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  1. This should definitely be easily implemented right away in year one.
  2. I just got my master's from Arky in May and I work for the University now. Glad to know there are other MG transplants up here.
  3. Like somebody said above, outlandish off colors and wacky neons are pretty popular in the soccer world. I think it's a cool look
  4. I'm not arguing the value of a degree, but that it's not nearly as tangible as the money made from licensing, advertisement, big events etc. and that's really the crux of the whole thing. If we would like to make the conversation about the relative worth of a degree today versus however many years ago, that's a different conversation. I'm certainly not suggesting that an education has little or no value, just that its value versus the money making machine that is collegiate sports is kind of tricky to estimate. edit for a more coherent point: A degree gets you an opportunity. That is its worth. My degrees gave me the opportunity to get jobs doing things I enjoy. It's certainly not the same thing as somebody just handing me a ton of money, and that's where this whole thing gets sticky in my opinion.
  5. If only "education" wasn't a nebulous and uncertain object and was a tangible asset. This comparison makes absolutely no sense and I have two degrees. The value of my education isn't a dollar amount. The value of profit that student athletes brought to the NCAA is.
  6. I'm a Denton Expat living in Fayetteville. JBGB's is a nice, open, outdoor friendly spot, but it's a good 20+ minute drive to general stadium location on gamedays. And that's probably generous. On Dickson there are several Hog friendly bars and some that are pretty indifferent to the whole "game day" atmosphere. I guess it depends on what kind of crowd you're looking for. I'm a fan of Smoke & Barrel and Brewski's Draft Emporium, but those are both more divey (think pre-remodel Andy's or equivalent). Let me know if you have any questions about particular establishments or what recommendations for food, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing my undergrad alma mater beat my other school.
  7. Yeah I would never go for a turnaround that quick. Over half of the appeal of this bowl is the city.
  8. People on this board are the last to ask about sartorial decisions. Horrible taste abound
  9. As a guy just about to leave his twenties, this is the first thing that came to mind. Half the pull of a NO bowl trip is the ability to go out and drink with other MG fans in one of the best cities for that kind of thing in the entire world.
  10. Y'all won't even be the second best front 7 we've faced this year.
  11. all of the kicking in that game was atrocious. Troy's kicker looks like a bad high school kicker. I honestly think that my washed-up ass could go out there and do better (supposing I could get a few beers in me first).
  12. Looks like I'm flying solo on this one (literally and figuratively). Any MG fans wanna shoot some craps at Harrah's with me?
  13. Yeah, this is where I am. Definitely A+ mascot work. C- costume work.
  14. Again, I do not like this. I think this is settling, especially if FAU goes to the Indy bowl.
  15. Hate to throw more gas on this fire, but the FAU community is talking as if FSU v FAU in Shreveport is a foregone conclusion.
  16. May we tee it high As the better bird takes flight Shut the Motor down
  17. We have 100% confirmed that we won't see a surprise appearance by Mr. English tomorrow, right?
  18. That's their new branding scheme. Looks kinda like a flaccid penis on their helmets if you don't look very closely.
  19. I've been waiting on this. One of those Harrell-esque performances that end up with video game numbers
  20. Let's hope the field is in better condition this time. Watching the replay of the game (which is on youtube, by the way), I noticed that there were giant chunks of grass and dirt all over the field by the second quarter.
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