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  1. There is no proof in that pudding. We've seen bad years, multitude of them. Yet, he's entering year 7. SEVEN.
  2. I understand your points, but under this coaching/development and lack of ability to bring in difference making transfers I find it difficult to just assume who they're bringing is will turn the tide. If it does, great. Put me in the group that will not be holding my breath.
  3. Depth. Is. Important. Read that 3x. Though I do understand what you're saying. I just don't see us getting anywhere near where we want to be with this staff and roster/recruiting.
  4. We can talk about those "highly touted" classes all day long, but as more and more of those very classes abandon ship, it's all for not. NSD classes aren't bowl wins and conference championships. We got good players here, now those players are leaving and we aren't replacing them with equal or greater talent. Player retention is now a huge part of the job and the only thing we have good retention in is overpaid athletic department employees. WB keeps talking about a surplus in the AD each year. My only question to that is, how? Gonna send in Frank Wilson to check the numbers.
  5. Not sure how you see it this way. We lost to a very pedestrian MOh team and we're losing good players and back filling with lesser talent. Unless our definition of decent differ, I'd have to disagree.
  6. Exciting NSD? You just said the words battling, UNT, Richmond, Recruit and SFA all in the same sentence. That does not sound exciting.
  7. We are a school in a football first state. An argument to invest significantly into basketball could be strengthened by that fact.
  8. Looking at the schedule and our alleged weak schedule, where are our wins?
  9. People arguing that NIL is great for the sport. The players need a piece of the pie. Players should be like coaches, they have the right to move freely... Same people seeing the NIL and transfer rule being used...
  10. As that may be, what point is Wren Baker held reliable? Now? After 2022?
  11. To Chad Morris, hard pass. To baby briles, now you have my attention.
  12. I mean sure, but wouldn't you want to see that mental growth and maturity that is inevitable (because there's not many Antonio Browns) in a green uniform over the coming years? I would've liked to see it. Imagine them both bookending a DL with a couple more years of mental and physical maturity. A scary notion, one we'll never get to see.
  13. We are aiming for championships because Wren Baker said so. Remember, they're "building CHAMPIONS and preparing leaders". So, there's that.
  14. Still a significant contributor/starter. Cam Johnson as well. Now Brammer and the twins. Let's not pigeon hole the requirements for a transfer out to hurt our roster.
  15. Serious? I mean I guess. Hopefully it is just asymptomatic covid. That's best case scenario. But aren't there X amount a days out for that per protocols?
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