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  1. Not much to change on the Longhorn, unless you want to make it cartoonish like the worm. The reason it hasn't changed since the 60'. It's a classic design.
  2. Australian Air Force. Not an athletic team Prosper HS. Did they copy from us? And how many high schools use Longhorns and Perunas as their logo? Quite a few.
  3. When the SOW design came out, I thought, "at last"! A classic. Iconic design that rivals UT's Longhorn and smuts peruna as a simple, yet recognizable logo that, to my knowledge, has not been reproduced. Now we've gone to the Oregon Ducks look which is not unique, but confuses us as Oregon. I say, stay with the SOW on the helmet or go away from it altogether and have a plane (Mean Green) helmet. Numbers on it maybe, Ala Bama, or just plain like Penn St. or Norte Dame. Truly get away from Eagles and just be know as Mean Green. Or the battle flag on the helmets would be fine with me.
  4. We sure get stripped a lot. Lousy ball handling.
  5. Sissoco! YES!! SLAM IT!
  6. Ousmane is afraid to dunk! He's making me scream at the TV!
  7. Not only that, it should be incorporated on our uniforms as well.
  8. We'll see if DeShawn can see the field in the SEC.
  9. The lost talon. Brought to you by the same morons that think eagles "caw!"
  10. I'm sure this was probably posted earlier, but when does spring ball start and when is the game? Thanks in advance!
  11. Parking in the Blue Lot is definitely an issue. Perhaps they could make one line for season ticket holders and another for cash entry instead of funneling everyone through one line.
  12. Great news about Nixon and Wood!
  13. Has Gaddie been guaranteed a starting position, because he had it here. What good is his NIL if he doesn't play? And who is Caponi?
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