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  1. Yessss!!! By far my favorite combo. So glad it’s back after a several season long hiatus.
  2. Yes they are they have a stand on the concourse between the End zone seating and the Press box side.
  3. Was at the Union Store this morning and saw several shirts/jackets that were navy blue in color. Please tell me we’re not doing this crap again🤢
  4. I don’t trust coaches named Todd👀
  5. SMU loses and North Texas wins… as far as I’m concerned it’s been a pretty good day.
  6. most undisciplined team I have EVER seen. Absolutely no excuse for this.
  7. The graphic when the game came back on to start the 2nd said “Rice” and then “Owls” below. Ours said “North Texas” and then “team nickname” below. What the actual hell Espn??
  8. http://www.winsipedia.com/games/north-texas there ya go
  9. *Middle School, and I think the GB is probably on top in pretty much any conference
  10. Can’t remember ever cheering for the Mean Green to lose but at this point I hope we Finish 1-11 and wren is given no choice but to fire him.
  11. I have a feeling this era of uniform (see pics) have outlived their lifespan, and they are going to ride the rest of the year out on the throwbacks until a completely new look is unveiled. I’m hoping that will happen either next year or the year after. Just my thoughts.
  12. my club tickets are too expensive to waste. I’ll probably be 1 of about 1000 actually in the stands
  13. Looking at opponents boards always makes me grateful for our beloved GMG.com. Thanks Harry and friends for keeping this place nice🦅
  14. why would you want to watch that disaster again
  15. It was still Rob Coffey. As we were leaving the club after UAB he was on the elevator with us and we congratulated him on his much better he was than during the first game. He is a good guy and I think as time goes on he will be just fine as an announcer.
  16. SEC website does say SEC Network
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