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  1. I made this early in the 2019-2020 season. Sorry it's late Check out this ringtone from @Zedge https://zedge.me/ABkCa5R #ZEDGE #ringtone
  2. So, this wasn’t even really a game. They sunk 19 three pointers. Great game for the mean green.
  3. Very good game played by both teams, mean green had the lead most of the game. If we hit some more 3 pointers that would’ve changed the game.
  4. Sorry this is late, and you probably know this by know, but Jason Bean is literally a living stick. Austin Aune is much better.
  5. Well, we don’t need a win, but it would be nice to sneak away
  6. It was broadcasting on NFL network. IDK if you can find it though.
  7. This was a very well performed game by the offense and defense. Good day for Mason too with his career high of 7 touchdowns. Good week and let’s hope La Tech is a good game. #GMG #LightTheTower
  8. No quarterback, no running back, no receiver, no good offensive coriander, and a no good record.
  9. The Southern Miss game is a must win, if we don’t get it then idk how the boys are going to have to will to play anymore
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