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  1. Except he won against a ranked team for only the second time in school history.
  2. Fans watching a press conference to get excited for a game..... I'll pass, thank you.
  3. Seriously, whet do you expect at a press conference? It isn't a pep rally. He isn't there to get the fans fired up for the game. He isn't going to tell you the game plan. Even if he did, you probably wouldn't understand. There is nothing of value in any of these press conferences and there never will be. If he hates them, I get that. I would hate them too. Same stupid questions... "Tell me Coach, how do you see your team this year?".... really? I don't see the point of complaining that they aren't entertaining or informative. Press conferences never will be. Move on.
  4. He rarely played linebacker last year. He was part of the turnaround on defense. When he went to safety, we got a lot better.
  5. The safety position Faulkner plays doesn't have to cover someone elusive. That position is all about run support and he is very good at that. The other safety covers more and fills less.
  6. I think you will see plenty of two tight. 12 personnel was a key to our late season run. Look at the UTSA game and you will see lots of 12. I don't see that using more than 2 TE at a time really helps us that much, but if Seth wants to take the practice time to teach it, we certainly have the depth. And remember, Seth was a TE coach early in his career.
  7. I I'll take Sean-Thomas Faulkner. He was a difference maker over the last half of the season and just does a lot of things that help you win. Solid open-field tackler. Love what he brings to the team.
  8. I truly don't care if we ever play another P5 program again in any sport. They only use those games now to get a look at our best players and see how they match up or fit in their programs. Playing them only helps them pick the best players off our roster. I won't be upset the day the P5 do what they want and actually break away from the NCAA and become a minor league system for the NFL and NBA. I won't surprise me either when the requirement to attend class is lifted and getting a degree while playing becomes optional at the P5 level. It is coming.
  9. My issue lately with Voertmans is that they have something that everyone likes and don't order enough. They quickly sell out and don't order more. The selection in the store has been good, but limited... and it was limited before Covid. My issue with B&N was that they wouldn't rotate the selection in the stadium store. If you went in there week 1, you could see what would be offered the entire season. Also, the store at the Union closes at 3 on game day when we have a 6:00 game. That does not make a lot of sense to me. I am glad we have a stadium store. I remember the days when we had nothing.
  10. Kiffin is the poster child for everything that is wrong in college football.
  11. He reminds me of Jamario. He is faster than he looks. He makes people miss. He has a burst when he needs it.
  12. Let's also give Littrell credit where it is due. He finally hit on a DC and the defense was MUCH improved. He changed the offense to a downhill running scheme mid-season because of our talent and what we could do best. He took much of the pressure off our QB to win the game and we went on a win streak and gave a ranked team a beat down. He also held together a team that went through a losing streak that could have finished off many teams. He hasn't been perfect, but who is. And when your best assistants get poached every year, it is hard on the program. Remember, the coaching grass isn't always greener on the other side.
  13. At some point, we are going to have to address the pay for our assistant basketball coaches. While we will not be able to compete with Mississippi State for what we pay, we do have to help our head coaches keep their good assistants. And if pay isn't the issue, what is? We lose our assistant coaches, particularly on the girls side every year. It is hard to build consistency when you are having to teach the new coaches your system every year. I know I was a better assistant coach my second, third, and fourth years with my head coach than I was my first. I would suspect that goes the same at the college level.
  14. She chose to play for someone else. I cared before. Don't care now. Don't wish her bad, just don't care about players that leave.
  15. Middle school often uses a smaller football. They are not required to do so, but most will.
  16. I'm kinda the opposite. I hope our opponent doesn't bring a single fan. It pisses me off when I have to listen to them cheer in our stadium. I hope every opponent sucks, that we beat the crap out of them, and I never have to listen to an opposing fight song. However, it was nice to see UTSA fans soaking in their misery. That was fun.
  17. It is working exactly the way it was intended. The rich get richer.
  18. Home and home with Cal, Texas Tech, Houston, Wyoming, Baylor, Colorado, and Missouri. Not to mention SMU, Memphis, and Tulane that will become conference games and not count as out of conference like they were when they were scheduled. We only have one road trip without a return in Wisconsin. I think we are doing fine.
  19. Surprise.. Surprise...Surprise. This young man has serious issues with loyalty and commitment. It is all about him and always has been. Can't be the point, transfer. Not the point there either, transfer again. Has selfishness written all over it.
  20. I am optimistic. There was massive improvement the last 6 games last year. I am expecting to be bowl eligible and competitive in every game. I don't expect to win all 13, but that would be amazing. Dang people, quit being so gloomy. Enjoy your team and your school. Get excited when they win and be down when they don't. It is what makes the season great.
  21. Starting OL was 64 Jett Duncan, 65 Gabe Blair, 72 Manase Mose, 77 Kaci Moreka, and I cannot remember the last OL. There were only 10 OL suited up. After the scrimmage, 11 OL were running conditioning drills. I did not get any of the numbers of the starting DL. Enoch Jackson made an impression on the DL, but I don't remember if he was a 1 or a 2. The #1 defense seemed to have a mixture of 1's and 2's. Sorry. This I thought my memory would be better and I didn't write it down.
  22. It was very vanilla, as expected. The offense used one new formation, one new play and one new blocking scheme (and that one may not have been new, just how to block the play against the front they were getting). Also, we seem to be fully committed to running the ball. This scheme is designed to come off the ball and get an extra blocker at the point of attack. This is not the passive zone/stretch scheme from two years ago. This is a downhill running game. A lot of new faces in the offensive line, but no obvious problems. The #2 offensive line was able to run the ball against the #1 defense, but it is hard to tell how many starters were sitting on defense. Aune ran the offense well. Ruder did not suit up. Earle seemed to be ranked ahead of Head. He ran the first series with the 2 offense and was the first QB with the 1's after Aune. Head seems to have a really quick release. The most impressive player to me was #30 Gumms. He is listed as a TE, but was used in a number of ways. Lee and Alberding did not suit up, so he went with the 1's and 2's. It is hard to know if he is ahead of them or not. Also, both Ragsdale and Adeyi seem to have picked up where they left off. Burns had a nice day, but he had better or we will have trouble keeping 8 out of the box. I was also looking forward to seeing Tommy Bush. He ran some drills early, but did not play in the scrimmage portion of the day.
  23. Some schools regard NCAA sanctions as simply the cost of doing business. They cheat. They win. They get slapped with sanctions. They know it is coming and these schools just enjoy the wins and know it will come with a few years of no postseason. A local school in Dallas does this. LSU seems following the same model.
  24. Name an AD in the 30 years before him that did as much or more. Wren has taken us to a new level, but RV got the ball rolling from basically nothing. We had zero for facilities. ZERO. At the end, he looked tired. I would have been tired too. I would be leading the cheers for him if it happens.
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