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  1. Aren't these usually on 88.1 or 100.7? Seems like on a night when both men and Women play, each station gets one or the other, but they'd both be on. GMG!!!!!
  2. anyone know what the attendance figures were for the game? GMG!!!!!
  3. How was the Tailgate Party? I really hope this takes off for Basketball like it has for football. Would certainly help to get the fans more "into" the game. GMG!!!!!!
  4. A good way to get the students to attend, would be to let it be known to everyone that there is now Tailgating for Basketball. The Tailgating has seemed to help get students to go to Football games. Especially for a Thursday night game. I'd guess most students A) Don't know there's a game and Don't know that you can go Tailgate the Basketball games. Some Bar should sponsor some heat lamps and offer food before the game, and then anybody who came to that could get a pass to waive cover at the Bar after the game. If You Can Drink It, They Will Come.
  5. When is Notre Dame? What's our overall record? GMG!!!
  6. I was a Delta Sig at UNT, and the current Fraternity row is sort of set up the same. The University actually owns the property and the Fraternities lease it from them on a long term basis. I'm not sure what the going rate is for new leases, but when the Phi Kap, Sigma Nu, and Delta Sig house's were built we actually got the lease for like $1 a year from the University. They were trying to encourage Fraternities to build. Should be great when the Sororities get houses.......That whole area will be a real Greek community. GMG!!!!
  7. I know the last post on this subject was a couple of weeks ago, but I don't remember seeing anything about the Regional NCAA tournament. When is it scheduled? or has it passed already? and if that's the case, how did we do? GMG!!!!!
  8. My name is Greg Hinckley. I graduated Dec 2000 with a History Degree. My wife also graduated from NT in August 2001 with a degree in Elementary Education. We met thru my Fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, she was a little-sis. We married in the summer of 2000 and live in Big D Dallas(as opposed to Little D Denton) and just had our first child this past September. We both work for Merrill Lynch. She's in the Estate Planning side of the business, while I work with a team of Financial Advisors. (Yeah.....could have picked a better time to get into the industry). I'm a BIG fan of the Mean Green, and make as many of the games as I can. Can't wait for football season to start, and I look forward to metting some of you at the games. GMG!!!!
  9. I like the idea of lighting up the stadium so that everyone driving by can see that the Mean Green was victorious. What about having an actual grass field rather than the astro-turf. There is just something nice about the way a real grass fieldd looks and it makes the games in the rain more exciting. GMG!!!
  10. Yeah......What is the status with that? Last I heard UNT was negotiating with them, but haven't heard a thing since then. Anybody know? GMG!!!
  11. It'll be interesting to see how he deals with Jerry. Somebody is going to have to give up more control than he's used to. Campo was a nice enough guy, but I don't think the players respected him. I guess we'll see about Parcells. Good thing they didn't go looking up north for DD. GMG!!!
  12. I went to Woodrow Wilson HS, and I don't think we ever had anybody 6'5" or taller that was any good. Anybody know if this Jahmiel McLawrence is any good? What about the rest of these folks? Hopefully with all the exposure UNT has been getting recently, some of these local kids will want to go to Denton to play. GMG!!
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