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  1. Game does not show up on Verizon FIOS channel 300. I hope that flyer was right and it shows up.
  2. So the question then becomes if it was the best first starting game by a RB in NCAA Div-1A history?
  3. I could not agree with you more! I simply love Hawaii and was married there this past September. 16 days and four islands later, my wife and I were enchanted by the people and the unworldly beauty of the islands. If it was'nt for family, friends and our careers, we would be planning to move right now. I also have family in Southern California and have spent a lot of time on the beach there. As much as I love that part of the country too, it holds NOTHING to the Aloha state. I do not see this as a ploy or yanking of Smut's chain. I truly believe JJ really is having a change of heart.
  4. I highly doubt this would happen. If JJ talks with SMU it is only to give him some leverage in his talks with Hawaii.
  5. No apologies needed. See thread: http://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38858
  6. The ticket is talking about it again!!!! Hahahahahah Mike and Corby joking about how pathetic it was.
  7. Been listening.... Hilarious! They also mentioned how SMU is Southern's only W so far.
  8. Talk about a baseless statement! Hawaii had to basically GIVE Washington a 21-0 lead and then fought through 2 MORE turnovers and still won the game. Did you stay up late and even watch the game? Yes Washington did not have the greatest record but look at their schedule: 08/31 at Syracuse W 42-12 09/08 #22 Boise St W 24-10 09/15 #10 Ohio St L 33-14 09/22 at UCLA L 44-31 09/29 #1 USC L 27-24 10/13 at #14 Arizona St L 44-20 10/20 #10 Oregon L 55-34 10/27 Arizona L 48-41 11/03 at Stanford W 27-9 11/10 at Oregon St L 29-23 11/17 California W 37-23 11/24 Wash St L 42-35 12/01 at #12 Hawaii L 35-28 They lost to 4 ranked schools including Ohio State, USC by 3, ASU and Oregon (with Dixon). This was an underachieving team that stepped up and played well against Hawaii who DID NOT have Colt Brennan for 3 games this year. Ask Oregon how losing their starting QB worked out for them? I would not be surprised if the Warriors took Georgia to the Dog house...... out
  9. FIU has scored more in the 3rd quarter of this game than the previous 11 combined
  10. Do we not know how to run a QB roll out to give some options?
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