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  1. So ready for my spring football fix! #gmg
  2. Anyone know if the club level will be open to club season ticket holders?
  3. Can y’all please stfu about baseball. No we don’t have it. Yes we want it. But it is very expensive, and there and several things on the AD’s wishlist before Baseball. Like it or not folks a baseball program is probably a minimum of 10+ years away.
  4. God I hope not. I cannot stand having their obnoxious a** fans overrun Apogee. And they are beneath the competition level that Wren and friends want to come to Denton anyway.
  5. Maybe a smidge but we can hope
  6. If we are able to prove ourselves in the American in the next few years and actually win in the major sports consistently, than I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe NT could be apart of the next phase of B12 expansion. We have already shown our financial commitment with Apogee, the indoor, the upcoming athletic center expansion, etc. The only thing that I think could impede a jump to the B12 would be Apogees capacity. 31,000 seats is just not enough for the next level. This is why I hope an expansion will at least be on the table in the next 2-3 years.
  7. matches the rest of ULM and Monroe
  8. Saw this earlier this morning. They must be even more excited about their move than we are about ours😂
  9. and those with the blue stripe.
  10. Cause maybe some of us want to keep up with Mean Green coaching alum, and are glad to see Dodge enjoy success after he struggled during his stint here? Geez dude don't be salty.
  11. Just curious as to what will happen with the H&H with Memphis and the Deal with SMU, because those guys will obviously become Conference games in '23. Could the game against Memphis be played next year or will both teams have to find other opponents to fill the slot? Same goes for SMU. Just wondering if this has something to do with us not having an official schedule for '22 yet.
  12. Wren needs to get the ball rolling on the Athletic Center Expansion ASAP. We can’t afford to be outdone by these guys right now.
  13. If it had been Cincinnati vs. Michigan or even Cinci vs. Georgia the viewership would have been up. People are just tired of the SEC domination and seeing the same few teams in the playoff every year.
  14. How about the Cotton Bowl Stadium Bowl, then the Cotton Bowl can kind of have it's game back😈
  15. You can think it, but you don’t say it- and you damn sure don’t put it on the internet for the world to see. What a dumb@ss.
  16. Yessss!!! By far my favorite combo. So glad it’s back after a several season long hiatus.
  17. Was at the Union Store this morning and saw several shirts/jackets that were navy blue in color. Please tell me we’re not doing this crap again🤢
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