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  1. How in the year 2021 do we not have down & distance on the graphics package?
  2. Unbelievable game. Holy crap, what a finish!
  3. This matchup excites me a lot just because Purdue is Mrs. Franchise's Alma Mater. It will be a fun one to watch!
  4. So to make sure I'm understanding, they do mean "within the outdoor seating area" when they require facemasks "in the venue?" If so, I find that pretty ridiculous.
  5. Look, I Iove Mason Fine and I think he's one of the toughest sumbitches I've ever seen. But, part of me feels like he plays hurt way too often and perhaps letting him sit a series here and there may actually help him. Or maybe I'm delusional from watching this crappy game tonight. And now he's hurt. I feel like I was right.
  6. I'd be interested in two if you still have them! *I'll PM you*
  7. I appreciate the love, guys! I've got some ideas for a few more, so I'll be making them when I have the free time. (no pun intended)
  8. Okay, so my awesome bride got me this sweet, new, spiffy smartwatch for Christmas and the big thing I've noticed is the lack of UNT-themed faces. You see, it was always a dream of mine back in the day to get me a Fossil watch that had a UNT theme to it. Well, now with the beauty of smartwatch technology, I just went out and made myself some. I'll probably make more as the mood strikes me, because it's fun. But, I'd love to get y'all's thoughts on them and tell me what you think! I'll make more if people keep clamoring for them. Check them out here! -- Stephen
  9. Sidenote -- Diggin' the grey on grey. Looks great on TV.
  10. These camera ops need to loosen their frictions a bit and learn to allow decent lead room ahead of the ball carrier. Maybe zoom out a bit more. But just the loosening of the frictions alone would at least fix the jerkiness that's driving me crazy!! It will also save the life of the tripods on the cameras. #BroadcastNerd #IdoThisForAliving #ArmchairTVproducer
  11. Man, I don't even care what the Cowboys do tomorrow. My Mean Green beat a big name P5 team on the road!!!!
  12. I'm partial to the old look. But, I really do like the "dive" tradition. I think that's pretty cool.
  13. There's a good chance he was up there speaking to the Sports Broadcasting class, which our own Hank Dickenson is the professor of. They typically meet in the Bill Mercer Press Club or the big media hall. People that spoke when I was in the class included Gina Miller, George Dunham, Ralph Strangis, Brad Sham and the aforementioned Dale Hansen.
  14. What a game! What an effort by our guys! Be proud, my friends! Our defense was stellar! I have an incredible feeling about Friday night, but win or lose, this is a scrappy team with heart, effort and pride that we all need to champion and be proud of. I'll be decked out in my UNT-themed Rangers hat at work tomorrow ('cuz I still gotsta support my Rangers on Opening Day) But you can guarantee I'll be flying my green, too! And Friday, you can bet I'll be rocking the UNT polo! What a ride this has been! P. S. -- What's nuts is that we handed out a butt-whoopin' tonight, but I feel like we could have beaten them by about 35 if we wanted to. Go Mean Green, my friends! #MakeTheSuperPitGetSuperLit
  15. Last night was a disappointment, to say the least. However, we now have two must-win games to play and within the context of this tournament, this team has owned must-win games. As others have mentioned, SF was nuts beyond the arc last night while we were completely anemic. Sleeping in their own beds will help our guys tomorrow night and getting a home crowd will mean a lot to them, I believe. Win tomorrow and it's winner-take-all Friday night! I'm still excited!
  16. I'm a tad late to the party, but it's because I've been out of town. I've always been a fan of the Christmas Swag thread. So, I have to take a moment and show off the latest gift from my awesome in-laws, who ALWAYS give me at least a little something UNT-themed every Christmas. (Last year, it was HOD Bowl tickets!) This year, my newest container for coffee . . .
  17. Love adding Cal, and feel pretty good about Wyoming! Cal is a P5 opponent that I really like our chances with and Wyoming is solid. These are exactly the types of teams we should work on drawing in to play us in Denton!
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