmet better. I'm also a fan of the alumni NT and like the new helmets, only in a different/better color combo that can be seen easier. We should claim the state silhouette since we are the University of North TEXAS.
  6. All those you listed fit the definition of classic meaning, they stood the test of time. The worm did not.
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