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  1. Good grief, you can't please everyone. Okay, so you have an exam on Monday? Is it such a terrible thing that your professor is trying to instill just a modicum of school spirit in you? Does it absolutely kill you that the professor might actually throw a little something about athletics into a review? Crap, I've had professors give extra credit in the past for people that could provide the final score of the previous week's game on a test. Is this really a bad thing? If anything, I take this as a hint that the professor might just do that very thing come Monday. If I'm this Melissa person, even if I'm not a football fan, I'd at least try to find out maybe five little pieces you may not remember that had a significant outcome on the UNT/Army game just in case there is some extra credit. Crap, just Google the final score at the very least so that you will be at least a little prepared. I applaud this professor. He's trying to boost school pride a bit and maybe even teach the students not to take themselves too seriously all the time.
  2. Disregard this stupid post of mine. This pertains to the UTSA game and not this week against Southern Miss. I'm a moron.
  3. That's the first thing I noticed as well, and still can't get out of my head! He looks like a cross between the kid that got one of those old "authentic" football uniforms they used to have in the Christmas catalogs and Karl Childers. He looks like he's showing it off to his parents for the first time and they got the cameras out and told him to pose. He doesn't really want to, but he knows if he doesn't, then he won't get to go back to tackling all his sister's stuffed animals.
  4. I'd like to know how the blatant block in the back by the Iowa blocker on that fumble play wasn't called . . .
  5. You know what feels awesome? Not just the blowout, but seeing a good QB come in, in a mop-up capacity after seeing the starter have a great game. I know it's FCS Lamar, but we're doing exactly what we should to them.
  6. Anyone else feel like there was a bit of a halo infraction there? What ever happened to the two yard rule?
  7. Following the game yesterday, we picked up our kids from the babysitter and then had to do some shopping. While out and about in the Alliance area, we ran into several people with UNT apparel on, and since we still had ours on, it led to some shouts of "Go Mean Green" and even a couple of brief discussions about the game. We are being recognized and growing fandom now. Even people not wearing Mean Green garb mentioned they saw the game or saw highlights and were impressed. For at least a few hours last night I felt like a fan of a big time school. There's no reason we shouldn't move closer that direction. I'm already excited about next season and can't wait to see what happens next! GMG
  8. I kind of laughed at the way Morris looked over with this WTF look.
  9. Down three at half? Not ideal but I'll take it, considering we now get the ball. Army's PAT failures could be our blessing. Time for a strong second half!!
  10. I did finally get a bit of sleep but it's go time, my friends!!
  11. I'm freaking giddy. This is Christmas Day 2.0, except it's adult-ier. I missed the 2014 Bowl because I opted for overtime at work. I'm attending this time in the middle of my fellow Mean Green fans and can't wait to take in my first-ever Bowl Game experience. While I've been to a couple of NCAA tournament games when they were in the area in the past, those are going to pale in comparison . . . mainly because I wasn't rooting for a school I attended at those. I look forward to possibly meeting some of you guys/gals there and having a blast as we watch our boys represent us proudly. I'm going to get chills just entering this historic complex and am going to hopefully shed some happy "sports tears" before all is said and done. Now, I'm off to bed to try and at least rest a bit before the big day. Let's do this!!! GMG
  12. Man, I knew this the moment she said, "yes." I don't know how I tricked her into it.
  13. See? This is what I'm wanting to know. I'm curious which of the two drop-off points of the Green Rail are closer. Both look like there is a little bit of a walk but not by much difference.
  14. I've seen this posted in the past and I liked it! Who got cool UNT stuff this year? Pics are certainly welcome and encouraged so that you can show off all your awesome UNT stuff. I got a sweet UNT alum coffee mug, which I am quite proud of and will use boldly and often. I also got a really nice dry-fit UNT pullover from my sweet, clean bride. But the coup de grâce are these bad boys in the pic below!! I was then informed by my wife that the new pullover was for wearing tomorrow to the game. It was pretty cool, she had this ruse going that her family had already planned for us all to be at their place because her grandmother is in town. I was told there would be lots of food, but that they'd have the game on and I could watch it however I see fit. Turns out, they were all in on it and they're watching the kiddos while the wife and I go to the game. YES!!! Side note -- anyone taking the DART Green rail, which station is closer to the stadium? The Fair Park station or the MLK station?
  15. He's on third. We're not talking about him.
  16. A backpack. I was a student on campus at the time and it was finals week. Not to mention, I was going to and from work that day to get sh** done. I walked the stage that following weekend and the rest is history, my friend.
  17. I completely agree. I liked what Coach Littrell and company were trying to do, but our guys just didn't seem to be able to keep up or fully execute it. More practice and time working out the kinks will do our guys a lot of good. I also feel this was a respectable loss. By no means am I happy about it, but I also feel our guys didn't run out there and embarrass the school, either. They fought until the end and I felt until late in the game that we were still in it. As much as it hurts to say, I feel like SMU is going to be a pretty good team this season. For the sake of our schedule, I hope they are. Maybe it's the fact that I was born in SEC country talking, but I tend to like to see our opponents do well before and after we play them, because that ultimately makes us look better . . . especially if we beat them.
  18. Man, that TD on 3rd and 45 was ridiculous. I was shocked at the complete failure of pass coverage on that play. I believe that play did more damage to us than anything else on Saturday.
  19. So if we take the above photo, knowing that Fine is listed at 5'11", Coach is listed at 5'10, and Graham is 6'2", then we couple that with my own personal photo of Coach with a 5'09" self (yes, this is accurate according to the docs that gave me a physical in June), and we see that Mason is, indeed about 5'11". . . . pay no attention to the RV photobomb in the background.
  20. He's a fantastic dude. Really talented RTVF guy, too.
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