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  1. Wayne Jones lll K State transfer Andre Sam McNeese State Transfer Jax Van Zandt Thompson High School Al. Hearing good things on Transfer making UNT home
  2. What you want and what you think?? Bahamas Bowl vs. MAC – New Mexico Bowl vs. Mountain West – Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl vs. BYU (2021 & 2025) – R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl vs. Sun Belt To be determined among the Group of Five conferences … – Cure Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army – Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl vs. Big 12, Pac-12 or Army – RoofClaim.com Boca Raton Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army – SERVPRO First Responder Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army – Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army Conference USA has an affiliation to fill-in if needed … – Camellia Bowl vs. MAC or Sun Belt – Fenway Bowl vs. ACC or American – TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl vs. American or SEC – Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl vs. ACC, American, SEC – Myrtle Beach Bowl vs. American, MAC or Sun Belt
  3. Best case we win worst case we lose.. anyone who is happy with a loss.. Either never played sports or don’t have kids that play. You may not like a coach, but the players need our support 100%.. I honestly feel like Wren has already made up his mind and we will know Sunday..
  4. After halftime he was on sideline in a walking boot no crutches. Not sure of injury, but he was back on sideline..
  5. How many players did we RS this last year and will they be able to come in and make an impact. Better question could we begin playing some of those players since with 4 games remaining they can keep the RS for next year.. If they have been practicing see what they can bring to the table. Just a Thought
  6. I’ll say 3-1. USM and FIU are just bad. UTEP I see little overrated and hopefully having them at home will lead to a team not only playing hard but for God sake disciplined. The UTSA game rivalry game. I’ve seen stranger. But that puts us at 4-1 over back half of season. 5-7 overall but the shine will be on the turd because of the finish..
  7. This is mind numbing. Back to back penalties with 3rd goal from 20..just give them 7 and let them kick off. Discipline is non existent..
  8. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-2022-LB-Jax-Van-Zandt-gives-update-on-season-UNT-commitment-173042714/
  9. Optimistic UNT 24 UM 21 UM plays horrible, because they have had to bad back to back losses and we have a great off week and and players get healthy and build off of 2 nd half of last game Pessimistic UM 55 UNT 17 UM is pissed and runs down our throat and by 3rd quarter we are to our 3rd string QB Realistic UM 38 UNT 24 UM d is not that good but they can score points in bunches. SEC depth over takes UNT by half and we limp out with a good payday
  10. Optimistic UNT 31-17 Defense and ST score and LA Tech finds a new way to lose Pessimistic La Tech 35-15 In the red zone with no punch. D runs out of gas Realistic La tech 35-17 We lead at the half 17-14. No adjustments and D is on field whole second half with O having several 3 and outs
  11. I completely understand What you are saying and I guess I should have said players with winning attitudes instead of winning teams. Both Darden and Bussey may have come from bad teams but had winning attitudes.
  12. Normally don’t look at stars next names. Look at how there HS team is doing. We need to go recruit winners that don’t know how to lose. Come in and take control bring in a winning swagger. I know couple of recruits are on State championship favorites we need more of this and less look at me
  13. To be up tempo the OC has to have three to four plays already in his head and ready to go. If you watch Ole Miss the play is already in and going once everyone is set. Running the prairie dog offense can just keep you from subbing in and out on D. If Fast is what we need have a plan not a reaction. If you need a little rest for your D the prairie dog is the call.
  14. Thanks, Now please beat UAB. They try to have the same attitude as Alabama..
  15. Where can I watch the game from out of town all I have seen is it is on Stadium. I have no clue what that is. Little help please..
  16. This weekend comes down to which team can overcome a loss the best. Living in the Bham area UAB took this loss hard. They are questioning coaches and player tug decisions. With this being a night game a packed Stadium can rattle UAB. I can see CPB coming up with a game plan to rattle their QB the same way UGA did. If we can hit the deep ball we can win this thing.
  17. High School has already became irrelevant. With roughly 1300 kids in the portal that is almost 15 total teams. Kids that are in G5 schools that are showing out will move up and P5 kids will move down. Leaving HS kids to twist in the wind.
  18. I don't see South Florida and UCF coming to the Big 12 that is a geographic nightmare for them. I think the best would be to hold TT and TCU for geography and See how UNT can compete..
  19. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/jax-van-zandt-271422#school-interests Just found this on him. They won the craziest state title I 've ever seen
  20. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10941895/5defb464664c8a040c81e28b Here is his sophomore hudl.
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