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  1. With both of them gone, Tech could become the big dog of the Big 12. Not really.
  2. What harm could it be? Worked for OU.
  3. Gotta stay through halftime. A quality product should be seen and appreciated.
  4. Ya, we'll see what they've got starting this weekend.
  5. Yes! Actually being able to watch our games on TV on a regular basis.
  6. Let's invite Matt Simon every year for the coin flip!
  7. That's why the state schools left them behind when the SWC broke apart. Baylor too, if it hadn't been for Ann Richards. SMU still lives and dreams they are still in the forty's and still relevant. GO MEAN GREEN!
  8. Just give me a former/current HC with a proven track record of success.
  9. Screw them! I think Arresco(SP) has the bigger picture in mind. smut is only looking out for themselves so they can suck it! GO MEAN GREEN!
  10. This very well may be the thread/post of the year.
  11. Which illustrates why we need a young, experienced, successful HC to lead us.
  12. I think Wren has always had that list when SL interviewed for K St. and I'm sure updates it annually.
  13. I believe Wren will fire Seth when the time is right. However, getting our asses kicked in an empty stadium may accelerate things a bit. I hope we hire the Sam Houston coach soon so that recruiting isn't affected too much. As someone mentioned, the buyout for conference realignment might be the sticking point. Seth is not helping our cause and looks totally defeated on the sideline. This is a bad time to be sucking and we'll probably suffer for it for years to come.
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