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  1. I saw some apparel the other day that had NTX on it. I kind of like that. Might work on our helmets.
  2. Underwhelmed. In all three phases. All three had their moments, good and bad. I give Ruder a C÷. He's got a rocket arm. But his deep throws were consistently underthrown. Running game looks good, I guess. NWS sucks on defense too. I'm hoping this was the first game jitters where we get all the kinks ironed out for next week. We better, or it will be a long game.
  3. Big win for Charlotte and the conference.
  4. Or call LSA Burger. It use to stop right in front of there. They might know.
  5. I have the ESPN app as part of my Hulu/Roku package. I can watch it on the big screen if I weren't going.
  6. Good. Hopefully your symptoms are mild and you can get back in person.
  7. Hope you got the vaccine prior to your illness. Get well soon!
  8. What I don't get, is why does smut have any say so over whether we were admitted to the AAC or not? They're only one vote, yes? If it makes sense for us to get an invite, why do they get to call the shots? Screw them! GO MEAN GREEN!
  9. Pretty sorry isn't it. The school that allowed his success in broadcasting doesn't get two shakes from him. IMHO, he's the weak link between him, Jub and Gordo. Screw him.
  10. JIm, your posts have been increasingly negative recently. I never use to see that. Chin up, ol son! GO MEAN GREEN!
  11. They gave way blankets at the kickoff event.
  12. Someone posted earlier, or perhaps somewhere else, that Littrell didn't want to tip his hand to smut by chosing a QB.
  13. But there's no game film on Ruder, so what difference would it make to smut? He also doesn't have or much real game experience so it could be Littrell is taking some of the pressure off of him in case he does suck. In that case, Aune is the (somewhat) proven veteran he can turn to as an out. Just my humble opinion. Go Mean Green!
  14. Since the vast majority of us minions here on the board don't know the inner workings of intercollegiate athletics, "proactive" just means exactly that. Is there a meeting requested? Does the university put together a profile/portfolio to said conference explaining our worthiness that perhaps said conference isn't aware of? Is said conference aware of our Master Plan? I don't know. As Hank Dickinson once told me, and I paraphrase, "We're professionals, we know what's going on." I, as a fan and donor, just want assurance that the powers that be are doing everything humanely possible to advance our cause. In the end though, I'm positive Wren and Dr. Smatresk are doing just that. GO MEAN GREEN!
  15. Lubbock Avalanche Journal reports the Big 12 is courting BYU bigtime and that at least 8 other teams are interested in joining. Are we one of them? Are we capable financially to make that jump? The Big12 needs to be pro active, IMHO. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-12-vs-the-world-conference-eyes-expansion-as-commissioner-stands-by-collusion-accusations/
  16. Does this mean Ruder is the starter? Would Harry post his picture as the header if he wasn't?
  17. I predict that both QBs get significant playing time against NWS, with Aune starting. The FT starter will be named in time for smut. Go Mean Green!
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