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  1. Then why in hell are you commenting on it?
  2. I don't have time for your crap. You don't like what I have to say, don't read it.
  3. Good point, our players deserve better. They have to go through all this crap too.
  4. This is why I'm calling attention to myself and have decided to be more involved and in the face of people who accept losing and make excuses. This is my school and it hurts to be associated with losing.
  5. Let me ask you this, if where you work, the overall body of work you have done has been good would your employer fire you for one big mistake that cost's your company's name to be ridiculed in the local and national community? The BP guy that got canned or shipped away may have been overall good for BP but, is tied and known for one questionable and poor decision. It's the same there in this situation. I also want to acknowledge the money contract thing and being hamstrung but we don't know that for sure 100% as being the case. If UNT wanted change they will get change regardless of the cost, case and point Dr. B's departure.
  6. I felt the same way however, would not of given him 4 years to find out if he can cut it at the college level. In a perfect world, I would of pulled the plug at the end of year two. All the harm that has come to the UNT brand is irreversible. People associate UNT with losing. Was it worth it?
  7. It's our job as fans to be critical. I snapped during the 3rd quarter in the Rice game and am now on a mission to raise awareness that we have had enough. Make a change, get this thing headed in the other freaking direction. I am done with losing. I am done with excuses.
  8. We demand better from our Football organization or lack thereof.
  9. That may be so, but in the end he will always be linked to one questionable decision and that will define him (at least with UNT football fans). Fair or unfair as that may be.
  10. Now you know what I'm fighting against. It's so embedding in this culture here in Denton it will be tough to change their paradigm. For you losers out there, I am fighting for you.
  11. No doubt it is crushing to Todd, but you got recognize when something is just not meant to be. Why go through this crap when you know you are King in the High School ranks? Go be King, make a win win for both parties. Let's get this thing turned around. Let's give hope back to both parties.
  12. Good Point, Enron at one time was profitable, made some good moves and a wise investment, but people have to notice when to stop funding a losing cause. Would you keep pumping money into something that is not a yielding positive ROI?
  13. There is no doubt High School's will be fighting for the right to lure T.D. to their school.
  14. Why would people (High School QB's) assume that Todd Dodge would do that? Did he play Riley at SLC over a better QB on the roster? That doesn't make any sense to me, but something is out there keeping QB's from singing at UNT when a QB guru is the Head Coach and has QB camps all over Texas.
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