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  1. 40k views in 1.5 hours. Those are incredible numbers for an account with our follower number.
  2. This reveal was absolutely NAILED. They are gonna generate so much good PR with this. The reveal vid already has 14k views and it's only been a half hour...
  3. I mean, it just seems like something you'd want to stay away from. You don't have to stretch and try to make it about judgement. Are you disagreeing that it's in poor taste and reflects poorly on our fanbase? Because that would be an interesting opinion to hold.
  4. I'm fine my dude. This is a bad look and I think you know that. You're an admin. This kind of shit is what makes fanbases look bad. I love my school and it's sad that we have folks in our ranks espousing this stuff.
  5. Again, if you have a degree then I assume you're smart enough to stop trying to rationalize a shitty rape joke by saying that it's two cartoon characters. It should be pretty obvious, but here we are. This is not the hill you want to die on.
  6. I hope you never say this stupid stuff when wearing my alma mater's gear. Truly.
  7. Do we really want to be the kind of fanbase defending tasteless jokes about rape? I would think we wouldn't want to go down that road for a number of reasons. Have some class and some respect.
  8. Surely you're smart enough to realize exactly why it's not appropriate. Stop acting like this is a harmless joke. Seriously, it's embarrassing.
  9. Defending this banner is a bad look and is an embarrassment to our fanbase. So you know, don't do it.
  10. I can think of one single RPO play that we pulled off well this year, and it was against SMU when Mason waits til the absolute last second to pull the ball back and lets it fly. Otherwise, I'm not sure where this guy is seeing that on the tape. Also LOL @ their coach saying there will be 50/50 balls. Mason doesn't throw a lot of those. edit: Wow, their fansite beat writer also called it a RPO offense. Must be a "new to FBS football" thing.
  11. If their starting CB really thinks we run a RPO offense, it's gonna be a long, long day for him.
  12. I think we'll beat the brakes off of them. This team is getting addicted to winning and you can tell.
  13. If you want me to throw together a simple page with the SOW and the score or something I can do that (fo free)
  14. I don't think anybody really sees that hand symbol as an exclusively-UT thing anymore (did they ever?). It's ubiquitous in pop culture. Y'all are reading into it way too much.
  15. The main difference is that Hog fans see Hedlund as a big reason they lost some key games last season. The 20 yard dinger against TCU was immortalized in a youtube video simply titled "Cole Hedlund Sucks".
  16. I live here and am bringing some (4) folks I met here in grad school. Don't worry, they'll be wearing green. Anxious to see what the Alum Assoc has going. I'll definitely be hitting that up. Also, if y'all want recs for food or drink or general Fayetteville advice from a (sort of) local, hit me up on here and I'll try to respond ASAP.
  17. Pretty sure they're publishing them exclusively on facebook this season. Bummer.
  18. I'm gonna at least swing by whatever the Alum Association has going. Y'all let me know if you're tailgating and I'll swing by and say hello.
  19. Seems like a good dude with a good mentality regarding rebuilding a struggling program. I hope he can right the ship. But I also hope we score at will.
  20. If you're comfortable/familiar with the process and want to stay closer for a bit less money, AirBnB is usually a good option.
  21. Still sour that the hit that hurt him was not penalized. That dude was headhunting the whole game and got a really ugly cheap shot. I'm glad Rhyan England doesn't get to play football anymore so he can't hurt anybody else.
  22. If he is, I am too I suppose. I love that place. Dickson can be a bit much for me at times.
  23. Nah, Dickson ain't that bad. You'll be treated well. But knowing your tendencies and preferences (at least from our sparing internet interaction), you would like Pinpoint, the new pinball themed bar near the square. It's not terribly far from Dickson and has a markedly different crowd. Very cool place and reminds me a lot of Denton.
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