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  1. Middle school often uses a smaller football. They are not required to do so, but most will.
  2. I'm kinda the opposite. I hope our opponent doesn't bring a single fan. It pisses me off when I have to listen to them cheer in our stadium. I hope every opponent sucks, that we beat the crap out of them, and I never have to listen to an opposing fight song. However, it was nice to see UTSA fans soaking in their misery. That was fun.
  3. It is working exactly the way it was intended. The rich get richer.
  4. Home and home with Cal, Texas Tech, Houston, Wyoming, Baylor, Colorado, and Missouri. Not to mention SMU, Memphis, and Tulane that will become conference games and not count as out of conference like they were when they were scheduled. We only have one road trip without a return in Wisconsin. I think we are doing fine.
  5. Surprise.. Surprise...Surprise. This young man has serious issues with loyalty and commitment. It is all about him and always has been. Can't be the point, transfer. Not the point there either, transfer again. Has selfishness written all over it.
  6. I am optimistic. There was massive improvement the last 6 games last year. I am expecting to be bowl eligible and competitive in every game. I don't expect to win all 13, but that would be amazing. Dang people, quit being so gloomy. Enjoy your team and your school. Get excited when they win and be down when they don't. It is what makes the season great.
  7. Starting OL was 64 Jett Duncan, 65 Gabe Blair, 72 Manase Mose, 77 Kaci Moreka, and I cannot remember the last OL. There were only 10 OL suited up. After the scrimmage, 11 OL were running conditioning drills. I did not get any of the numbers of the starting DL. Enoch Jackson made an impression on the DL, but I don't remember if he was a 1 or a 2. The #1 defense seemed to have a mixture of 1's and 2's. Sorry. This I thought my memory would be better and I didn't write it down.
  8. It was very vanilla, as expected. The offense used one new formation, one new play and one new blocking scheme (and that one may not have been new, just how to block the play against the front they were getting). Also, we seem to be fully committed to running the ball. This scheme is designed to come off the ball and get an extra blocker at the point of attack. This is not the passive zone/stretch scheme from two years ago. This is a downhill running game. A lot of new faces in the offensive line, but no obvious problems. The #2 offensive line was able to run the ball against the #1 defense, but it is hard to tell how many starters were sitting on defense. Aune ran the offense well. Ruder did not suit up. Earle seemed to be ranked ahead of Head. He ran the first series with the 2 offense and was the first QB with the 1's after Aune. Head seems to have a really quick release. The most impressive player to me was #30 Gumms. He is listed as a TE, but was used in a number of ways. Lee and Alberding did not suit up, so he went with the 1's and 2's. It is hard to know if he is ahead of them or not. Also, both Ragsdale and Adeyi seem to have picked up where they left off. Burns had a nice day, but he had better or we will have trouble keeping 8 out of the box. I was also looking forward to seeing Tommy Bush. He ran some drills early, but did not play in the scrimmage portion of the day.
  9. Some schools regard NCAA sanctions as simply the cost of doing business. They cheat. They win. They get slapped with sanctions. They know it is coming and these schools just enjoy the wins and know it will come with a few years of no postseason. A local school in Dallas does this. LSU seems following the same model.
  10. Name an AD in the 30 years before him that did as much or more. Wren has taken us to a new level, but RV got the ball rolling from basically nothing. We had zero for facilities. ZERO. At the end, he looked tired. I would have been tired too. I would be leading the cheers for him if it happens.
  11. Way to go Coach Mitchell! This program continues on an upward trajectory. Go Mean Green!
  12. Top players leave our program same as every other program right now. But we have improved every year in spite of players leaving. We seem to replace them and get better. If attitude or selfishness is an underlying issue, it can be addition by subtraction.
  13. That is not at all what I witnessed. She became a smaller part of the offense as we won more, but the girls were not confused or without direction.
  14. He had a limp after the game just walking around. It had to be severe for him not to play.
  15. JJ has already graduated and I believe his degree is in engineering. He is almost through with his masters too. I doubt he starts coaching. Incredible young man.
  16. 73 followed by 94 followed by today. 94 only one year, but conference champions that year.
  17. Great Season. At the 7 minute mark, I thought we had them in a good spot. They were in serious foul trouble and had only a 2 point lead. We got several good shots that didn't go and they couldn't miss. They also shot 97% on free throws and that made it impossible to foul and catch up. We were getting good shots and had our best scorer taking them. Sometimes they just don't fall. Again, great season and we should all be proud of the way these girls represented our school.
  18. We have a couple of common opponents. I think the lost to SMU. We waxed SMU. They beat Wichita State 2 out of 3. We lost to Wichita State by 3. Should be an even match.
  19. Could not possibly be happier for this team! From where we were to where we are now... just an amazing job by Coach Mitchell. It is soooooo hard to overcome years of getting kicked and overcoming that perception. Just excited for our girls.
  20. Great job by Coach Mitchell. At one point, everything that could go wrong was going wrong. Sitting at 2-6 in conference, the girls finished 1/2 game out of first in the West. They then dominated an ODU team that had beaten them by 10 earlier in the year. They took Charlotte to the wire in the semi-finals. So proud of the work put in by Coach Mitchell, her staff, and all the girls. Amazing season and hopefully a bid to the WNIT.
  21. Once I gave my tickets to a friend at work when I was going to be out of town. I was curious to see if they used the tickets and asked to see if they had been scanned. They were able to tell me, so I know someone has access to that information. The person that took my tickets didn't go to the game. Also the last time they were offered to this individual.
  22. The stops on the defensive end have made an even bigger difference. Also Townley and Mallard scoring away from the basket. It is so nice to see Townley hit her spot, turn, and shoot knowing that it is going in. Mallard can go out just beyond the free throw line and connect. Most girls guarding her will not go out there so she has clean looks. This team is coming together at just the right time. This week will tell. Two big games on the road.
  23. Huge difference tonight. They played confident from the beginning. Lots of movement on offense. FAU is bad, but tonight we played better than we have in a while. Saturday will be big vs UAB.
  24. Dr. Hurley killed our program. Bob Tyler was only here one year. Hurley wanted us to become an academic institution like the service academies. He did not have a high regard for athletics. Even simple things like tailgating were banned. As far as the flying worm, we also suffered from letting each new coach and AD change the logo and shade of greed like we were a high school. It especially chapped me when our AD did not get us a home playoff game when we were #4 in the nation because he wanted to go to Reno instead. We suffered from lack of leadership, funding, and vision for a long time. Thankfully, I believe those days are behind us. Now we are just playing catch up for eternity.
  25. They seem to lose confidence easily. It also seems to be a different issue each game. Turnovers killed us against WKU. Free throws have been an issue other times. Defense has been an issue others. The coaching term for this is "chasing the fleas around the dog". It is frustrating as a coach when you focus on a problem, fix it, and then a new problem comes up or maybe one you fixed three weeks ago comes back. I also wonder how much her assistant coaches leaving each year hurts the continuity of the team.
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