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  1. Actually, I would have LOVED to have seen that show. Any show at Bass is great but I bet Huey could bring me back to some good times with his songs.... but I had a date with a "Runaway Jury" tonight and it kicked severe butt even if I didn't agree with the moral of the story in principle (why do they ALWAYS have to change the books when the books kick a$$ already???) Anyways, glad you and D had fun Rick, I wish that NT would get off their keisters and get some good acts like that at the Murch.
  2. You have everything to lose in this game Soonerboy. If we somehow win, it blows your season... if you only win by 20 then you drop 3 or 4 spaces... as for beating us more than that, it won't happen. Last year, every single opponent said the same exact garbage to us that you are saying right now. After every single game (with the exception of one Alabama game) we walked out with our heads held high and the opponents fans scratching their heads. We will get in your head on gameday. You will be thinking, "Come on guys!!! That is North Texas out there!!!" But remember this, anything is possi
  3. So why has NT had so much trouble putting a winner on the court? In reality, you need about 8 good players with 2 "stars" in order to suceed in the Belt. The Belt is not some power conference, our champ has been knocked out of the first round (fairly easily) for our stay in the league. So why can't we put a winner on the court. Before the Belt we were in an even less powerful league, the Big West, ranked about 10 spots below the Belt yet we couldn't win there either. Before that it was the Southland and we had a few years of moderate success there. So what is the reason? Is it because
  4. This guy quits on his college team and then gets a job in the NBA and quits on them. He could have been a contender, instead he will just be a pretender.
  5. Good points by all. The initial reports seemed sketchy at best; but the DA that is prosecuting sounded very convinced on the news tonight. One thing that I have read does discredit her somewhat; there have been reports that this was not a one night stand but rather a few different flings. I wonder if she tried to get any money out of him. That will tell a lot more of the story but probably won't come out until mid-season.. about the time that the Mavs beat the Lakers for the third time with a big asterisk by the score.
  6. Hey, I think I stayed pretty reserved considering how passionately I feel about it!
  7. Youare right, we should just kick them all off campus. Bunch of worthless, good ofr nothing drunks. Get a clue, man. and OPEN YOUR EYES.
  8. first of all, thank you for the article. I don't care what this over sensitive writer says, that is abolutely great of RV to be so proud of the athletic department and to try and instill a sense of pride. We have been lacking this for so long that I will take RV making a couple of bad humour comments over the past any day. The writer walked away with one major thing in his mind; North Texas has a commitment to a winning football team. The boys in the group are going to remember that speech and brag about the school that they are going to. They will make a point of going to football games
  9. Damn Harry, how come you have to be so negative? lol, great write up, thanks for getting back onto the discussion of futbol.
  10. I have two comments/questions. First, do you know if Gonzo was given a ship for this year? Second, do you really feel comfortable at kicker? I can remember Baz missing exta points late into the season. He had to hit a "long" field goal in the bowl game that was about 40 yards and it barely made it. I think that kickers should never make you sit on the edge of your seat for an extra point and Baz missed as many as he made last year. We were forced to "go for it" in several game situations when a coach wold normally choose to kick for the 3 points. If you go back and listen to the Ari
  11. Well, Kobe admitted it. He cheated on his wife but didn't rape the girl I hate it every time the news says he is up for charges of raping a teenager, she is 19 years old... that is an adult. Her little friend was on Dateline last night and she says there was no doubt in her miod that he assaulted her friend. I freaking hate this crap, she has sex with a star and then cries rape. I hate the Lakers but this isn't basketball, this is basic human emotion and they are dealing with this guy's life here. on the same note, the girl accusing him is trying to make it as a singer in show business,
  12. I heard the guys on the Ticket talking about it so I checked out ESPN to see if they had anything to back it up and they did, here is the blurb (I think the Ticket guys look on the ESPN team webpage for material as there is almost always an article on ESPN when they are talking about the Mavs): Richie Whitt of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes the Mavs need to acquire more muscle this offseason. With that in mind, Whitt writes in his July 9 article that the team could work out trades for Alonzo Mourning and Jermaine O'Neal, while losing Nick Van Exel in the process. According to the story,
  13. There are reports on the local radio that a deal could be worked out (in the works right now) that would trade Van Exel for Alonzo Mourning and Jermain Oneal. Karl Malone says that Dallas is his number one choice to finish his career at. I think we should pick up Malone in the offseason through free agency and keep Nick.
  14. I hear that they have Walt on ice, maybe they could move him to the ice that the Duckies play on.
  15. well congrats to the New Jersey Devils. There is finally a reason to brag about being from New Jersey, a great hockey team and a great basketball team. Go Spurs!
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